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Dunlap Network Update
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Dunlap Network Update

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  • 1. Our Data Network… A challenge and an opportunity for improvement!
  • 2. Background Information • Growth, growth and more growth! – Steady increase in student population – More schools, more staff and more technology • The focus on 21st Century learning has created a demand for ever increasing bandwidth for multimedia resources. • The district’s current network design is based on Cable modems – “Shares” bandwidth with other companies or residents in the local geographic area • We’ve outgrown our network!
  • 3. What’s the Problem? • Slow downs, time outs & network issues • Email, web pages, food services data, student information system, finance and payroll, and others are barely working. • Outside users (parents, community, etc.) are frustrated with the time it takes to access District resources. • District served by Comcast and Mediacom • Powerschool is struggling to function
  • 4. How Big of a Problem is It? • From a site within the district, it took longer than 5 minutes to load: – District Web Site – High School Web Page • From outside the district, it can take as long as 15 minutes to load (during the school day)
  • 5. Show Me Some Data! Thursday May 6th Wednesday May 5th End of the Start of the school day school day End of the school day Start of the school day
  • 6. Finding Solutions • Multiple solutions were researched : – Build a fiber network to all schools – Upgrade existing cable modem network – Purchase circuits such as T1 lines – Point to point wireless • Selection criteria included: – Cost of implementation/installation – Monthly/recurring costs – Timeliness of implementation – Scalability – Meet needs now and in the future
  • 7. Recommended Solutions • 1.) Upgrade the main internet connection for all outgoing and incoming network traffic. – Current: 2 Megabit up and 20 Megabit down on a cable modem connection – Proposed: 50 Megabit up and 50 Megabit down on a fiber network connection (Mediacom) • 2.) Upgrade the connections between each site to handle network traffic. – Current: 2 Megabit up and 20 Megabit down on a cable modem connection – Proposed: 125-300 Megabit up and 125-300 Megabit down on point to point wireless system
  • 8. • DMS or DVMS to serve as the “hub” for point to point wireless connections • Connection speeds of 125-300 mbs • Currently, we have 2mbs between schools
  • 9. DVMS Tower DMS Rooftop
  • 10. Location of Wireless Antennae 200 Ft. Estimated 30-40 feet higher than roof of DMS
  • 11. Fiber Optics • Install fiber between DHS and DGS • 1 gigabit connection • Basically the same cost as installing wireless
  • 12. Fiber Connections
  • 13. Estimated Cost • One time cost for equipment and installation= $143,000 • Additional monthly costs for increased internet bandwidth= $1350 month
  • 14. Questions and Next Steps •Need consensus from the board to move forward (not an action item) •If we can act now, we can implement the solution by mid-July