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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. By Jerome Purificacion 8-17
  • 2. Times built
    • They were built between the times of the Old kingdom and Middle kingdom times
    • This was roughly between 3000 BC and 1800 BC
    • Most pyramids took 27 years to build
  • 3. Symbolism
    • Egyptians pyramids were thought to have represent primordial mound where Egyptians thought the Earth was created from.
    • The shape is also to represent the rays of sun.
    • Most pyramids were polished with limestone to give them a reflective appearance when seen far away
    • The also thought since they are moving upward the dead pharaoh would climb in to the heavens and become Osiris
  • 4. Pharaohs
    • The pyramids were tombs for the dead pharaohs, but not for all pharaohs, some were buried in large tombs
  • 5. Inside the Pyramids
    • There are lots of things inside the pyramids
    • The is the king’s chambers, the queens chamber, grand gallery, air shafts and the underground chambers.
  • 6. Grand gallery
    • The grand gallery is a place in the pyramid where you can go up and proceed to the king’s chamber or go down to the queen’s chamber.
    • It also has the king’s esophagus
  • 7. shafts
    • Shafts were thought to believed to let in air to the king’s chamber
    • They also go upward so it was believed that the pharaoh’s soul could go up it and live eternally
  • 8. Famous Pyramids
    • There are about over 100 known pyramids in Egypt today.
    • But there are 3 famous pyramids in Egypt in the Giza plains
    • The most known of these pyramids is the Great Pyramid built for pharaoh Khufu. It is the largest and most famous pyramids of all time
  • 9. The Great Pyramid
    • This pyramid was and still is the largest pyramid in Ancient Egypt.
    • The pyramid was built as a tomb for the great Pharaoh Khufu even though he was never actually buried in it .
  • 10. Construction theory
    • Scientist today still wonder how the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. They have come up with many methods.
    • The agreed on that the construction technique devolved over time.
    • The early pyramids were built differently from the older ones.