Three Muay Thai bagwork principles


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Renegade mindset, alternative fight psychology. Check it out:

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Three Muay Thai bagwork principles

  1. 1. ==== ====A special Report for struggling MMA Fighters. For your FREE Renegade video click here: ====Training Muay Thai on heavy bags is not to be taken lightly. You see the heavy bag every day!You do heavy bagwork every day. And some of you understand what heavy bags are for, othersdo not! As for the aspiring fighters among you, you have heard the expression "heavy bagwork"!My question however is, do you work the bag? A simple way to discover whether you "work" whiletraining Muay Thai on heavy bags, is to ask this question: is it as difficult to throw your first kick,punch, knee or elbow as it is to throw the last? If NO is your answer you can thank me later formaking it clear, the importance of heavy bagwork principles in Muay boxing!Heavy bagwork principles while training Muay Thai boxing begin before the heavy bags are eventouched. The first principle that will be exposed can be summed up by the Capitalized Word:APPROACH! Before hitting the bag with any of your Muay boxing techniques the heavy bag mustbe approached in a sincere, present, serious but not rigid, respectful manner. The approach onany heay bags should resemble the approach to the Muay Thai fight RING moments beforestepping over the ropes and onto the canvas where you honor your lifestyle as a pugilist! Theapproach to the boxing ring with intent of being the victor starts well before the ring is withineyesight and should resemble your mentality before you step towards the heavybag. Every time!Training Muay Thai on heavy bags is serious business since you are training for full contactfighting and not for exercise. You are a pugilist and are in the gym to be a pugilist and not a pretty-boy!The second principle is PRESENCE! You must be present each moment of each round whiletraining Muay Thai on heavy bags. Each moment that you are not hitting the bag with full intentionof knocking the bag of the heavy bag rack will in essence be a moment that your opponent ishitting you! Although training Muay Thai on heavy bags is not fighting, you must remain present asif you may get struck down by your opponent at any time: chin must be down, guard must berelaxed but strong, eyes must be fixed, gazed on the target. Presence during training is veryimportant! Any qualified Muay boxing trainer, or boxing trainer for that matter understands thereality that a fighter will fight how he trains. If he trains mindlessly, is not present, not focused andsimply goes through the motions to make it to the end of each round, to make it to the end of thetraining session, his expression in the Muay boxing ring will be the same. He will drift in and out offocus during the fight and will fight as if only trying to make it to the end of the bout!The third principle exposed here is POWER! While training Muay Thai on heavy bags power iskey! Each and every technique thrown should be thrown with as much power possible as if it werethe last technique that could possibly be summoned by your spirit. The jab, the cross, knees,elbows and kicks, all techniques, should connect with the bag as if you are trying to knock out youropponent! Each and every technique should be thrown as a knockout blow.Approach, Presence and Power. These three important Muay boxing heavy bagwork principles will
  2. 2. give you a good base to work on while training Muay Thai on heavy bags. Follow all Muay boxingprinciples while training and train to do what you plan to do; fight!Nico Carter, Muay Thai Trainer is an enthusiast of classical martial arts since 1993. His studieshave found him living in Seoul, Korea for 2 years and later Thailand for 3 years. His passion isbringing him back to Thailand late this 2010 to further research, study, and compete in AuthenticMuay Thai. For more authentic Muay Thai tips and training, visit nico at his blog RoadworkTraining today and be sure to add a bookmark for special techniques of the week each and everyWednesday.Article Source: ====A special Report for struggling MMA Fighters. For your FREE Renegade video click here: ====