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Sika Sarnafil Leed

  1. 1. Roofing – An Important Point For LEED ™ Certification The U.S. Green Building Council Whether your project is new construc- (USGBC) created LEED with the goal of tion or renovation, energy efficient roof- encouraging the use of established or ing is an important point to consider – The Donald Bren School of advanced environmental principles, prac- and Sarnafil makes it easy. Environmental Science tices, materials and standards in com- and Management mercial building projects. LEED stan- With over 40 years experience providing University of California at Santa Barbara dards have been developed for the fol- high quality, proven performance roofing Architect: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca lowing building areas: new commercial and waterproofing systems combined Roofing Applicator: Anning-Johnson construction and major renovation proj- with the knowledge gained from work- Company, City of Industry, CA Completed: 2002 ects (LEED-NC), existing building opera- ing on more than 20 LEED buildings, Roof System: Sarnafil EnergySmart® tions (LEED-EB), commercial interiors Sarnafil is uniquely qualified to help you G410 Adhered projects (LEED-CI), core and shell proj- with your roofing needs. ects (LEED-CS), and homes (LEED-H).
  2. 2. With over 100 LEED certified and 1,200 LEED registered projects, there is clearly a trend toward creating high performance buildings. For building owners, the potential payback comes in many forms: positive public rela- tions, government and industry incentives, reduced employee absen- teeism, quality control, reduced environmental impact, and improved building standards for the future, to name a few. High Performance Buildings Topped By Sarnafil assembly with the added advantages of storm water runoff control, increased waterproofing membrane life, sound insulation and aesthetic appeal. Sarnafil’s durable waterproofing mem- Photo by Mark Farina brane is specially designed to remain watertight in extreme conditions, such as those possible under a vegetated roof. Constant dampness, ponding water, exposure to plant roots, as well Chicago City Hall Green Roof as fungi and bacterial organisms can seriously affect a waterproofing system’s compliant (highly reflective) AND high integrity. That’s why architects, specifiers emissivity roofing (emissivity of at least 0.9 and building owners depend on Sarnafil’s when tested in accordance with ASTM proven performance. Herman Miller SQA Subsidiary Known as “The Green House,” Holland, MI 408) for a minimum of 75% of the roof surface; OR install a “green” (vegetated) Sarnafil’s EnergySmart Roof ® Plays A Role roof for at least 50% of the roof area. Combinations of high albedo and vegetated What is LEED™? Reflective roofing, such as Sarnafil’s roof can be used providing they collectively LEED, an acronym for “Leadership in EnergySmart Roof®, or a vegetated roof cover 75% of the total roof area.” Energy and Environmental Design,” is using a Sarnafil Green Roof System, meets an independent, third party rating sys- the design criteria for one point under Waterproofing for Green Roofs tem developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) that provides Sustainable Sites Credit 7: Heat Island Effect: Green roofs are roof systems that incor- building designers and owners with a Roof, Req. 2, which states: “Use ENERGY STAR porate vegetation on top of the roof standard for measuring a building’s degree of environmental performance. LEED buildings must include dozens of Proven Performance environmental features before being Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory – certified – with a corresponding point Architects, specifiers and building owners conducted a two-year scientific study on system based on these attributes. who want the peace of mind that comes the benefits of replacing a black EPDM with knowing they’ve chosen the most roof on a 100,000 square foot retail build- A total of 64 points are possible on the reliable, energy efficient roofing or ing in Austin Texas with a Sarnafil LEED scale, spread out among five waterproofing system choose Sarnafil. EnergySmart roof. The conclusion is broad categories covering global and But don’t just take our word for it – here clear: peak summertime air conditioning local environmental issues. Five addi- is a sample of how other organizations was reduced by 14 percent.1 tional points are possible for innova- tive design strategies not specifically view Sarnafil: U.S. Department of Energy – awarded covered by the five categories. U.S. EPA – chose Sarnafil as a Charter Sarnafil“2004 Premier Business Partner” Partner in their ENERGY STAR ® Roof for its dedication to and successes in There are four levels of achievement: Products program which focuses on pro- helping communities save energy as part a minimum of 26 points is needed to moting the environmental and economic of their Rebuild America program. become LEED “Certified”; a minimum benefits of reflective roofing. of 33 points for Silver; 39 for Gold; and 52 for Platinum. 1 S. Konapacki and H. Akbari, 2001, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Report LBNL- 47149, Berkeley, CA.
