Agencies Role In Communities

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  • 1. Your brand lives in the voice of your customers The Agency’s role in online communities
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  • 4. What does this mean? Geotags Blogging Aggregation Podcasting Folksonomies Rating Tools Vlogging Community Discussions Online Social Networks Tagging Instant Messaging mashups RSS Citizen Journalism Wikis
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  • 6. Traditional View From Forrester Research - 9/07
  • 7. The new complexity
  • 8. Expression Reputation Profession Publication Opinion Hobby Knowledge Avatars Purchase Details Certificates Audience What I say What I share Where I work What I like How and where to join me What is being said about me What am I passionate about What I Buy What I know What represents me Who I know Non-exclusive digital identity
  • 9. Community ROI
    • Acquisition: $0-$100/head
      • Viral marketing, word of mouth engines
      • Chrysler PT Cruiser: Live Events: $10/user vs. $400 in showroom
    • Loyalty & Engagement: 45x loyalty increase
      • Site Metrics: 9x the frequency, 5x the visit length (McKinsey)
      • MINI Cooper: 70% of new buyers
    • Brand Awareness: 4x the unaided brand recall
      • Brand recall: 4x the unaided brand recall vs a search engine (NFO)
      • Sponsorships: Structured community venues, immersive branding
      • Higher Value : Moderated community
    • Purchase
      • eBay: Community participants spend 54% more
      • Momentum: Visitors to Branded community 2x more likely to buy vs.visitors to brand page on destination social network
    • Support: 5x-10x more effective than phone support
      • eBay Answer Center: Questions answered in 30 min vs. 1-2 days email
  • 10. Community Ladder
  • 11. The Blogging Long Tail -Technorati 9/07
  • 12. 5 Ways To Socialize A Brand
    • Culture: A Sense of Place
    • Integration: No community is an island
    • Participation: You are what you have to say
    • Trust (Transparency/Authenticity): Give up the control you don’t have
    • Leadership: Lead, Empower, Listen, Follow
  • 13. Questions to discuss
    • How does a brand actually enter a conversation?
    • Just how do you make advertising—traditionally the epitome of highly crafted, approved-at-every-level communication—include your customer?
    • What does it mean when the people you used to think of as your “audience” have now become publishers with their own readerships?
  • 14. Some ideas from the experts:
    • Once marketers have done the fundamental thing of finding and respectfully participating in market conversations, they have an opportunity to do more.
    • They can contribute real value by using their resources to concentrate and syndicate market conversations in ways that make them more visible.
    • And this act of building visibility creates a virtuous circle benefiting everyone involved.
    -From Manifesto on Monday Morning
  • 15. Payoffs from Conversations
    • Interest.
    • Credibility
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Understanding
    • Sustainability
    • “ By genuinely participating in the conversation, which is always changing, brands move with their markets.”
    -From Manifesto on Monday Morning
  • 16. LiveWorld - Our History
  • 17. LiveWorld: Working With Market Leaders Education, Non Profit & Political Internet & Technology Retail, Consumer Products & Automotive Entertainment, Media & Telecom Coca-Cola Financial & Travel Services
  • 18. Best-in-Class: Community Management Model Culture Ownership Leadership Standards Moderation : Welcome, orientation, inspiration; models, hosts, and mentors Rules, rationale, communication, training/enforcement Ambience, tone, language, ideals, customs; seeding, programming Proprietary behavior, user investment, home Stakeholders support culture & control costs Place Connection People Key Linkage Idea Drivers
  • 19. Moderation Development Tracking & Reporting Management Leading edge Programming & Engineering Sustainable & Healthy community Active participation and protection Orientation, inspiration, models, hosts, and mentors Full community platform or modular/custom offering LiveWorld Solution: Best-in-Class
  • 20. Campbell’s - Connecting Users
  • 21. Mini Cooper - Owner Loyalty
  • 22. American Express - Networking
  • 23. Pringles - Launching New Products
  • 24. TV Guide - User Video
  • 25. Thank you!
    • Jay Bryant
    • Vice President - Community Architect
    • [email_address]
    • 212-699-0878