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    Government Government Presentation Transcript

    • Jasmine TrammellMorgan Carpenter Anterika Hill Washington 4th period Feb 8 2013
    •  The people in the court case were Emmett Tills mother witnesses and Mr. Moses who called the police after young Emmett was kidnapped. The defendants were Roy Bryant and his half brother J.W. Milam. Along with Carolyn Bryant and a few others. (Carolyn)
    •  The key players in this was the late Emmett Till along with Roy, JW, and Carolyn. The brothers had kidnapped Emmett in the early morning hours before the sun had arose. A few days before Emmitt was dared to ask Roys wife out on a date who was Carolyn Bryant. This incident is what lead to the death of Emmett. Emmett Till was in Mississippi visiting his relatives when this took place. He was originally from Chicago.
    •  The murder occurred August 28, 1955 4 days after Emmett asked the girl out. The opening day of the court case was September 19, 1955.
    •  The murder took place in Tallahatchie near the Tallahatchie River. The court case took place in Summer, Mississippi. To the right is an actual crime scene photo of where Emmett was Found.
    •  They murdered Emmett Till all because he was dared to ask a white woman out. To the left is Roy and to the right J.W.
    •  It took the court a little over an hour to come up with a verdict. They were found not guilty. They did admit later that they killed Emmitt Till but they were protected by the double jeopardy. There were other court cases involved and it was reopened in 2004 to determine if all the other people were involved as reported. But all the evidence were tied only to two people. Roy and J.W.
    •  Emmett Till shouldn’t have been killed, just because he was dared to ask out a white woman. They should have just gave him time in jail. Just like in the Trevon martin case. He was killed by a white man after going to buy some candy.
    •  I feel like none of this had to take place. He didn’t have to be killed. If it was a problem they could have just went where Emmett was staying at the time and simply just talked to who was in charge of him. There were also rumors being spread that Emmett whistled at her which wasn’t true this was story that leaked into media This was a civil courts case. In comparison there was a case last year that involve a young boy named Trevon who liked Emmett was visiting relatives in the south. He was killed by a man of a different race when spotted wearing a black hoody due to the rain. Trevon was only going to get some snacks to bring back to his dads house.
    •  ls/till/tilltestomony.html. till-507515?pdgo=3