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Consumers are evolving way faster than brands and they are seeking a say in everything that brands do. They play a role in the life, death and evolution of brands and reject brands that are unwilling to have conversations. They want brands to help then navigate life and expect brands to build their friendship on radically transparent terms. Consumers are excusing of brands that are honest and will hunt them down if their intentions are malafide. Experience and status are being re-designed and the brands that survive in the next decade are the ones that admire and respect the wisdom of crowds( people that sit outside the corporation)

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  • sing Microsoft's search engine Bing as web-based driver, Jay-Z's new book Decoded is being promoted via an urban, interactive game Pages from the autobiographical tome are being placed in physical locations around New York for fans to find via online clues. From outdoor billboards to suit-lining labels and pool table baise, each location is related to content within the book.Around ten pages are being released daily until the book's official publication on 16 November, with fans able to decode the location by answering a series of clue questions at the Bingmicrosite. Once the page has been found, players can download a code via smartphone or by typing it in online, with the first to find each page winning a signed copy of the book. All successful players will be entered into a draw for concert tickets to see Jay-Z and Coldplay in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve.Created by Droga 5, New York, the game will exploit hip hop's high-roller cachet with a series of yet-to-be-announced link-ups with labels and stars, placing pages in special loactions. The majority of pages will be in the form of outdoor ads.The city-wide nature of the promotion also acts as a living ad for Bing's capabilities. Content from the Bing Entertainment site, which promotes artist content, news and ticketing and merchandise, will pop up at the game site. The adventure will also make full use of Bing Maps and Streetside view.
  • ife In A Day, the Ridley Scott produced and Kevin Macdonald directed film that charts 24 hours of life on earth as told by edited footage from filmmakers around the world, is to debut on YouTube.Fittingly for a film promoted as the first user-generated feature-length documentary, Life In A Day, edited together from a whopping 4,600 hours of footage from 80,000 clips submitted by users from 192 countries, will screen live on January 27 on YouTube and at Sundance Film Festival, before going to select cinemas and then permanently online after its theatrical run.YouTube has been steadily moving into screening high-quality content with a view to giving more attractive content for advertisers to put their messages against and monetise the service. The Financial Times reported in August last year that YouTube was in talks with major Hollywood studios to create a pay-per-view service that was due to launch by the end of 2010, a move that would put the video sharing giant into direct competition with the likes of Hulu and
  • outh Korean film-maker Park Chan-wook is wielding a new cinematic tool: the iPhone.Park, director of Oldboy, Lady Vengeance and Thirst, said his new fantasy-horror film Paranmanjang was shot entirely on Apple's ubiquitous smartphone."The new technology creates strange effects because it is new and because it is a medium the audience is used to," Park has said.Compared with other movie cameras, the phone was good, he said, "because it is light and small and because anyone can use it
  • Arcade Fire continues to be the band pushing the music video form forward A Chrome-tasticpersonalised video pulling map and Google Street View data on the viewer's home together into a multi-stage visual and narrative journey has launched the band's new single, We Used to Wait, from TheSuburbs album.Director Chris Milk and Google Creative Labs artist Aaron Koblin led the project, named The Wilderness Downtown, collaborating with a large team from, B-Reel, Google and friends.Milk and Koblin have previously collaborated last on another music video, for the Johnny Cash Estate. This time, though, they've pushed boundaries on how technology and creative ideas can work together and provided yet another showcase of the feature set of the Chrome browser.After a viewer inputs the address of the home he or she grew up in and the video renders and loads, a multi-window journey through various satellite views of the viewer's neighborhood ensues, with a hooded figure running home as the various maps and Street View images follow.New layers pop all over the screen, as the browser senses how large the display is and uses the full area available. The satellite and Street View images are rendered to keep them uniform and ensure color grading is consistent.At the song's climax, as the goal is reached, a drawing program appears and the video asks viewers to write a message to the earlier version of themselves that lived in that house. Keystrokes and cursor lines grow tendrils unto themselves.
  • In December 2010, US based fashion brand Silvr Lining unveiled their GO Solar Power Collection which contains jackets, vests and cargo pants that have solar panels embedded in them. All garments are made from Ultrasuede, a 100% polyester fabric, with two solar cells on each pocket set up to charge a device plugged in to them. The cargo pants cost USD 920, and the Myer's Topper is USD 1,260.In November 2010, Idaho based Formalitees launched the Tie Tee, an organic t-shirt with a tie permanently attached at the neck. The shirt is crafted in the US from 100% organic cotton and retails at USD 49 in six colors. Styles are for both men and women and 1% of profits goes to the charity 1% for the Planet.
