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This is my power point presentation for nur 307,it is about the electronic medical record,EMR

This is my power point presentation for nur 307,it is about the electronic medical record,EMR

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  • 1. EMR
    Governor State University
    Joyce Bassey
  • 2. Definition of EMR
    Electronic medical records (EMR) contain electronic form of patient information as paper record. It contains documentation written by your health care providers such as nurses or physicians about the care provided to the patients.
  • 3. Features of EMR
    health information and data
    reporting, and privacy
    order management
    decision support
    administrative management
    and patient supports.
  • 4. Benefit of EMR
    There are several benefits of the electronic medical record such as
    Information privacy and security.
    Health care providers are able to enter and store lab test results.
    computerized reminders and prompts to alert upcoming tests and screenings.
    prescribe orders without medical errors.
  • 5. Uses of EMR
    EMR is use as a searchable data base for patient records.
    It is also use as a means of communication between healthcare providers and other multidisciplinary team.
    It allow nurses to know the recommended dosages in the database and provides physicians with drug information about the medication prescribed.
  • 6. Challenges using EMR
    There are gaps in securing the medical record of the patients to prevent privacy violations.
    Frequent crashes
    Slow retrieval or functioning
    Inaccuracy due to nurses not proofreading documentation before submitting.
    Inadequate training.
    The new technologies are often confusing and present daily challenges to nurses who are used to paper charting.
  • 7. Conclusion
    It is essential for healthcare professionals to be
    open- minded to use of the EMR and be
    knowledgeable of laws for appropriate access of
    patient data. Society is progressively advancing
    in new technologies and healthcare organizations
    need to be current in methods of communication
    to provide effective patient care.
  • 8. References
    Makoul, G., Curry, R. H., & Tang, P. C. (2001, Nov. / Dec.). The use of electronic medical records: Communication patterns in outpatient encounters. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 8(6), 610-615. doi:
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