  3. 3. Knowledgeable technical representatives, valuable LEED experience, and an energy efficient membrane make Sarnafil the best choice for architects, specifiers and building owners seeking to create their own high performance building. Take Advantage of Sarnafil’s LEED Experience As you begin to design or specify your Nothing represents high performance next high performance building, count on like a quality made car. That’s why the the expertise of Sarnafil. With eleven Premier Automotive Group’s Leed LEED certified projects completed and certified building – the North American more than 25 in design and construction, headquarters for Ford Motor Company’s Sarnafil’s technical representatives have Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover and Lincoln the practical experience needed to help brands – chose the best technology you with your roofing decisions. available for their new building. The 60,000 square foot green roof helps LEED Project Experience make it one of southern California’s To earn a point from roofing, LEED criteria most energy efficient, high performance call for either a reflective membrane or a buildings. Hewlett Foundation, Menlo Park, CA vegetated “green” roof. Five of the LEED Architect: B.H. Bocook certified buildings that took advantage of The William and Flora Hewlett Sarnafil’s high quality, energy efficient Foundation, located in Menlo Park, roofing and waterproofing systems are California is a Gold level LEED certified highlighted here. building that chose Sarnafil’s waterproof- ing system for its courtyard atrium. Creating an energy-efficient, high per- formance building fit perfectly with their social and environmental mission. As a testament to its sustainable design, the Olympic Oval Speed Skating Arena was one of the first 12 LEED certified buildings in the United States. It also boasts the fastest ice in the Premier Automotive Group, Irvine, CA world, due in part to its unique external North American Headquarters Architect: LPA Architects suspension-bridge design. The roof plays The Donald Bren Center, Santa Barbara, CA Architect: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca an important role both from an energy The National Geographic Society savings standpoint and a spectator’s The Donald Bren Center for Headquarters in Washington, DC is the point of view. Environmental Studies and first existing building to complete certifi- Management is a modern environmental cation under the LEED-EB rating system. laboratory and classroom at the University The project earned a Silver rating. of California at Santa Barbara. This build- Sarnafil’s EnergySmart Roof ® was chosen ing combines energy efficient materials to replace the black rubber EPDM roof, and state-of-the-art building systems that earning this well-known organization significantly exceed California’s title 24 recognition for its continued dedication to design criteria. By encompassing so many the environment. environmentally friendly attributes, the Donald Bren Center is one of only two From clear specifications to final roof LEED Platinum level rated buildings in system installation, Sarnafil can help the United States – the USGBC’s highest ensure your high performance building Olympic Oval, Salt Lake City, UT green building rating. Architect: Gilles Stransky Brems Smith meets LEED roofing criteria.
  4. 4. Let Sarnafil Make Roofing Your Easiest Point Sarnafil is the preferred roofing and waterproofing choice of designers seeking LEED certification. Here are a few reasons why: • LEED Qualifying • Proven Performance About Sarnafil A Sarnafil roofing or green roof system With more than 40 years of proven per- can earn you one easy point towards formance history, you’ll have peace of Since 1964, more than 3.5 billion certification. In some instances, it can mind knowing you’ve chosen the square feet of membrane has been earn even more! highest quality, energy efficient roofing successfully installed on buildings system available today. around the world under a wide range • Experienced LEED Technical Staff of weather conditions. Architects, When you need help choosing the • Design Flexibility designers and building owners right roofing or waterproofing system, Sarnafil offers a choice of colors and choose Sarnafil because of its proven turn to Sarnafil’s team of experienced options, including Décor Roof Systems performance history and unwavering LEED professionals. They have provided that provide the appearance of metal commitment to quality. It’s security advice and design assistance on over with better watertight performance. and peace of mind knowing you’ve 20 LEED projects – one Gold and one chosen the best systems for your Platinum certified! • Long-term Energy Performance roofing and waterproofing needs. Sarnafil is the only membrane manu- • Life Cycle factured with a factory applied acrylic For more information about Sarnafil For building owners, a long-lasting, coating that protects the surface and and how we can help your project proven roof system is essential. Many maximizes long-term reflectivity. qualify for LEED certification, call Sarnafil roofs are still performing today our technical sales team today at after more than 20 years under a wide • Meets ENERGY STAR ® Standards 1-800-576-2358. range of weather conditions. Sarnafil’s white, reflective EnergySmart roof meets the standards of the • Authorized Applicators ENERGY STAR program. Sarnafil Sarnafil Inc. Sarnafil Ltd. Choosing Sarnafil ensures your build- remains the only single-ply membrane 100 Dan Road 1260 Lakeshore Road East ing’s roof is installed with precision. manufacturer in this program with a Canton, MA 02021 Mississauga, Ontario Only a select group of skilled contrac- 40 year history of proven performance. tors are permitted to install Sarnafil. Tel: 1-800-451-2504 Canada L5E 3B8 Fax: 781-828-5365 Tel: 1-800-268-0479 Fax: 905-271-6608 Job # 0847/10M/0904