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Brazil Talk


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The overall talk for VIvo Brazil. This incorporates the previous presentations about Illich this week.

The overall talk for VIvo Brazil. This incorporates the previous presentations about Illich this week.

Published in: Business

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  • Most important meme of the day is Change

  • Loners are powerless. We learn with one another. Teams work; no hermits allowed.
  • Once had plenty of time, new computer model every six or seven years
    Web 2 & learning: ever faster
    20,000 years
  • phase change, not downturn
  • The predictable “clockwork universe” is no more. We inhabit a complex world of perpetual surprise.
  • Plants where people work used to look like this. Factories and efficiency.
    Now we work amid networks. As in nature, everything is connected to everything else.
  • I used to advise people to take the leap into the new way of work right away. Now I suggest they sell their stakeholders on the idea first.

  • Illich:
    To liberate access to things by abolishing the control which persons and institutions now exercise over their educational values.
    To liberate the sharing of skills by guaranteeing freedom to teach or exercise them on request.
    To liberate the critical and creative resources of people by returning to individual persons the ability to call and hold meetings — an ability now increasingly monopolized by institutions which claim to speak for the people.
    To liberate the individual from the obligation to shape his expectations to the services offered by any established profession — by providing him with the opportunity to draw on the experience of his peers and to entrust himself to the teacher, guide, adviser, or healer of his choice. Inevitably the deschooling of society will blur the distinctions between economics, education, and politics on which the stability of the present world order and the stability of nations now rest.

  • 1997 Largest private university in US
    2000 Enrollment tops 100,000 students
    2003 Enrollment tops 200,000 students

  • FBI. Credentials

  • Dare to Share

  • Blue pages
  • Workscape = work environment where learning takes place.
  • No more classes, no more books. Rather, learning in the course of doing. Experientia docet.
  • not analysis. content de-emphasized. information/instruction
  • network

  • All learning is both formal and informal.
  • Doing = more important than learning. Pull>push
  • Typical differences
  • Most purloined graphic in learning. (It started here.) 80% of the way we learn our work is informal; corporations invest primarily in formal.

  • ...practitioners bring in the money but the training function largely ignores them.
  • Everyone in your business ecosystem needs opportunities to learn

  • What to encourage

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