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The HungryPeople Dozen
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The HungryPeople Dozen



Published in Education , Business
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  • 1. The HungryPeople Dozen 12 Must Have Books On Business Strategy by Jay Michael O. Jaboneta @jayjabonetaHungryPeople wants YOU to succeed thats why we are sharing with YOU the list of the most helpful businessstrategy books on the art of leadership, management and innovation.We guarantee that reading these 12 books will allow YOU to re-think YOUR business strategy, willallow YOU to re-imagine YOUR business and business model, and will make YOU a rainmaker (if donewell).If YOU are a fresh college graduate, we highly recommend that YOU buy these books. Read them. And re-invent YOUR thinking now. We promise YOULL surprise YOUR teachers and YOUR employers later on.If YOU are a manager, YOURE already playing catch up. Be quick! Buy it. Read it. Share it. Apply it.If YOU are a business leader, this list will allow YOU to take YOUR game to the next level.A decade ago, McKinsey released a long report on the coming shift from transactional interactions (where humaninteractions do not create meaningful experinces) to transformational interactions (where we are always connected toour customers and we build meaningful experiences). It has happened folks. With the extension of media to thedigital front, we have seen the emergence of a wide array of web applications and technologies that have allowed“customers” to participate and voice out their opinion and point of view about products, services, brands andcompanies.(Click on the book title to get the detailed description from
  • 2. TOP 1 – Rules of Thumb, 52 Truths for Winning at Business Without Losing Your Self by Alan M. Webber On top of the list is Alan M. Webbers Rules of Thumb. It might surprise YOU but definitely Alan Webber has helped revolutionized both the old and new. In the last 20 years, he has transformed the Harvard Business Review and made it shine. And after that, he co-founded with Bill Taylor, the new magazine of the century, Fast Company Magazine. This is not an overstatement. Fast Company is one of the most innovative news publishers in the world today. It has invariably become a hotbed for journalistic creativity having one of the largest contributors from the expert blogging and Internet community. Alan Webbers book describes not a new world order but rather a new world reality where old practices need to be redefined and re-invented creatively. Alan Webber as a global detective (as he likes to call himself) has become sort of a trendspotter who has laid for us some of the most interesting rules we will ever read about. He talks about Teachers are Everywhere and Good Questions Always Beat Good Answers. In fact, this is old news, but no one has laid it down perfectly as Alan Webber today. His book is a great guide and very handy for any business or business leader as YOU take up the challenge of crafting a strategy that can captivate YOUR consumers minds. Are YOU spotting the megatrends in YOUR industry? How about the microtrends?
  • 3. TOP 2 – Re-Imagine, Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age by Tom Peters Second to Alan Webber is the wonderful and highly-imaginative book Re-Imagine by Tom Peters. We all have heard his rants. In the 1990s, he has already called out the new global order and the new labor force requirements. His call went unheeded by the large majority and look where it brought America. If people listened to him and “re-imagined” their skill sets, American workers and the US government could have prepared for the inevitable loss of manufacturing and back office jobs. Today, call centers in India, the Philippines and China take calls from customers in the US. These call center agents work for US-based companies and provide “customer service” thousands of miles away and sometimes without even seeing the product or without having tried the service provided. Tom Peters has defined this new global order in Re-Imagine where he posits that we ought to think creatively about our approaches to business. That we need to listen to our guts and keep our focus on the customer. We have to build diverse teams and throw out the old boys club in the boardroom. Its time to bring in more of the youth and women. The great thing about picking Re-Imagine is that Tom Peters has included a lot of books to read in this book so YOU can also take it from there if YOU want to invest more. Are YOU ready to Re-Imagine YOUR business? How about YOURSELF?
