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SES Chicago "Developments in Information Retrieval on the Web"
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SES Chicago "Developments in Information Retrieval on the Web"

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High level overview of semantic web projects using RDFa and GoodRelations vocabulary and it's effect on visibility of physical retail locations and products on the web, as presented at SES Chicago......

High level overview of semantic web projects using RDFa and GoodRelations vocabulary and it's effect on visibility of physical retail locations and products on the web, as presented at SES Chicago 2009.

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  • 1. Semantic Web at Best Buy
  • 2. Stores
    Virtual Presence
    Physical Presence
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5. GoodRelationsRDFa Gives Stores Meaning
    <div class="vcard" typeof="foaf:Organizationgr:BusinessEntity" about="http://products.semweb.bestbuy.com/company.rdf#BusinessEntity_BestBuy">
    <span rel="rdfs:seeAlso" resource="http://www.bestbuy.com"></span>
    <span property="gr:hasLegalName" content="Best Buy Co., Inc." datatype="xsd:string"></span>
    <span rev="gr:hasPOS" resource="http://stores.bestbuy.com/1000#BestBuyStore_1000"></span>
    <div about="http://stores.bestbuy.com/1000#BestBuyStore_1000" typeof="gr:LocationOfSalesOrServiceProvisioning">
    <div class="fn n" property="foaf:namerdfs:labelvcard:fngr:legalName"><h1 class="org" property="geo:lat_long" content="26.23946,-80.25539">Best Buy - Coral Springs</h1></div>
    <span rel="rdfs:seeAlsofoaf:depiction"><imgsrc="http://stores.bestbuy.com/1136/wp-content/store-images/1136.jpg" alt="Coral Springs 1136" class="photo" border="0"></span>
    <div class="info">
    <div class="adr" rel="vcard:adr">
    <div typeof="vcard:Address">
    <div class="street-address" property="vcard:street-address">650 N University Dr</div>
    <span class="locality" property="vcard:locality">Coral Springs</span>, <span class="region" property="vcard:region">FL</span> <span class="postal-code" property="vcard:postal-code" datatype="xsd:string">33071</span>
    <div class="tel"><span>Phone</span>: <span property="vcard:tel">954-341-0256</span></div>
    <div class="geo" rel="vcard:geo">GEO: <span class="latitude" property="vcard:latitude">26.23946</span>, <span class="longitude" property="vcard:longitude">-80.25539</span></div>

  • 6. Benefits
    • Simple, rich structured data delivered directly to the browser
    • 7. Bridges the gap by making important data points about stores findable – beneficial for customers and business
    • 8. 10,590,212 visits to store pages (Apr-Oct ‘09)
    • 9. Organic search engine traffic up ~30%
  • Products
  • 10. Ecommerce Product Challenges
    • Important product data often under exposed (or not exposed at all!)
    • 11. Creates uninformed/ under informed customers
    • 12. Under utilized product “long tail”
  • Best Buy Semantic Product Web (beta)
  • 13. GoodRelationsRDFa Gives Products Meaning
    <div id="centrewell" typeof="gr:Offering" about="http://products.semweb.bestbuy.com/products/7590289/semanticweb.rdf#Offering_7590289">
    <div rev="gr:offers" resource="http://products.semweb.bestbuy.com/company.rdf#BusinessEntity_BestBuy"></div>
    <span rel="rdfs:seeAlso" resource="http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7590289&type=product&id=47476&cmp=RMX&ky=1whYTIhnZ0ydleik4tkW4Z7Fn1kPFrBgb"></span>
    <span property="gr:validFrom" datatype="xsd:dateTime" content="2009-11-24T11:47:39"></span>
    <span property="gr:validThrough" datatype="xsd:dateTime" content="2009-12-07T16:59:58"></span>
    <span rel="gr:availableAtOrFrom" resource="http://products.semweb.bestbuy.com/company.rdf#BusinessEntity_BestBuy"></span>
    <div id="pricing">
    <div rel="gr:hasPriceSpecification" id="price">
    <h3>Reg. Price:</h3>
    <span typeof="gr:UnitPriceSpecification” about="http://products.semweb.bestbuy.com/products/7590289/semanticweb.rdf#UnitPriceSpecification_7590289_1">
    $<span property="gr:hasCurrencyValue" datatype="xsd:float">9.99</span>
    <span property="gr:hasCurrency" datatype="xsd:string">USD</span>
    <span property="gr:priceType" content="SRP" datatype="xsd:string"></span>
    <div class="buy"><a href="http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7590289&type=product&id=47476&cmp=RMX&ky=1whYTIhnZ0ydleik4tkW4Z7Fn1kPFrBgb"><img src="/images/buy.gif" rel="buy" /></a></div>

  • 14. Best Buy Semantic Product Web (beta)
    • ~460K product detail pages of current Best Buy SKUs using RDFa/ GoodRelations ontology
    • 15. “Next-gen” web pages that combine rich data with modern, user-friendly design and IA
    • 16. Makes rich product information available to the Web of Data for query
    • 17. http://products.semweb.bestbuy.com/gsitemap-index.xml
  • Initial Findings -- SEO
  • 18. Benefits of RDFa, GoodRelations
    • Human and machine-readable
    • 19. Easy for HTML authors to add machine-readable tags to express the meaning of stores and products
    • 20. Search engines processing rich data in RDFa, thus improving our ability to search
    • 21. More granular, detailed and scalable – increases the visibility of your product, service or business on the web
  • What’s next?
  • 22. Thanks!
    Jay Myers (@jaymyers)