Friends Fun Wine Presentation


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Friends Fun Wine Presentation

  1. 1. From MIAMI – The Capital of FunA Fashionable New LifestyleWine in a CanCOOL FUN S E X Y
  2. 2. Friends makes life a lot more funMake Life More Fun!!With Friends Wine in a Can!The FriendsFun Wine Collection
  3. 3. Sporting Events ConcertsStreet FairsFriends Wine in a Can Is Ideal for AnyEventWhen one glass is not enough…and abottle is too muchShe prefers white, he prefers red…Why open 2 bottles, when you can ‘pop’ 2 cans.
  4. 4. The Perfect Companion for AnyPartyBeach Parties Pool PartiesDance Parties On Cruises• Good for restaurants, nightclubs, theaters,restaurants, cafes, hotels, convenience stores,sporting events, concerts, travel - airlines, trains, cruises• Perfect for outdoor and on-the-go consumption• Ideal for occasional drinkers
  5. 5.  Great taste - Easy- to-drink, delicious flavors Affordable price point Convenient, portable Low alcohol (Sangria and Moscato - 6%) Portion-controlled ( 2 servings of 125 ml) 75 calories per serving Shatterproof Recyclable Lightweight (lower transportation costs) 36-month shelf life (cans keep out UV rays)Friends cans are manufactured by Rexam…The # 1 can manufacturer in the worldBenefits of Friends “Wine in a Can”
  6. 6. Rosé and White Moscato6% alcoholMuscat grapes are used to make a variety of sweet, fruit-flavored wines. The Muscat grape has a high concentrationof antioxidant flavonoids, as in red grapes, making ourMoscatos as beneficial as red wine.
  7. 7. Peach and Strawberry MoscatoOur Strawberry Moscato is enhanced by the natural acidity of RoséMoscato wine and the strong presence of the strawberry brings in anatural candy-like sweetness.The Peach Moscato flavor brings in a natural sweetnessand the finale is marked with strong notes of vanilla.6% alcohol
  8. 8. A wine cocktail with 6% alcohol, made with high qualitypremium wine and chopped fruit.Original Red and Original WhiteSangria
  9. 9. The Friends“Just Wine” Collection12% alcohol wines include:Cabernet MerlotChardonnay Sauvignon
  10. 10. POP Displays
  11. 11. Our Retailers
  12. 12. Friends Beverage Group, LLC of Miami,Florida, received its wine import licensefrom the U.S. Department of the Treasury,Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and TradeBureau (“TTB”) in 2011 and introduced theFriends “Wine in a Can” product linewith red and white wine from France in2012 with 12% alcohol - Cabernet Merlotand French Melon Wine.In 2013, Friends introduced the “FunWine Collection” with 6% alcohol - Sangriaand Moscato wines, as well as its newestwine product -- Chardonnay Sauvignon.The great taste and affordable price ofFriends Wines appeals to consumers.By producing wine in cans, Friends intends tobecome an everyday beverage – so that‘popping’ a can of wine will be like popping acan of beer.Friends has a proprietary formula forproducing wine in a can. Each variety needs tobe handled differently and Friends hasdeveloped expertise, innovative design andpackaging, and excellent pricing -- makingFriends products an ideal choice forconsumers worldwide. Friends plans to makeits products available at every outlet in theworld where wine and beer are sold and inthe future will begin to produce wines in cansfrom around the globe.Friends Beverage Group, LLCCompany Profile
  13. 13. Contact UsFriends Beverage Group, LLCwww.friendsfunwine.comHeadquarters:18851 NE 29th Ave, 7th FLMiami, FL 33180Tel: 888-807-WINEFax: 305-400-0205Logistics and Warehouse:8400 NW 25th St, #100Miami, FL 33122