  • 4. TOP 3 – Made to Stick, Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die... by Dan and Chip Heath Dan and Chip Heath write for the Fast Company magazine. It is one of the reasons why we paid tribute to this list by listing Alan M. Webbers book on top. Fast Company has engaged the most articulate and thought-provoking experts in the world. Made to Stick by Dan and Chip has revolutionized the marketing industry with their concepts on how to make ideas and hopefully products stick. The essential guide to making ideas stick, the book is packed with examples on why ideas spread and how they spread. They came up with a simple formula for making it stick using the acronym SUCCESs. SUCCESs simply stands for Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, and theyre told as Stories (the last s is omitted). This book is invariably twisted as Tom Peters, Daniel Pink and Guy Kawasaki also support the view that stories carry the day. Its what makes ideas stick and therefore spread. How hard can it be? Get YOUR ideas to stick and spread. Read this book.
  • 5. TOP 4 – Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging, and Outmarketing Your Competition by Guy Kawasaki Our fourth entry goes to Guy Kawasakis Reality Check. His book hands down is the start-up bible. We deeply encourage every entrepreneur out there who is starting out and even those who have already started to buy the book, read it in one sitting, read it again, read it some more and then apply it. And then read it some more. It is probably better to read it together with his other amazing book The Art of the Start. And Reality Check really offers many solutions to the challenges that every starting entrepreneur faces. It is not only a guide-to-book but also a great source of inspiration. Guys blog entitled How to Change the World is a good addition to this book. Are YOU ready to make meaning? To change the world?
  • 6. TOP 5 & 6 – The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell) and Ideavirus (Seth Godin) Our next entry is a tie, they are Malcolm Gladwells The Tipping Point and Seth Godins Ideavirus. These two books are probably twins. They both point to the same conclusion: ideas spread like viruses. This almost deserves no explanation. The Tipping Point has laid the groundwork for many of todays marketing platforms to blossom, from word-of-mouth marketing to viral marketing to social media marketing, idea viruses, social networking and now even viral loops. Malcolm Gladwell has provided us valuable insights in the art of spreading ideas. In tandem with Seth Godins first book Ideavirus, The Tipping Point becomes theory and Ideavirus, its execution. Ideavirus is unique as it delved deeper into the emergence of the new digital tools and environment where it is easier to start and launch ideas to spread. Another great addition to this reading list is Malcolm Gladwells article in The New Yorker entitled David vs Goliath. Now YOU have a recipe for creating the conditions to WIN. Whats YOUR idea? Lets hear it!
  • 7. TOP 7 – Mavericks At Work, Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win by Bill Taylor and Polly LeBarre In our seventh entry is Mavericks At Work by Bill Taylor and Polly LeBarre. Again for those of YOU who may not be familiar, Bill Taylor is Alan M. Webbers co-founder in Fast Company magazine. They are invariably the two most fascinating writers and authors of our age. Though Mavericks At Work didnt become a global phenomenon as The Tipping Point, we believe the book has clearly illustrated many of the shining examples of companies who have blazed an amazing trail in business history. Mavericks At Work shows companies who have blazed new pathways to business success. Reinvention or as Tom Peters would have it, re-imagination, is at the core of any innovative and highly-successful company. Are YOU blazing new trails? Are YOU a maverick?
  • 8. TOP 8 – The Art of Profitability by Adrian Slywotzky This book has been gathering dust and it has been largely ignored for quite some time but we honestly believe it should be on every CFOs desk. The Art of Profitability by Adrian Slywotzky is the best book on profitability out there, it discusses 23 kinds of profitability models which a lot of businesses ignore today. At the heart of every business lies its business model, its way of turning a profit and Slywotzkys work of art is the only magnificient book of its kind on the subject. The business models are explained in a fictional story so YOU wont be bored by the numbers. Do YOU know whats YOUR business model? Find out more. Read this book.
