Graduate Recruitment Presentation


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Civil Manager\'s presentation at the University of Canterbury - talking about our graduate recruitment programme

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Graduate Recruitment Presentation

  1. 1. Simon RobertsonCivil Engineering Manager
  2. 2. What do we do?• Multi-disciplinary professional engineering consultancy• Investigate• Design and maintenance• Construction supervision
  3. 3. Who we are “Opus is a leader – at the forefront of award-winning and innovative design, development and asset management.” David Prentice, CEO
  4. 4. 12 Offices 213 FTEs 10 Offices 144 FTEs 18 Offices 306 FTEs 36 Offices 11 Labs 1703 FTEs2,390 employees across 76 offices and 11 laboratories
  5. 5. Who would add value to us?• Civil Engineers• Environmental Engineers• Mechanical and Electrical Engineers• Planners• Surveyors• Property Consultants• Architects and Landscape Architects
  6. 6. Who would add value to us?• Challenge and question• Work well individually, but more importantly working as part of a team• Understand your strengths, understand your weaknesses• Have drive, energy and enthusiasm• A very high level of trust, honesty and integrity• Look for the good in people• Are committed• Have a sense of humour.
  7. 7. What makes us tick• We are a people business• We rely totally on our collective abilities to deliver service excellence, based on strong relationships• Our company “values” are fundamental to the way we go about doing this• They are an essential part of who we are, how we act, and what we deliver… they are the heart of Opus
  8. 8. We live by our values• Strong client relationships• Excellent service delivery• Respect for and sharing of knowledge• Developing our people to their full potential• Urgency through empowerment• Sharing and enjoying success
  9. 9. What people say about working at Opus…• Having pride in being a part of the Opus team is important to us: – pride in the quality of our deliverables – pride and confidence in the strong relationships we have with our clients and business partners – pride in our reputation and success as a team – pride in our ability to continue to grow and the exciting challenges and opportunities we create
  10. 10. Our commitment to our young professionals• A supportive environment to kick-start careers• Open & honest• Creating opportunities for career development• A team environment where contribution is recognised & valued
  11. 11. Our commitment to our young professionals• Empowered to organise & manage own time• A good balance between work & home is important to us• We cannot guarantee we will get it right every time – but I can guarantee that we are making every effort to make Opus a great place to work
  12. 12. Why Opus?• Opportunities to broaden work experience• Offices around the globe• Knowledge sharing (PIN Network)• Strong environmental sustainability focus• Social & sporting activities outside work
  13. 13. Why Opus? • Benefits • Mentoring program • Formal process to achieve professional registration • Study Awards • Working in multi-disciplinary teams • Social environment • Competitive remuneration
  14. 14. Some Local Projects
  15. 15. Follow us... /opuscareers /CareersAtOpus /Opusinternationalconsultants