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Designed PowerPoint by Adding Content Based on 'Career Fitness' and Adapted a Skills Assessment from 'Training for Life' Textbooks--Facilitated a 50 Minute Classroom Presentation and In-Class Group Activity (originally an MS Office template)

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Career Skills Presentation

  1. 1. The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options Diane Sukiennik, Lisa Raufman, and William BendatSSS 150 – Career Exploration and Assessment Presenter: Jessica Ayub | Identifying Your Skills Evaluating Skills Evaluating Your Skills to Accentuate Your Assets to Accentuate Your Assets
  2. 2. SELF-EVALUATION OF SKILLS AND ABILITIES Checkmark Boxes: q Education q Life q Next Job Sections to Complete: Communication Skills and Abilities Writing, Helping, Creating Organizational Skills and Abilities Managing, Analyzing Technical and Physical Skills and Abilities Technical, Physical Evaluating Your Skills to Accentuate Your Assets
  3. 3. SELF-EVALUATION OF SKILLS AND ABILITIES INSTRUCTIONS TO COMPLETE Only Checkmark Boxes: When you have already acquired the skill in q Education q Life Only Checkmark Box: When you want to develop the skill in q Next Job Sections to Complete: You do not have to check mark each statement, but only those in the section which are already acquired or you want to develop. Evaluating Your Skills to Accentuate Your Assets
  4. 4. LIFE & CAREER SKILLSFunctional Skills• Not associated with specific job• Accomplish general tasks or job functionsWork-Content Skills• Specific and Specialized to Job TransferableAdaptive or Self-Management Skills Skills• Personal Attributes / Traits (also Soft Skills) Includes All of These• Natural Abilities You can develop new skills and improve on current identified skills throughout your life. Evaluating Your Skills to Accentuate Your Assets
  5. 5. IDENTIFYING YOUR SKILLS Likely Assumptions• Discount Our Special Talents May believe it doesn’t take special skills• Can’t Claim a Skill, if Not Currently Using Employers look for• Failing to Recognize Value, When Not Paid employees who are task- to Use the Skill oriented, and think and talk in• Categorizing Ourselves Too Narrowly terms of what they as “I am a student” or “I am a secretary” employees can do to make Experience involved public speaking, doing organizational work, the employer’s operation coordinating schedules, managing budgets, researching needs, problem solving, motivating others, resolving problems caused by easier, better, more profitable, low morale and lack of cooperation, and establishing priorities for and more efficient. allocation of available time, resources, and funds Evaluating Your Skills to Accentuate Your Assets
  6. 6. IDENTIFY Transferrable Skills Developed as a Result of SKILLS Completing a College Degree SKILLS LIBERAL ARTS MAJOR Listening effectively, writing essays and reports, convincing individuals and groups of theCOMMUNICATION importance of your ideas, negotiating disputes and differences, selling yourself and your product or ideas Analytical thinking, thinking abstractly, connecting ideas or concepts in new and fresh ways,PROBLEM-SOLVING OR determining broader issues, defining an issue, identifying several solutions to the sameCRITICAL THINKING problem, hypothesizing implications and future scenarios, creating new ways to handle an issue, persuading others to act in the best interest of the group, synthesizing ideas Listening, communication understanding verbally and nonverbally, compromising, speaking with colleagues, advising people, helping people resolve problems, communicating ideasHUMAN RELATIONS effectively, cooperating with others to solve problems and to complete projects, working well with diverse groups of people, appreciating differences, teaching or coaching others Evaluating Your Skills to Accentuate Your Assets
  7. 7. IDENTIFY Transferrable Skills Developed as a Result of SKILLS Completing a College Degree SKILLS LIBERAL ARTS MAJOR Assessing needs, planning or arranging presentations or social events, designing programs,ORGANIZATIONAL coordinating events, delegating responsibility, evaluating programs, managing the implementation of projects, time management Searching computerized databases and published reference materials, identifying themes,RESEARCH SKILLS analyzing data, classifying data and/or handling detail work, investigating problems, recording data, writing reports and term papers What is a Liberal Arts Education? A liberal arts education refers to college studies that provide general knowledge and develop intellectual ability. This type of education can prepare you for many fields in todays workplace. Learn 10 ways to market your Lib Arts degree toSkills Evaluating Your employers Your Assets to Accentuate
  8. 8. Your Personality Traits Your Most Valuable AssetsWe’re referring to aspects of your personality, such as theabilities to:• stay calm in a crisis• manage many things at once• natural ability with math and numbers• and/or natural ability with wordsMore important we’re talking about personal characteristics that Natural Abilitiescontribute to success in the workplace, such as: These skills are called Adaptive Skills• enthusiasm and a good attitude and help you to sell yourself and• persistence and confidence your talents. They are not learned• a sense of humor and many others or acquired, but rather developed. Evaluating Your Skills to Accentuate Your Assets
  9. 9. ClassroomREAL Story: Meet John Activity• John planned a party for his girlfriend • History Surprise party huge success• Divided friends into groups Talent for making things happen Food, entertainment, transportation and decorations Party planning for his girlfriend• Career Class describing an accomplishment, used this example Congressional internship pursued Described initial plan and how he organized and divided the work, made a checklist, and communicated with Reference letter recommendation everyone Started college and found another Identified skills like leadership, creativity, communication, internship determination, organization, dependability, and attention to detail. Researched careers, especially eventBecause John did not have any real work experience, he used the party- planning (data on salary andplanning activity on his resume to demonstrate his skills. His resume got him educational attainment drove decisionan interview, and his outgoing personality and strong organizational skills got to seek a Bachelor’s degree)him the internship. Evaluating Your Skills to Accentuate Your Assets