Help With Panic Attacks


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Discover how you can eliminate panic and anxiety attacks from your life for good! You will be amazed at what these methods can do for you.

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Help With Panic Attacks

  1. 1. Help With Panic Jason R. Pittman
  2. 2. Do you suffer from panic attacks?• Dizziness lightheaded feeling• Sweaty palms• Faint and fatigue• Rapid heartbeat These are just some of the effects from panicattacks.
  3. 3. What causes a Panic Attack? – The way you think is a hugefactor in how you feel. Look at a situation witha negative mind, you will start to feel thatnegatively and it can cause you to get anxious. – There is a theory that suggestscertain individuals alarm systems to go offwhen there is no real danger. Only realdanger should prompt the alarm to go off.
  4. 4. Feelings of Panic AttacksIf you’ve experienced a panicattack you know if can be oneof the most terrifying feelingsever.The feeling that hits you like aton of bricks out of nowhere.You start to feeltrapped, almost ready tobreak down and cry. Yourheart is racing at a millionhours per mile.A panic attack can last for afew seconds or even severalminutes. If the extent of theattack is severe an individualcan become so exhaustedthey knock themselves out(passing out)
  5. 5. Useful Tips• Remember, all you are having is a panic attack and in almost all cases you are NOT in any real danger. That is all, it is just a panic attack you can not get sick or die from it, accept your feelings and let it pass.• Be as positive as you can when you feel an attack coming on, try your best not to give in to these oncoming panic attacks.
  6. 6. Conclusion• In conclusion, there are millions of people that suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, so you’re not alone on the boat.• You can start thinking differently about the disorder and you can start feeling better right now!• There are ways to become panic and anxiety attack free, and once you learn the skills needed you may never experience the unpleasant feeling again.
  7. 7. For more information Please check
  8. 8. Thank You! Thank you for viewing this presentation on panic and anxiety attacks, I hope it serves you well andthat you will check out the website where you will learn much more on this behavior. I’m quite confident in the results it can show you.