Bury vs Angoulême


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A selection of photos comparing and contrasting the two towns, which have been twinned for almost 50 years.

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Bury vs Angoulême

  1. 1. Bonjour Monsieur Bizot.
  2. 2. Je m’appelle Monsieur Bizot. J’habite à Angoulême en France.
  3. 3. Je m’appelle Madame Jackson. J’habite à Bury en Angleterre.
  4. 4. Angoulême - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia • Bury has been twinned with the town of Angoulême for almost fifty years. • They were originally twinned because both towns had a productive paper industry. • But how are the two towns still similar today? And how do they differ from one another? Let’s look at some photographs to help us compare Bury with Angoulême.
  5. 5. Nature All Around La rivière Charente à Angoulême. The River Irwell in Bury.
  6. 6. Getting about. La gare à Angoulême. The Metrolink tram station in Bury.
  7. 7. Offices for Local Services La mairie à Angoulême. The town hall in Bury.
  8. 8. Famous Landmarks La cathédrale de Saint-Pierre à Angoulême. The Parish Church in Bury town centre.
  9. 9. Famous People In Angoulême there is a statue of Hergé, who created the famous comic book character ‘Tintin’. In Bury there is a statue of Robert Peel, who founded the first police force known as ‘The Peelers’.
  10. 10. Entertainment Le cinéma à Angoulême. The cinema in Bury.
  11. 11. Where to exchange money La banque à Angoulême. The Royal Bank of Scotland in Bury.
  12. 12. Where to post a letter La poste à Angoulême. The post office in Bury.
  13. 13. Going Shopping? La centre ville d’Angoulême. The town centre of Bury.
  14. 14. On the market. Le marché de fruits et de légumes à Angoulême. Bury’s world famous market!
  15. 15. Around Town Le magasin des jouets à Angoulême. The toy shop in Bury.
  16. 16. Something special for dinner? La boucherie et charcuterie à Angoulême. A butcher’s shop in Bury.
  17. 17. Where to grab a snack La sandwicherie et pâtisserie à Angoulême. The sandwich and cake shop in Bury.
  18. 18. If you have a sweet tooth Le chocolatier à Angoulême. The chocolate shop in Bury.
  19. 19. Photographs taken inside the French sweet shop – miam miam!
  20. 20. Look how beautifully the cakes are decorated.
  21. 21. Feeling poorly after all those sweets? La pharmacie à Angoulême. A pharmacy in Bury’s Millgate Centre.
  22. 22. Where people live Une maison typique à Angoulême. A typical house in Bury.
  23. 23. Our Neighbourhood All the street signs in Angoulême are in the shape of speech bubbles. In Bury the street signs are much plainer. Do you recognise this one?
  24. 24. Many examples of wall art around the town of Angoulême depict comic book characters such as the cowboy ‘Lucky Luke’.
  25. 25. Angoulême is the famous for its comic book history.
  26. 26. There is even a museum in Angoulême dedicated to the history of comics.
  27. 27. Local Signs Next time you go shopping in Bury, why not look around to find evidence of the town’s twinning with Angoulême.