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  1. 1. GenderI have chosen to aim my magazine at both genders to reach a widermarket, so I have questioned roughly the same amount of male andfemale 14-19 year olds. Male 11 Female 10 Genders Male Female
  2. 2. Age GroupsThe people I have aimed my magazine at are around ages 14-19 asthis is the categories which I have given my questionnaire to andcan relate the information they have given me to my magazinepages. Below 14 0 14-16 10 17-19 7 20+ 3 Age Groups Below 14 14-16 17-19 20+
  3. 3. Mainstream/underground musicFrom my results I have found out that people who are fans of rockmusic magazines will prefer more mainstream bands featured inthe magazine although the results although it was closely tiedbetween the two options so therefore I will ensure to include bothmainstream and less known bands in my magazine to cater for thetwo audiences. Preference of Mainstream and Underground MusicMainsteram 10Underground 9 Mainsteram Underground
  4. 4. Prices My results indicate that people would rather pay £1 to £1.50 all together for the magazine. I chose these price ranges because most magazines are around £2-£3 and I wanted to beat the competitors with a cheaper price although needs to be profitable.PriceLess than £1.00 4 Desired Price Range£1.00 - £1.50 8£1.51 - £2.00 5More than £2.00 2 Less than £1.00 £1.00 - £1.50 £1.51 - £2.00 More than £2.00
  5. 5. Special Offers Yes No 12 8From my results I can see that special offers will increase thechance of a person buying the magazine as a majority althoughcould be a rare feature because there is only 4 people betweeneach answer for the question. For the people that said yes to thespecial offers they mostly said things such as posters, free cd’s anddiscounts for gig tickets or other products. Would like to see special Offers people would like to see offers 6 5 4 3 Yes 2 No 1 0 competitions posters cd discounts gigs
  6. 6. Offers they look forThose who would like to see special offers in the magazine havechosen specific offers which they would consider to be appealing. Iwould ensure to use some of these offers in my magazine if I had anoffer on that week of the issue.offersCompetitions 1 Offers people would like to see 6Posters 3 5cd 5 4discounts 1 3gigs 2 2 1 0 competitions posters cd discounts gigs
  7. 7. Frequency of Magazine For the frequency of the magazine most people said they would prefer a weekly or a monthly issue as they are only separated by one vote. For the price which was the post popular this magazine must be a weekly due to the running costs, if the magazine was a monthly one then it would require more content and be more expensive and when planning my magazine I will be sure to keep the weekly frequency in mind with the length of the magazine etc.Weekly 9 Mgazine frequency preferenceMonth 8Quarterly 3 Weekly Month Quarterly
  8. 8. First thing people look for…The first things people look for on a magazine cover is very distinct and is themost popular answer. They look for the featured bands inside the magazinewhich are displayed on the cover in image or text form. From this I have come tothe conclusion that people won’t want to buy magazines when their favouritebands aren’t in it so I must refer to popular bands of the audience which fit withthe rock/metal genre and use them. The next most popular feature was thearticles which is important. Keeping them interesting and the titles so they areinformative and enticing.New bands 2Featured bands 16 First thing people look for in aFree stuff 3 magazinearticles 6 coloursimages 5colours 4 images articles Free stuff Featured bands New bands 0 5 10 15 20
  9. 9. ColoursIn my results I found out that black was a popular choice which isalso a convention of the rock/metal genres. Other colours whichmay be used are red and white, these can make up my colourscheme of my magazine for every issue and fit with the genre. Yellow 1 Colour ideas red 4 blue 1 black 7 white 5 Yellow red blue black white
  10. 10. Popular bandsIn my questionnaire I have chosen to ask for favourite bands so thatI can find a common subgenre or bands which are very similar toeach other in effort to attract and appeal to the audience. Most ofthe bands are rock/metal but with varied subgenres ranging fromclassic rock to metalcore. I will have to make sure to cater for allmusic fans with different subgenres in rock/metal. 3 2 1 0