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Keynote Presentation March
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Keynote Presentation March


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • Walk away until the end…
  • Transcript

    • 1. Teamwork, Collaboration & Shared Leadership!
      Where we’ve been…
      Where we’re going…
      Dr. Jay Marino, Superintendent
      Institute Day - March 18th, 2010
    • 2. Blue angels teamwork video
      How’s Our Teamwork?
    • 3. Taking Stock & Looking Back-
      Accomplishments & Celebrations
    • 4. Accomplishments & Celebrations
    • 5. Reading Trend Performance
      4 year gain grades 3 thru 8 is +17% (or almost 3% per grade level)
    • 6. 2009 Reading Performance by Ethnicity
      Decreasing achievement gap!
    • 7. Math Tread Performance
      Continued strong performance over time!
    • 8. PSAE Trend Performance
    • 9. ACT Composite Scores
    • 10. County School Comparison-PSAE Reading
    • 11. Teamwork, Collaboration and Shared Leadership!
      Progress thus far?
    • 12. Examples!
    • 13. Facility Updates
      Our District’s Growing Pains…
    • 14. Student Enrollment
    • 15. Student Enrollment History & Projections
      148 students/year – next 5 years
      132 students/year – last 10 years
      740 more students are projected over the next 5 years!
    • 16. There are an estimated 879+ platted properties within our District boundaries that have potential to be developed.
    • 17. Facility
    • 18. H.S. Phase I – Overall Plan
    • 19. High School Phase I- Detail
    • 20. District Office Space -> Classrooms
    • 21. Exterior View of Phase I
    • 22. Phase I + Phase II
    • 23. Leased Central Office Space
    • 24. Tough Financial Times 
    • 25.
    • 26. November 2010 Referendum
      New elementary school (Allen/Hickory Grove)
    • 27.
    • 28. Last time we talked about eagles… this time we’ll refer to the geese!
    • 29. Why is change needed?
      Change is a never-ending, life-long necessity.
    • 30. And now…lessons from the geese
      Teamwork, Collaboration & Shared Leadership
    • 31. Lesson 1
      “People who share a common direction and sense of purpose can get there more quickly.”
    • 32. Lesson 2
      “It’s harder to do something alone than together.”
    • 33. Lesson 3
      “Shared leadership and interdependence give us each a chance to lead as well an opportunity to rest.”
    • 34. Lesson 4
      “Encouragement is motivating. We need to make sure our “honking” is encouraging-and not discouraging.”
    • 35. Lesson 5
      “We may all need help from time to time. We should stand by our colleagues in difficult times.”
    • 36. The next time you see a formation of Geese, remember their message that "IT IS INDEED A REWARD, A CHALLENGE AND A PRIVILEGE TO BE A CONTRIBUTING MEMBER OF A TEAM"
    • 37. Looking Ahead…
    • 38. Strategic Planning Update
    • 39. Teamwork, Collaboration & Shared Leadership
      Point A- “The Current State”
      Point B- “The Desired State”
      • Vision, Mission & Goals
      The Road- A Continuous Improvement Journey
      Strategic Planning is like a bridge…
    • 40. How do we collectively identify our point "B"?
      Strategic plan!
    • 41. Strategic Planning Key Steps
      Stakeholder participation to ensure ownership
      Data review and employee reflection/assessment
      Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement
      Draft mission, vision, values, goals and strategies
      Public feedback and input
      Preparing 21st century learners!
      Teamwork, collaboration and shared leadership!
    • 42. Random Acts of Improvement
      Aim of the
      Goals and Measures
      Aligned Acts of Improvement
      Aim of the District
      Goals and Measures
    • 43. Look at the words and name the colors you see. Don’t name the words you read.
    • 44.
    • 45. Let's create change together!
    • 46. The Strategic Plan- Mission…
      Empowering students to excel in a global society!
    • 47. What’s So Different About a 21st Century Student?
    • 48. Which are you?
      Digital Native
      Digital Immigrant
    • 49. The Disconnect…
      Digital Natives prefer:
      Receiving information quickly from multiple multimedia sources
      Parallel processing and multitasking
      Processing pictures, sounds, and video before text
      Random Access to hyperlinked multimedia information
      Digital Immigrants Prefer:
      Slow and controlled release of information from limited sources
      Singular processing and single or limited tasking
      To provide text before pictures, sounds, and video
      To provide information linearly, logically and sequentially
    • 50. Is the World REALLY That Different?
