Social media strategies for trust agents - CAILBA AGM - 15 May 2013


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Keynote presentation to CAILBA's Annual Meeting, 15 May 2013, King Edward Hotel, Toronto.

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Social media strategies for trust agents - CAILBA AGM - 15 May 2013

  1. 1. Social Media Strategiesfor Trust AgentsCAILBA Annual Meeting15 May 2013TorontoPresented by:
  2. 2. Overview1. Social media use and demographics2. What is a “trust agent”?3. How to be the agency of the future
  3. 3. Is Twitter becoming afinancial news service?
  4. 4. Bloomberg thinks so
  5. 5. What happens whenthe stock market is hacked?
  6. 6. It responds...
  7. 7. We now return youto our regularlyscheduled programming.
  8. 8. User demographics
  9. 9. Mass affluent usersSource: Cogent Research, March 2013, Global mass affluent social media users
  10. 10. GenY makes up half ofwork force in 2018
  11. 11. How are financial prosusing social?
  12. 12. LinkedIn use dominates
  13. 13. Q:What is atrust agent?A: It’s a book you shouldread. It’s also a perfectrecipe for what afinancial professionalshould be doing online.
  14. 14. People do business with peoplethey know, like and trust.
  15. 15. The influence economyCurrencyAssets“Earned media”Goodwill===Networked peopleand contentTransactionsSocial capital
  16. 16. Your networkBefore AfterDifference = Greater transparency
  17. 17. The long tailWrite a blog postto drive traffic to your website3 days 3 years=
  18. 18. Social capital measurementis growing.
  19. 19. The trust equation___________________________________Self-orientationSource:Brogan and Smith -Trust AgentsMaister, Galford and Green - The Trusted AdvisorT = (C x R x I)/STrust =Credibility X Reliability X Intimacy
  20. 20. The social insurance agencyhelps its advisorsto become trust agents.
  21. 21. Connect with clients, peersand prospectsYouClientClientClientClientClientPeerPeer
  22. 22. Use social networks asthe sales funnel
  23. 23. Give, share, helpand always say thank you!
  24. 24. 5 things an agency can do tosupport advisors in social1. Provide social media skills training & coaching2. Help with websites and SEO support3. Develop a publishing platform for advisorcontent and tie it to a lead generation form4. Find great third-party content for advisors toshare5. Work with carriers to get shareable contentinto the field
  25. 25. Benefits of your agencybeing a social leader• Enhances your value proposition to advisors• Increases business development• Improves ability to recruit next gen advisors• Increases visibility of your brand profile anddemonstrates leadership• Earned media increases yourcompetitiveness
  26. 26. jay@palter.ca780-868-8433Copyright 2013 Jay Palter. All rights reserved.Not for reproduction or distribution without written ● Strategy ● Training ● Content