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by John Stewart

by John Stewart



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Js site eval_cnn Document Transcript

  • 1. Web Site EVALUATION WORKSHEETInformationSite name: CNNURL: http://www.cnn.com/Evaluated by: John StewartFirst Impression: [1 poor --- 5 excellent]:Initial Impact of Page:__Simple __X_Overwhelming ______Underwhelming__X_Chaotic _____Attractive _____UglyGeneral Comments:The main page is filled with several sections of links, pictures and news headlines.Identity:Based solely on information presented, identify site owner and describe general type ofsite: Owner: CNN. Type: News sitePurposeBased upon quick inspection, identify the basic points of the site. What basic functionswould it likely provide?CNN.com provides the latest news, articles, and videos as they become available.
  • 2. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 2AudienceBased upon quick inspection, consider who the audience for the site would be:The audience for this site is anyone and everyone. It has World, U.S., Entertainment,tech, health, and plenty more subcategories anyone would find interesting.GENERAL SITE CHARACTERISTICSSite StructureIs a site map provided?_X_ Yes__ NoAre there any broken links to external sites or internal pages?___ Yes__X_ NoIf yes, are they broken links___ Yes___ No___ BothWhat is the maximum page depth in the site (clicks from the home page)?3Are there clear entrance and exit pages to the site?__X_ Yes___ No___ describe if so:Links are everywhere on the site. They’re on the top, bottom, and both sides.
  • 3. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 3Visuals and LayoutDescribe the visuals used in the site:Do you like the visuals? __X_ Yes ___ NoWhy or why not?The website has clean and clear images, but the whole website is quite cluttered.How is the screen contrast [(poor) 1–5 (excellent)]? 5If poor, describe why:Describe text size__ Too small_X_ Just right__ Too largeResize the browser very large or very small.Does the layout still work?_X_ Yes__ NoDo the text or images scale with the window size?__ Yes_X_ NoIs the layout width static (stays the same size) or does it grow with the screen size?_X_ Static__ StretchableIf the site has a static width, does the page fit or is there rightward scrolling at: 800 x 600? __ Fits
  • 4. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 4 _X_ Scrolls right 1024 x 768 and greater? _X_ Fits __ Scrolls rightWith respect to vertical screen size, does the primary navigation fit on screen at: 800 x 600? __ Fits _X_ Scrolls off 1024 x 768 and greater? _X_ Fits __ Scrolls offDo pages print correctly as is, or is a special print feature provided?_X_ Prints correctly without special print page__ Prints correctly with special print page__ Doesn’t print correctlyWhat kinds of images are used in the site?__ GIF_X_ JPEG__ PNG__ OtherAre the images optimized properly? (e.g., small file size, safe colors)?__ Yes_X_ NoAre there image execution problems (e.g., color matching, seems showing inbackground tiles, etc.)?__ Yes__ NoDescribe: ____________________________________
  • 5. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 5Is ALT text used for images?__ Yes__ No__ PartiallyIs the site usable without images on?__ Yes__ No__ PartiallyGeneral ContentDoes content appear accurate and truthful?__ Yes__ NoIf no, describe what suggests this belief:_______________________________________________________________________Are there obvious misspellings in the site?__ Yes__ NoAre there obvious grammar or usage errors in the site?__ Yes__ NoIf yes, describe these errors: (e.g., fragments, run-ons, heavy use of acronyms withoutexplanation)_______________________________________________________________________Describe the tone of content in the site (e.g., playful, business like, serious, humorous)_______________________________________________________________________Is content updated on the site?__ Yes__ No
  • 6. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 6How do you know the content is updated?TECHNOLOGY USAGEBrowser SupportDoes the site work in different browsers? List the browsers you use to test and itsversions:Firefox v3.6.12Google Chrome v7.0.517.44Opera 10.62Safari 5.0.2______________________________________________________________________Page loading time__ slow (over 20 seconds)__ fastNavigationPrimary Navigation (select one or more):__ Top__ Bottom__ Left__ RightDoes the site use assistance links (breadcrumbs)?__ Yes__ NoConsistency of navigation placement: [ 1 (random)–5 (very stable) ]_______________________________________________________________________Comments on navigation placement:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Does navigation in the site rely on the back button?__ Yes__ No
  • 7. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 7Is a “back-to-top” button used on longer pages which require the user to scroll?__ Yes__ NoSearchDoes site have an internal search system?__ Yes__ NoIf no, should one be included?__ Yes__ NoWhy?_______________________________________________________________________Use of multimedia elements on the page:THE FINAL SCOREFinal Score—[ (Dislike) 1–5 (Like a lot) ]:Evaluation Summary:Suggestions for Improvement:
  • 8. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 8