  • 9. TOP 9 – Who Says Elephants Cant Dance?, Inside IBMs Historic Turnaround By Louis Gerstner Louis Gerstner is an American hero. He is the person credited for saving IBM. Now, the world can learn more about how he made the transformation possible by reading his amazing book Who Says Elephants Cant Dance? This book has completely turned our thinking that big companies cant reinvent or re-imagine themselves. That big companies are not nimble and cant act fast. In this fascinating tale about one elephants dance, Lou shares with us the steps he took to save a company on the brink of collapse and turned it around to become the global behemoth that it is today. IBM can be compared to Lazarus who came back from the dead. In 1993, IBM almost went bankrupt if it werent for the persistence and leadership of one man who took on a giant and made it dance and leap. Do YOU know how to dance to the rhythm of the market? Do YOU know how to make the market dance to YOUR song? Read this book.
  • 10. TOP 10 – A Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future by Daniel Pink It will probably amaze YOU why we picked A Whole New Mind but seriously Daniel Pink has clearly given weight to the Multiple Intelligence theory in his book. As we invent new boxes or new ways of thinking, we need to consider that we are not all alike. Some learn through physical contact while others through reading. We all have our own modes of learning and our educational systems and governments and even businesses must wake up to the fact this dichotomy exists. We cannot keep on pushing a standard thats outmoded. There are studies already that clearly illustrate some students learn more through music, through sports or through games. We need to create the right kind of atmosphere for these students and eventually workers to excel. Dan Pinks A Whole New Mind offers a powerful and imaginative way to address the coming challenges of the Creative Age. Are YOU ready to use YOUR right brain for more creative work? Learn more. Read this book.
  • 11. TOP 11 – Blue Ocean Strategy, How to Create Untested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne This list wouldnt be a list on business strategy without Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. This book is a bible for creating new markets. And thats why its crucial to be on our list. Blue Oceans are everywhere as we can see in the examples of eBay,, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. Who would have thought we ever needed Or Google for that matter? Who would have thought that these mavericks could make a profit? In their book, they discussed tons of cases where exceptional businesses have created new markets or have gone after unserved markets to win in the marketplace. Are YOU overlooking an untapped market? Check it out. Read this book.
  • 12. TOP 12 – The Starfish and The Spider, The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom The last book is The Starfish and The Spider by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom. The concept of leaderless organizations in The Starfish and The Spider will blow YOUR mind away. Can YOUR organization function without leaders? No? Learn it from this book.
  • 13. ConclusionOur advice is for YOU to build an internal library that contains copies of these books. Encourage every manager toread one book per month among the list. If they will be future executives of the company, they must learn to re-invent their ways of thinking and get inspired by the fascinating stories that can be taken from these books. It is notenough to read these books though. Some learn from games so make games around these books. Launch The MostSticky Idea campaign in your department or company. Brainstorm for new markets. Come up with YOUR own Rulesof Thumb in business, marketing or sales. Re-invent YOUR business model. Re-imagine YOUR business and becomemavericks in your field. Become not only trendspotters but also trendsetters like Apple. Develop idea viruses. Thelist is endless... Let go of YOUR creative mind. Let the juices flowing.Good luck!Here are the books per function: • Strategy – all these books • Innovation & Creativity – all these books (YES! Including the Art of Profitability) • Sales – Reality Check, Re-Imagine • Marketing – Made To Stick, Reality Check, The Tipping Point, Ideavirus, The Art of Profitability, A Whole New Mind • Management – Reality Check, Re-Imagine, Mavericks At Work, Rules of Thumb, The Starfish and The Spider • Customer Service – Reality Check, Re-Imagine • Operations – Reality Check, Re-Imagine • Leadership – Reality Check, Re-Imagine, Mavericks At Work, Rules of Thumb, The Art of Profitability, The Starfish and The Spider • Finance/Credit – The Art of Profitability • Human Resources & Culture – Re-Imagine, Mavericks At Work, Who Says Elephant Cant Dance So there YOU go! The HungryPeople Dozen. Read it. Learn it. And more importantly, APPLY IT! YOU should follow me on Twitter @jayjaboneta.