  • Bag Borrow or stealFractional car ownershipFuel Wedding before take off
  • In December 2010, Nike released the Environmental Apparel Design Tool - an open source application to help apparel manufacturers design their clothes in a more sustainable manner. The project encourages collaboration and sustainability among manufacturers by evaluating the waste, energy and toxic materials found in their manufacturing processes. The tool played a large roll in creating Nike's 'greenest football kit', made from recycled polyester, that players wore during the 2010 South Africa World Cup.
  • Car manufacturer Toyota Sweden developed an iPhone app in October 2010 that aims to help drivers reduce their carbon emissions. Called A Glass of Water, the free app is based on the idea that if everyone drove with a glass of water on their dashboard - and aimed not to spill it - driving would be gentler, better for the environment and more economical. The Glass of Water app records the user's driving distance, time, fuel consumption and "water" spilled. After each drive the results are automatically uploaded to Toyota's website and compared against those of other participants
  • Coupons flutter around Japan as virtual butterflies in an iPhone app The humble coupon has evolved from cut-outs magazines, to emailed PDFs, online codes, text messages and now... butterflies.Dentsu Inc in Japan has created a cute-as-a-kitten iPhoneapp which fills the sky in Japan with millions of augmented reality butterflies. Anyone who downloads the app can use their phone's camera to view the butterflies, all of which are different depending on where they are in the country.By lining up a butterfly with an onscreen target, users can wave their phone like a net and virtually catch the butterfly. Once caught, the butterfly turns into a coupon for shop groups including Tokyo Music Map Group, and Yamada Denki - Japan's biggest electrical store.Playing on the double meaning of the word Japanese 'chou', meaning either a butterfly or a collection book, users can build up their own buttefly collection and swap butterflies with friends.To help keen collectors catch their virtual prey, the app uses GPS to feature a map showing the location of uncaught butterflies.The app is planned to go beyond coupons to become a platform for other services, such as iPhone app recommendations, and butterflies can be restricted either by location or by time.Coupons have been a mainstay of marketing for a long time, and no less a brand than Coca Cola credits the use of coupons as key to the company's growth at the end of the 19th Century. Thanks to digital and social media, coupons are now having a bit of a renaissance as myriad opportunities to share and target offers are opening up to brands. This is our favourite evolution so far...
  • To celebrate the opening of its store in the Ginza shopping district of Tokyo in October 2009, Sony released limited edition jeans recycled from the advertising banners used in the store's opening.The Sony Recycle Project JEANS were created by the Sony marketing department as part of the company-wide move to be more ecologically friendly and reduce Sony's global environmental footprint. Each pair is a one-off creation designed to incorporate a distinct part of the original banner. Only 120 pairs were made from the limited quantity of material and orders can only be placed directly at the store. Sony is also donating a portion of the sale price to the protection of World Heritage sites
  • In December 2010, UK based commercial wholesaler Makro launched a campaign whereby it invited clients to "Tweet a Price" and drive product costs down. During this period, the more times a product was retweeted @MakroUK the greater the discount available, with a maximum of up to 50% off with 50 retweets.
  • Case-mate, a producer of iPhone cases, has launched an online application called I Make My Case, a design tool that promotes collaborations with emerging artists. The cases are completely personalized, resulting in one-of-a-kind iPhone cases which then take about a month to produce and receive. The cases are a re-interpretation of an artist's work, inspired by patterns, colours, specific sketches and shapes, selected by the consumer and then the designs are sent off for production in Atlanta. Each case costs roughly 35 USD
  • Launched late in 2010, the People's Supermarket is a place for Londoners to purchase affordable food.Only members can shop at the People's Supermarket, and they all get a 10% discount on prices as well as a say in how the store is run. In exchange, members pay an annual membership fee of GBP 25 and pledge to volunteer four hours of their time per month working as store staff. Because the supermarket's workforce is nearly all volunteers, staff costs are kept low - an advantage that can be passed on in lower prices. Any profits that are earned, meanwhile, get put back into the store to bring down prices even further.
