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Session at Mozilla Camp Europe 2011 in Berlin, Germany by Jay Patel & Jean-Yves Perrier about our work on the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN). Jay covers the evolution of MDN as a platform for developer engagement and Jean-Yves discusses our Web documentation efforts.

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MDN Development & Web Documentation

  1. 1. MDN Development &Web DocumentationJay Perrier@teoli2003
  2. 2. Agenda What will we cover?• Branding• Evolution of MDN• Kuma Project• Developer Engagement Platform• Development• Documentation
  3. 3. The many names for developer.mozilla.orgDevMo #devmo IRC channel (historical short name for domain) MDN Documentation CenterMDC (docs section of MDN)MDN Mozilla Developer Network (website, community, campaigns, etc.)
  4. 4. Evolution of MDN
  5. 5. Goals for the Kuma Project• Build platform for developer engagement• Leverage Django code from SUMO (Kitsune)• Improve documentation and editorial processes• Fix the l10n experience for localizers• Add social features and collaboration tools• Grow new areas for demos, events, learning, and community
  6. 6. Platform forDeveloper Engagement
  7. 7. Agile process for Kuma Development2 week “sprints” • MDN dev team includes 3 dev + 1 qa + 1 doc + 1 pm • Weekly bug triage and planning meeting • 20-25 “points” per sprint • 10 days dev + 5 days QABugs / Backlog in Bugzilla • Product: Mozilla Developer Network • Component: WebsiteFeedback / Feature Requests with UserVoice • http-developer-mozilla-orgLearn more about our process • •
  8. 8. Tracking Kuma development with BugzillaJS
  9. 9. Progress update and next steps for Kuma Roadmap2010 • Django front-end + infrastructure2011 • Q1: Demo Studio + Start Wiki • Q2: MDN Learning + Dev Derby • Q3: Where is Mozilla? + MDN Profiles • Q4: Finish Wiki + Apps + Discussions2012 • Q1: Docs Migration + Start l10n + Kuma Beta • Q2: Finish l10n + Kuma Launch • Q3: Continue to evolve based on feedback
  10. 10. Learn more, stay connected, and Join Us! General Info: Kuma Project Info: Kuma Milestones: Mailing list: IRC: #mdn on
  11. 11. It’s time for me to stop talking… Thanks! Jay PatelProduct Manager, MDN @jaybhai jay on IRC Jean-Yves is up next…
  12. 12. HTML, CSS, JS, HTTP, SSL...Learning the web is as complexas learning a human language...
  13. 13. The web is evolving faster and faster... <input type= "email"> linear-gradient() <article> tab-size :<bdi> hsla() <audio> backface-visibility : <!DOCTYPE html> <video> transform : @font-face
  14. 14. The web is heterogenous,moving at different paces,and new actors are coming.
  15. 15. And what do we have ? Lot of outdated or poor documentation. There is good info, but buried and scattered. The non-specialist doesnt recognize it, if it find it. And the spec is precise but different from the reality...
  16. 16. For the Open WebWe need a documentation : We need to know : • Up-to-date • Spec status • Browser agnostic • Current implementation • Complete • Answer to practical • Practical cases • with examples • with good practices • with bad practices debunked
  17. 17. But... there are more thanthe Open Web at Mozilla
  18. 18. Gecko<XUL>
  19. 19. For Mozilla StuffWe need a documentation : We need to know : • Up-to-date • Whats going on... • Browser agnostic • How it works... • Complete • Practical • with examples • with good practices • with bad practices debunked
  20. 20. Typical Doc Structure Reference Pages IndexPortal Page (Landing Page) Concept Pages ("Using XYZ…") Tutorials Articles Demos
  21. 21. CSS landing page
  22. 22. CSS index
  23. 23. MDN is an integrated Mozilla product
  24. 24. How to help ?
  25. 25. Fix a typo Add an example Correct an error Use it Tell about itAdd a link from a blog Fix compatibility info Add an internal link Write a missing article Complete an article
  26. 26. Create an account
  27. 27. And thats it.Welcome new MDN editor !
  28. 28. A simple editing session
  29. 29. To be a better editor...Write sentences, not lists (SEO).Be precise : a CSS at-rule is not a CSS property
  30. 30. To be a better editor...Link, link, link ! Internally or externally.Navigability is the key to find quickly the right information.
  31. 31. Christmas Tree effect
  32. 32. To be a better editor...• Cite sources (the # shortcut) # will becomes [1], [2], ...• Respect copyrights.
  33. 33. Do not be afraid, but...• Do not move pages around without knowing what you are doing.• Put a comment when editing!
  34. 34. Future challenges• Increase quality of content and form.• Keep up-to-date with new spec (CSS4, DOM4).• Keep up with the 6-weeks release schedule.• Live examples.• Screencasts.
  35. 35. Getting help• Mozilla IRC : #devmo channel• Newsgroup : community meeting on IRC,(announced on• Twitter @teoli2003
  36. 36. Doc Sprints3-4 times a year, a few Mozillians meet during a week-end.Next early 2012, info will be posted on and on
  37. 37. In conclusion,• Mozilla choosed the Open Web as one of the worthy battles to fight, the MDN is one of the weapon for this one.• Almost anybody can help.
  38. 38. Q&A
  39. 39. MDN Production: Kuma Staging Server: