Seo Tips: Find Target Audiences


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This will be one of important knowledge that anyone who care about SEO or online business should know since it decides your success. Let’s learn about “Find Target Audience”!

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Seo Tips: Find Target Audiences

  1. 1. Find Target Audience This will be one of important knowledge that anyone who care about SEO or online business should know since it decides your success. Let’s learn about “Find Target Audience”
  2. 2. People with different purpose can find your site, but you only sell products or services for the ones who need. So, to get the most from SEO efforts, you have to service their taste. I mean you should design and optimize your website for your target audiences .
  3. 3. The question may be thought of is who are your target audiences? You know, “Your target audience” is known as the group of people that you are trying to reach through your online marketing efforts. Target audiences are often defined by demographics such as age groups, nationalities, or specific interests.
  4. 4. For example, if your site is about job hunting, the target audiences should be students, or most of the ones around the age from 18 to 30. Or if the site is about currency exchange , it will be easier since the audiences will rank wider. However, we still can mostly focus on trader and investor teams.
  5. 5. Understanding who are your target audiences and what they are searching for can greatly increase the effectiveness of a SEO campaign.
  6. 6. The first thing we should note about is make sure you are speaking your target audiences’ language when optimizing your site . People who can find your customers’ site may come from different regions or countries. They may use different languages, but we cannot serve all of them. That’s why we need to think of target audiences. Use the language that most of the target audiences use.
  7. 7. For example, if your site is focus on a specific country, use its language instead of English unless they use English as their mother tongue or second language. You know, we use “ tim viec ” in Vietnamese in stead of “job hunting”.
  8. 8. So, how can we find them or in what way we should do to have this step done? Research and analysis uncovers the key words, terms or phrases that web users are searching for. If it seems hard for you, don’t worry since there are free available tools supporting you in doing this task.
  9. 9. To learn about SEO or SEO tips, are people searching for “seo”, “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimisation”? Can you answer immediately? To have a better answer, you can search for free tools on the internet or use a useful tool like Google Trends to discover trends in the popularity of different search queries.
  10. 10. Another reason why we should focus on finding target audience task is knowing your target audience also provides you the opportunity to identify other online marketing opportunities. If your target audience is primarily the teenage demographic, marketing on platforms such as MySpace could be lucrative.
  11. 11. Or if they are mostly young college graduates, marketing on a social network like Facebook may provide benefit.
  12. 12. To sum up, to learn SEO tips , we need to bear in mind that the benefits of having a full understanding of your target audience cannot be overlooked. Search for them as the first task in the list of SEO steps rather than waste time trying to figure out what that audience is later!