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I was the team leader for a final group project that we did in our Computers in Business class. This is the presentation piece.

Groupon PowerPoint Presentation

  1. 1. BA 231 Computers in Business Instructor: Matt GoffBecoming theOperating Orange Team:System for Errecart, Kristen Guzman, JenniferLocal Palacio, Jaylin Sessions, PamelaCommerce
  2. 2. Seeds Plantedin Pursuit of Mission Site and Email Mobile Personalization Adoption Groupon Groupon Rewards Scheduler
  3. 3. Something For EveryoneGroupon offers a varietyof deals on variousgoods and services:• Featured Deals• Getaways• Goods
  4. 4. CONSISTENT DEMAND FOR DAILY DEALS1Q 2012 Results:36.9 Million ActiveCustomersandServed More Than100,000 UniqueMerchants
  5. 5. Groupon’s Q1 Earnings BeatEstimatesAnalysts: $530 Million in RevenueGroupon: Between $510 and $550 MillionCompany Made $559.3 Million in RevenueDuring First Quarter of 2012 (up 89% year-over-year)Groupon’s Prediction for Next Quarter: Between $550 and $590 million
  6. 6. Groupon Earnings $559.3 Million in Revenue $540 $490 $440Revenue in Millions $390 $340 $290UP 89%FROM AYEAR AGO
  7. 7. Operating Income $20.0 -$30.0 Q1 Q1 2011 2012 -$80.0-$130.0 In One Year
  8. 8. MANAGEMENT Andrew Mason Founder And CEO Kal Raman Jason Child SVP CFOVinayak Hedge Suneel GuptaVP, Engineering VP, Product DevelopmentMargo Georgiadis Sean SmythCOO VP, Business Development Jeff Holden Ken Pelletier SVP of Product Management CTO
  9. 9. BOARD OF DIRECTORSPeterBarrisMellody HobsonBrad KeywellDaniel HenryRobert Bass
  10. 10. Groupon Is Likely toContinue GrowingSecond Quarter 2012 OutlookExpected Revenue for 2Q 2012: Between $550 Million and $590 MillionIncrease of 40% to 50% Compared with 2Q 2011Expected Income from Operations for 2Q 2012: Between $25 Million and $45 MillionCompared with a Loss from Operations of $101.0Million in 2Q 2011
  11. 11. Customer Base Still Increasing 40 35 30 25 Active Customers 20 (In Millions) 15 10 5 0 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 1Q12
  12. 12. Concerned About Other DailyDeal Sites That Have Popped Up?Groupon Has First Mover AdvantageGroupon Definitely Has a CommandingInternational Lead Over the Competition (Global Leadership Board of the Social Buying Market)Global Year-Over-Year Top Line Growth Unprecedented 426% as New Markets are Penetrated Groupon’s Business Model Proves Successful
  13. 13. Why Invest in Groupon? Consumer and Merchant Satisfaction Business Model Untapped Potential Reasons to Invest Widespread Success and Long-term Acquisitions Plans
  14. 14. Widespread SuccessBy the end of 2011:  sold more than 170 million Groupons  to more than 33 million active customers  on behalf of more than 250,000 merchants  in 48 countries around the world
  15. 15. Acquisitions 2011: Groupon Completed 11 Acquisitions Most Recent Acquisition: Breadcrumb an affordable point-of-sale system and an iPad app that will help local restaurants 1. Add Talent to the Team 2. New Clients Founder Seth Harris More Than 12 Years of Hospitality Management Experience
  16. 16. Business Model Brings the Power of the Internet to Local Commerce Bring Together Millions of Consumers and Hundreds of Thousands of Merchants Building a Brand that Merchants Deeply Trust
  17. 17. Consumers Love Groupon ForeSee, a Third-party Firm that Measures Customer Satisfaction Groupon Received a Score of 83 out of 100 Within Approximately 2 Points of the Average #1 Satisfaction Score for Online Retailers
  18. 18. Merchants LoveGroupon• Delivers Motivated Customers• Generates Buzz• Offers Risk-free Promotion• Helps with Excess Inventory
  19. 19. In the UnitedStates: More Than 10 Million Active Subscribers Enormous Who Have Yet to Untapped Make a Purchase Opportunity
  20. 20. Long-term Plans Merchants Groupon Customers
  21. 21. Conclusion Widespread Success and Acquisitions Current and Future Demand for Daily Deals Seeds Planted in Pursuit of Mission First Quarter Earnings Beat Estimates Experienced Team of Professionals Strategic Long-term Plans Proven Business Model Customer and Merchant SatisfactionGroupon Soon to Become the OperatingSystem for Local Commerce!
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