  • didas launched a fitness tracking and coaching device in January 2010 called the miCoach training system. The device works as an MP3 Player as well as providing audio motivation to maintain an optimal pace. When a runner slows down a 'coach' voice gives a verbal 'kick in the butt' to keep it up, and if the runner is going too fast, that same 'coach' tells the runner to ease up a bit. Monitoring speed, distance, time and heart rate, the pacer kit also syncs to the miCoach database online for fitness tracking over longer periods. The system is sold in two separate pieces: the Pacer, providing the audible coaching instructions, and the Zone, designed to be paired with a heart rate monitor, providing a readout of performance indicators. The miCoach Pacer is set to cost 139.99 USD, and the Zone will cost 65.99 USD.
  • Opportunity for consumers to fund a basketball teamTraining sessions filmed and broadcast on, allowing funders to spot talentMembers virtually manage the team, voting on key decisions on players and coachesExpectations being set?
  • From the end of November until Christmas Eve (24 December) 2010, American airline Continental Airlines together with Chase Bank opened the 'Continental VIP Lounge from Chase' at The Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey (NY). The VIP Lounge is exclusive to Continental Chase Cardmembers and United Mileage Plus Cardmembers and gives these consumers a piece of tranquility during hectic holiday shopping times. Amenities include holiday themed refreshments, massage chairs, HDTVs, free WiFi and a charging station for mobile phones. Lounge guests can also have their gifts wrapped by professional gift wrappers and drop off their bags before continuing with their shopping
  • Branding unplugged. trends shaping brand behavior

    1. 1. Branding unplugged. A Close look at trends shaping the evolution of brands @jayantmurty, Tech conference, Las Vegas 2009 Trends in this power point presentation inspired by excellent work being done by
    2. 2. Big consumer trends 1. Radical transparency 2. Instant gratification 3. Be Useful 4. Co-operative consumption 5. Experience is the new product 6. Blue is the new Green 7. Demography is dead 8. Queen Trumps King 9. The world is more local 10.The Personal CRM
    3. 3. GENERATION G
    4. 4. GENERATION G
    5. 5. GENERATION G “87% of global consumers expect companies to consider societal interests equal to business interests.” Source: Edelman, November 2010
    7. 7. EMBEDDED GENEROSITY Cynthia Rowley and Johnson & Johnson
    8. 8. R.A.K. Interflora
    9. 9. R.A.K. KLM
    11. 11. EXPERIENCE IS THE PRODUCT Lifesack
    12. 12. EXPERIENCE IS THE PRODUCT Karim Rashid’s Bobble
    13. 13. EXPERIENCE IS THE PRODUCT Fashion fantasy with Helmut Newton! Helmut Newton
    14. 14. EXPERIENCE IS THE PRODUCT Silver Lining,
    16. 16. “87% of sunglasses priced between USD 100-200 have a brand name on them, only 28% of sunglasses priced over USD 600 have a brand name on them.” Source: New York Times, July 2010
    17. 17. STATUS IS EXPERIENCE Bag Borrow or Steal , Fuel, Say Yes and Go
    18. 18. STATUS IS NEW SKILLS Crush pad - make your own Ltd Edition Virgin Atlantic- Blackberry clinics Inn-hype in Rio – DJ trg in practice Landrover driving school Home Depot “Do – it - herself workshops
    20. 20. ENDORSEMENT BRAVERY Stoned Cherrie
    21. 21. SAVING THE PLANET “30% of US consumers are willing to pay up to a 20% premium on clean, green products over non-sustainable alternatives.” “Three quarters of middle and upper-income Singaporean consumers are willing to pay a bit extra – at most, an 8% price difference - for brands with a green conscience.” Sources: Mintel, 2010 and Reader’s Digest, April 2010
