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Intelligent info 2012 wikipedia

  1. 1. Collective stewardship of knowledge Wikipedia and beyond John Vandenberg President, Wikimedia Australia Research Data Analyst, University of New England (Armidale)
  2. 2. Terminology• Wikimedia –community and broader ‘movement’• Wikipedia – the first project of many Other projects: • Commons – media repository - images • Wiktionary - dictionary • Wikisource – library of public domain works, with volunteers transcribing scans, like Project Gutenberg • Wikinews – citizen journalism • Wikibooks – text books • Wikiversity – academic work space• Wikimedia Foundation – U.S. non-profit maintains the servers• Wikimedia Australia & 38 other counties national non-profit user groups - volunteers
  3. 3. Duty callsWhat do you want me to do? LEAVE? Then they’ll keep being wrong!
  4. 4. 450 million visitors/month Source: Wikimedia Monthly Report Card – Feb 2012
  5. 5. 12.4 million edits/monthSource: Wikimedia Monthly Report Card – Feb 2012
  6. 6. 10,900 Very Active EditorsSource: Wikimedia Monthly Report Card – Feb 2012
  7. 7. 4 millions English articlesSource: Wikimedia Monthly Report Card – Feb 2012
  8. 8. Wikimedia in a nutshell• Free – libre – Creative Commons Share-alike• Free – no cost to editors or readers• Free – anyone can contribute, no barrier to entry• Free – citizen run – democratic processes• Free – freeform – no imposed structure• Scope – the sum of all knowledge, in all languages• 11 years old• Ranked 5th Web ‘property’
  9. 9. The community• Open source enthusiasts• Open content/Free culture enthusiasts• Anti-X – copyright, censorship, capitalism• Pro-Y – Cold fusion, Transcendental Meditation, Scientology• Real world disputes – Azerbaijan-Armenia, Israel- Palestine, Climate change, US presidential elections, grudges online• University lecturers, students, retirees• Librarians and knowledge workers• Trolls, vandals, school kids, etc.• Public relations
  10. 10. Wikimedia Australia non-profit member organisation• Support the volunteers• Research National Library of Australia• Conferences Powerhouse Museum• Training and workshops State Library of Queensland Australian Paralympic Committee• Partnerships University of Queensland – Community engagement Historical societies, shire libraries – Content generation
  11. 11. Training regional librarians • Workshops in Brisbane, Miles, Quilpie, Tambo, Tow nsville, Ingham, Hervey Bay, Gympie, Hughenden and Charters Towers • Attended by librarians, local studies historians, museum volunteers, tourism staff, chamber of commerce, writers groups, etc. • Each attendee creates a public draft article, and the Wikimedia community attempts to polish and publish them.
  12. 12. Jack Venman
  13. 13. Jack Venman (traffic stats)
  14. 14. Troy SachsDid you know ... that Australian mens wheelchair basketballer Troy Sachs (pictured)has won seven championships in four different club leagues and gold medals at twoParalympic Games?"
  15. 15. Troy Sachs (traffic stats)
  16. 16. Qantas passenger plane Apollo, G-AUJB, 1929• Image uploaded by Wikimedia Australia – 20 December 2010 – described as ‘G- AUJD’• Corrected 8 January 2011 by ‘Mdupont’• Library metadata updated
  17. 17. How to participate..• Content focused• Write for the enemy• Ignore all rules• Article feedback on Wikipedia• Twitter (#wikipedia), Blogs, Facebook, etc.• Email:
  18. 18. The future: Pending changes• Revisions are reviewed prior to general consumption• Used on German and Russian Wikipedia• Trialed on English Wikipedia in 2010; rejected• Used on problematic subjects only, including living people• Ongoing poll in 2012: 121 oppose vs 260 support – – Closes 22nd May
  19. 19. The future: WikidataA new wiki for bare facts – no prose
  20. 20. Berlin edit From Wikidata Capital of Germany editMain page Also known as: City of Berlin edit | xContentsAccess the APIRandom page Continent Europe [3 sources]Donate to Wikidata Country Germany [2 sources]InteractionHelp Population 3,490,445 [1 source]About WikidataCommunity portal 3,500,000 [2 sources]Recent changes [other values]LanguagesCataláCesky Calling code 030 [2 sources]DanskDeutsch Mayor Klaus W| [0 sources]Eesti Klaus WowereitEspañol Vehicle registration BGerman politician [1 source]Esperanto Klaus WunderlichFrançais German musician Area 891.85 km” [2 sources]Hrvatski Klaus WaldeckItaliano Austrian musician and former lawyerO’zbek Twin city Los Angeles [3 sources] Klaus WagnerComplete list German mathematician [new fact] Klaus Wagner Stalker of the British Royal Family
  21. 21. The future: Wikidata• A fact is an distinct record, with an authority• A fact can be requested using APIs returning data in various formats: JSON, XML, etc.• Wikipedias will include these identified facts within the prose• Google can answer questions using these facts
  22. 22. Questions