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Stress Management
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Stress Management


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a module on stress management!

a module on stress management!

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  • Good morning everyone. Welcome to the 2004 TSA Instructor Course. My name is Sean White
  • Transcript

    • 1. STRESS MANAGEMENT Training Section – After Sales Department TOYOTA MOTOR PHILIPPINES
    • 2. OBJECTIVES At the end of this module, YOU are expected to:
      • understand the nature of stress and job
      • stress
      • determine different job stressors
      • identify ways on how to minimize or
      • eradicate stress
    • 3. DEFINING STRESS Trivia: Stress comes from what word and place of origin? A. ‘stresarre’ - Latin word B. “stresse’ – Midddle English word C. ‘streuse”- French word Comes from the ME word, STRESSE Which is short for DISTRESS
      • the state or condition of intense pressure
      • or strain
      • the body’s reaction to any situation that
      • appears difficult or threatening
    • 5. DEFINING STRESS Stress F.A.C.T.S - it is a condition of modern life - it offers both positive and negative effects - a worldwide epidemic, affecting all types of people from birth to death
    • 6. CHALLENGE OR STRESS? Stress – Challenge = Illness, Injury & Job Failure CHALLENGE (+) STRESS (-)
      • when it spurs us into
      • action
      • motivates us to learn
      • new skills and master
      • our jobs
      • helps us reach new
      • level of attitude
      • challenge has turned into
      • job demands that cannot
      • be met
      • relaxation becomes
      • exhaustion
      • sense of satisfaction has
      • turned into feeling
      • of Stress
    • 7. JOB STRESS
      • Defined as harmful physical and emotional
      • responses that occur when the requirements
      • of the job do not match the capabilities,
      • resources or needs of the worker.
      Job Stressors – stressful working conditions
    • 8. JOB STRESS Trivia: TOP 10 Most Stressful Jobs 1. President 2. Firefighter 3. CEO 4. Driver 5. Teacher 6. Medical Intern 7. Journalist 8. Customer Service Officer 9. Waiter 10. Housewife & Mother
    • 9. JOB STRESS J O B S T R E S S O R S
      • Interpersonal Relationships
      - heavy workload - too much to do & not enough time - lack of management support - favoritism - wage inequality & discrimination
      • too much responsibility
      • without authority
      - individual differences - do not utilize worker’s skills
      • Design Of Tasks
      • Management Style
    • 10. JOB STRESS J O B S T R E S S O R S
      • Career Concerns
      - too many ‘hats to wear’ - conflicting job expectations
      • Work Roles
      • Environmental
      • Conditions
    • 11. JOB STRESS Early Warning Signs of Job Stress
      • sleep disturbances
      • difficulty in concentrating
      • short temper
      • upset stomach
      • weight loss or gain
      • feeling of helplessness
      • headache
      • excessive smoking
      • (if smoker)
    • 12. MANAGING STRESS Three (3) distinct steps to follow to prevent Job Stress from creating further harm: PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION APPROPRIATE INTERVENTION EVALUATION
    • 13. MANAGING STRESS S leep, eat and be merry! T ake time to be A-L-O-N-E R elaxation techniques E ngage in recreational activities S haring or delegation of workload S urround yourself with positive energy F riendly, sincere and open-line communication R ational and positive thinking E xercise E veryday PRAYER TIPS
    • 14. “ YOU only have one Life to live. So live Life to the FULLEST, with the LEAST available stress” NOT THESE BUT THESE
    • 15.  
    • 16. Thank you