    22. 22. ECO-CREDENTIALS Weng Jie, Greenerator
    23. 23. ECO-GENEROSITY The Life Box
    24. 24. ECO-GENEROSITY GiveMeTap
    25. 25. ECO-SAVINGS Kimberly-Clark, Stop The water…
    26. 26. ECO-STRATEGY Nike
    27. 27. ECO-NOMICS Toyota
    28. 28. ECO-NOMICS Ford
    29. 29. ECO-NOMICS Patagonia : Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle
    30. 30. ON Sign of the times
    31. 31. ONLINE OXYGEN
    32. 32. ONLINE OXYGEN 2 B Internet Users WW. 2x 5 years ago 5.3 B Mobile Subs. ~ 1B 3G Global Mobile Traffic in 2014 – 40x ‘10 2014 : 400 M Access only through Phones
    33. 33. ONLINE OXYGEN 2014 Mobile Traffic : 133 x (1980-2010) Mobile Web Page views : 148% Incr. Facebook Mobile : 200 M – 3x 2009 Mobile BB: NB – 7GB/Mo. Vs. 1.3 GB today
    34. 34. ONLINE OXYGEN 6 Trillion SMS, 200K/Sec - 3x 2007 4 on 5 in PRC, 1 in 2 in BR write a Blog MMT - 16- 24s : 51% ; 55+ : 22%
    35. 35. OFF = ON Konditor and Cook
    36. 36. OFF = ON CrowdedInk, Ellos and Electrolux
    37. 37. OFF = ON Arcosur Project
    38. 38. OFF = ON Post
    39. 39. OFF = ON Coca-Cola
    40. 40. Coke
    41. 41. OFF = ON Subaru, Nerd Merit Badges
    44. 44. PROMOTIONS WITH A TWIST Foursquare, PepsiCo & Safeway
    47. 47. GAME ON
    48. 48. PLAYSUMERS “Latin Americans spend circa USD 10 billion a year on gaming and gambling. Experts estimate than in 10 years the whole region’s external debt could be paid with the money generated from the gaming and gambling industry.” Source: Gaming Industry Wire, July 2010
    49. 49. GAME ON EpicMix
    50. 50. PLAYSUMERS
    51. 51. ENGAGE + PARTICIPATE Range Rover
    52. 52. ENGAGE + PARTICIPATE EA Games
    53. 53. GOING CUSTOM Nokia Ovi Maps
    54. 54. Orange Me
    55. 55. GOING CUSTOM Saeco
    56. 56. GOING CUSTOM Selfridges
    57. 57. GOING CUSTOM Audi
    59. 59. EXTREME UTILITY Transport for London
    60. 60. EXTREME UTILITY Delta Airlines and OTG Management
    61. 61. EXTREME UTILITY Google
    62. 62. EXTREME UTILITY Cortex
    63. 63. EXTREME UTILITY General Electric
    64. 64. EXTREME UTILITY Tesco
    65. 65. TRANSPARENCY TRIUMPH Even when considering some of the most basic purchases, over 50% of Millennials use four or more sources of information to help them make their purchase decision and about 33% use seven or more sources.” Source: Edelman, October 2010
    66. 66. TRANSPARENCY TRIUMPH Gatwick Airport
    67. 67. TRANSPARENCY TRIUMPH Whole Foods
    68. 68. TRANSPARENCY TRIUMPH Fooducate
    69. 69. CUSTOMER-DRIVEN DentBetty
    70. 70. CUSTOMER-MADE 4Food
    71. 71. CUSTOMER-CREATED Color your own case
    72. 72. CUSTOMER-DESIGNED Case-mate
    73. 73. CUSTOMER-MANAGED People’s Supermarket
    74. 74. NOW-ISM Burberry – See Hear Buy
    75. 75. NOW-ISM Kaiak
    76. 76. NOW-ISM Yokosuka Creative
    77. 77. CURATED CONSUMPTION Twinsumers
    78. 78. CURATED CONSUMPTION LikeOurselves
    79. 79. CURATED CONSUMPTION miCoach
    80. 80. WISDOM OF CROWDS One Billion Minds
    81. 81. POWER OF CROWDS Groupon, Tippr, livingsocial, DailyDeal
    82. 82. POWER OF CROWDS Nashiaotbor - Crowd funding
    83. 83. PEER TO PEER Apple, Betterfly& Vendr
    84. 84. PEER TO PEER & MESH Weeels
    86. 86. CO BRANDING ON STEROIDS Renault & Biotherm
    87. 87. CO BRANDING ON STEROIDS Continental Airlines & Chase Bank
    88. 88. CO BRANDING ON STEROIDS Asiana Airines
    89. 89. CO BRANDING ON STEROIDS Bentley & Astor and Black
    90. 90. CO BRANDING ON STEROIDS Dell & Threadless
    92. 92. A FEW MAXIMS in closing IN CLOSING A few Maxims 1. Innovate 2. Simplify and go.go.go 3. Be hugely useful 4. The consumer decides. 5. Be a sponge. 6. Evolve immediately. 7. Do the right thing. 8. Master the fundamentals. 9. Stay on the offense. Always. 10.The Bigger the risk. The bigger the return
    93. 93.