      Web 2.0- Architecture of Participation built on the World Wide Web"
    • 51. Technology Exposure
      8 ½ Hours per day
      5 ¾ Hours
      2 ¾ Hours
    • 52. Critical Skills & Knowledge for the 21st Century
      Generation M: media & multi-tasking
    • 53.
    • 54.
      Don’t forget: You can copy-paste this slide into other presentations, and move or resize the poll.
    • 55. We need to match today’s classroom with today’s students!
    • 56. A Focus on Developing 21st Century Skills
      Our road map for helping students excel in a global society!
    • 57. 20thCentury
      21st Century
      Number of Jobs
      10-15 Jobs
      1-2 Jobs
      Flexibility &Adaptability
      Mastery of One Field
      Life Long
      Subject Matter
      The World has changed …
    • 58. The World is Different
      Kids are different
      Work is different
      Tools are different
      Learning is different
      Communication is
      Teaching is different
      Competition is different
      Information is different
    • 59. Why are 21st century skills so important?
      • What skills are most important for job success when hiring a high school graduate?
    • 60. What skills does OSF look for?
      Mission focused
      Customer service
      Leadership qualities
      Conflict Resolution
      Cross Training
    • 61. University provides a major source of top professional talent
      No longer enough to be an expert in one field
      Our students must be uniquely prepared to operate in a new paradigm where cross-disciplinary collaboration is expected
      Developed Engineering Business Convergence Center
      Facility includes:
      Two large innovation and commercialization laboratories
      Equivalent to a small company
      Multidisciplinary teams
    • 62.
    • 63. As a recruiter for a global company…
      Average hire is bi/tri-lingual and has traveled/worked abroad
      Changing global company
      Cross-disciplinary collaboration – strategic planning
      Students must be prepared!
      Multi-disciplinary learning /experience - Companies do more with less
      International exposure cultural and languages
      Critical thinking
      Entrepreneurship (innovation and creativity)
      Solutions oriented & Continuous learning culture (Continuous Improvement!)
    • 64. Dunlap Draft Vision…
      Dunlap student will continuously excel in a global society by being:
      • Innovative, creative, critical learners
      • 65. Adaptive, resourceful, self motivated
      • 66. Thinkers
      • 67. Effective communicators and collaborators
      • 68. Respectful, responsible, and culturally aware citizens
      • 69. Technologically capable producers
    • 70. Our work ahead…
      Aligned to the strategic plan!
    • 71. Dr. Doug Reeves
      During the course of every major change initiative I have witnessed the words, “I wish I knew what was going on” are at the root of failures in translating leadership intent into action.
    • 72. ?
    • 73. Continuous Improvement – At All Levels
      District Strategic Plan
    • 74. Continuous Improvement Can't
      Be Top Down!
    • 75. 2009-10
    • 76. I cannot possibly do one more thing!
    • 77. …That everyone leaves here today with a solid understanding of our work ahead over the next 3-5 years!
      Today’s Objective
    • 78. Agenda for the day
    • 79. 3 Breakout Sessions
    • 80. Certified staff sorted into 3 groups by last name
      Group 1: A-G
      Group 2: H-O
      Group 3: P-Z
      Conference Organization
    • 81. Breakout Schedule
      • All non certified staff will meet in the commons area for the
      10:00am breakout session to provide input into the strategic plan.
    • 82. Department Leadership Teams,
      Building Leadership Teams
      Providing input into the strategic plan
      The Strategic Plan
      Facilitated by Dr. Jay Marino
    • 83.
    • 84.
    • 85. Professional Learning Communities
      What do we want each students to learn, know or be able to do?
      How will we know they have learned? What evidence do we have of the learning?
      How do we respond when students don’t learn or struggle?
      How do we respond to those who have already learned?
      Facilitated by Mrs. Becky Martin
    • 86. The Power of Professional
      Learning Communities
      The most promising strategy for sustained, substantive school improvement is building the capacity of school personnel to function as a professional learning community. The path to change in the classroom lies within and through professional learning communities.
      Milbrey McLaughlin
    • 87. The Continuous Improvement Classroom (Classroom Learning Community)
      Focus on 21st century skills
      Empowerment, ownership and responsibility
      Data driven-results focused
      Quality tools and processes
      Student centered
      Research based
      Facilitated by Dr. Lonna Anderson
    • 88.
    • 89. Featured Presenters!
    • 90. Continuous improvement is about taking it to the next level…. How can you “take it to the next level “ within your area of responsibility?
    • 91. In the spirit of continuous improvement- Leave here today dedicated to make a difference in our District!