4 Genetics - Cloning (by Meena)
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4 Genetics - Cloning (by Meena)






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  • http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/IB_Biology/Geneticshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss-z-d4mcp0&feature=relatedp. 274 Senior Biology Book (biozone)

4 Genetics - Cloning (by Meena) 4 Genetics - Cloning (by Meena) Presentation Transcript

  • Cloning Meena Huh
  • Define clone. Clone: a group of genetically identical organisms or a group of cells derived from a single parent cell.
  • Outline a technique for cloningusing differentiated animal cells.  Outline?  Give a brief account or summary.
  • Outline a technique for cloningusing differentiated animal cells.  Egg cells are removed from an animal  The nucleus is removed and fused with another nucleus from other being’s cell.  Electric shock is given to initiate the cell division.  Fused cells develop into zygotes.  The multiplied cell developed gets transplanted into mother’s womb.
  • Discuss the ethical issues oftherapeutic cloning in humans.  Discuss?  Give an account including, where possible, a range of arguments for and against the relative importance of various factors, or comparisons of alternative hypothesis.
  • Discuss the ethical issues oftherapeutic cloning in humans.  What is therapeutic cloning?  Therapeutic cloning is the creation of an embryo to supply embryonic stem cells for medical use.  Creation of a ‘new’ egg cell using the DNA of a desired differentiated cell and a doner egg cell  What is it not?  Creating a mini-me for use in evil global domination plots or to create armies!  Creating a copy of human to use as an ‘insurance policy’ in case you need a transplant.
  • Arguments for therapeutic cloning. No need to wait for human donor to die to give organs Some successes already have been shown throughout the world Rejection risk reduced in transplants Conservation of biodiversity Potential cure for incurable disease
  • Arguments against therapeutic cloning. Religions affiliation– ‘playing God’?? Possible risk of facing first human clone Too difficult and effort-taking Genetic diversity? Abnormalities in clones
  • What should we do?
  • My personal voice
  • Potentially useful site http://www.globalchange.com/noclones.htm