No-Nonsense Business Growth report by Jayant Hudar


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This Business growth report gives you the missing links of business growth at One place.

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No-Nonsense Business Growth report by Jayant Hudar

  1. 1. Page 1 of 7 "Customers For Life Time” Process for Businesses which will make Your Customers STICK to you like Fevicol Glue. “How To Multiply The Profits of Your Business With Minimal Cost And Effort …”This letter will give you at least 5 Proven Methods to grow your Existing Business… so Read onBusinesses Large and Small Are in Trouble JAYANT HUDARBusiness owners in every town and city in the country are barely hanging on, wonderingif they will be able to pay the bills at the end of every month. The owners of thesebusinesses need help and they don’t know what to do.Ask any business owner, “If you had a magic wand andcould wave it over your business, what would you like to have more of?”Do you know what the number one response will be?“More Customers.” Yes, every Business owner wants More Customers. Why?Because,1.Business is Not growing as Expected and2.Profit margins are wafer thin and Reducing and3.Expenses are Ever increasing and4.Competition is fierce and5.Staff Salaries are Increasing and6. Marketing and advertising costs are unaffordable.…And these are just a few of challenges faced by almost all Business owners.Let’s categorize the challenges Owners face them like given below.1. New Customer Acquisition2. Existing Customer Retention3. Building Customer Loyalty4. Building Local Brand Recognition5. Look & Be Better Than your CompetitionSo what do you do? You spend HUGE amounts of money on advertising in order toconvince more people to come to you and buy your products and services, most ofwhich goes waste.And Many Business owners Do Not have Money or Budgets to spend in the first place,so they are struggling to get new clients… and they keep waiting till the whole Businessjust collapses.
  2. 2. Page 2 of 7So what can be done to change the scenario?Let’s see some Universal Facts.Studies show that it costs 6 to 8 times more to sell to a new customer than it does toan existing customer, and that it’s 16 times Difficult to sell to a New customer than to anExisting one. It simply takes more time, more advertising, more contact, andconsequently more money to convince a prospect that doesn’t know you or that has hadno experience with you to spend their money with you.The Single Most Expensive Thing You Can Do In Business...It’s probably not what you think it isThe simple truth is, as important as getting new customers or clients is, that activity isthe second most costly thing you can do to grow your business.The real money sapper - the single most expensive thing you can do in business is tolose a customer, yes losing an Existing customer is the biggest and most expensivething.“Your Existing Customer Base is Your Biggest Business Assetand is the Most underutilized and Ignored One”Do you know why your customers Stop doing business with you?Each month that you do not communicate with your customers, you lose 10% ofyour influence with them. If 10 months go by, then you lose 100% of yourinfluence. In other words, they’ll forget about you. Only you can stop this fromhappening.Today, you have the Internet, and you can literallyreach the world, but you have to take it one stepfurther. Do not underestimate the power of the webcombined with the power of appreciation.Reason Why YourCustomers Leave You1% Die3% Move away5% are influenced by a friends or relativesadvice and switch to Competition9%leave because of a betterprice or product14% switch due to product or servicedissatisfaction
  3. 3. Page 3 of 7And a most tragically…68% leave because they felt the sales person and company were indifferent totheir needs. They feel taken for grantedNow, there is not a lot you can do about the 4% who move or die but what are you doingabout the 14% who are lured away on a friend’s advice? What can you do to keepclients? What can you do to get your clients to refer you to their friends and family?Listen to this exciting statistic…For Every5 % Increase in Customer retention, you can generate a30% to 40 % Increase in profitability and remember, the easiest person tosell to, is an existing customer.You may not have given a serious thought to this statistic and may have always thoughtabout “How to get New Clients”Let’s see some more Interesting facts…How to Multiply Your Profits and Grow Your BusinessDid you know that there are only four ways to grow your business?- Just four - and most businesses only concentrate on one of them. Then Ill show youwhat happens when you combine all four methods of growing your business."Customers For Life Time” Process for Businesses which willmake Your Customers STICK to you like Fevicol Glue.The Four Methods You Can Use To GrowYour Business1. Increase the Number of Customers2. Reduce the Number of Client Losses3. Increase the Average Value of Each Order orTransaction4. Increase the Frequency of PurchaseAnd You might say, “Ok I know some of what you said, however, HowDo I actually implement this? How will this happen?I don’t even have time for regular work.”The 3 Best Kept Business Marketing Secretsthat You Can Apply Now To Grow YourBusiness and Multiply Your Profits … Next page
  4. 4. Page 4 of 71. Follow Up – Constant TouchFollow Up is the act of communicating with your prospects andcustomers in a planned and strategic way.48% of sales people quit after the first contact20% of sales people quit after the second contact7% of sales people quit after the third contact5% of sales people quit after the fourth contact4% of sales people quit after the fifth contactThey found that 8 out of 10 customers say "yes" after the sixthcall. By this time 84% of sales people have already given up.You can stop doing this error and start following automatically.2. Database Segmentation and Marketing “Greatest Asset of any Business”Most Business Owners do not have a database of their Customers. Sad but a Real fact.Most Don’t know what a database means. It does not mean only Names and telephoneNos. (Yes it means that and more).Having proper Information which may include Name, email, Mobile No, Address, Age,Buying frequency etc, can greatly increase your Business Intelligence and Thus yourBusiness profits.3. Increase Word-of-Mouth referralsWow Your Customers – By Giving More.How To Develop a Strong, Active Referral Program To Double, and Triple OrQuadruple Your Client Base using Word of Mouth or referrals?One of the most valuable assets you have in your business is your existing clientbase. The quality of your relationship with them will determine the long-term profitabilityand viability of your business.However what are you doing to nurture the relationship you have with them?Do you write to them regularly with information that will benefit them?Do you ever call them to see how things are going?Do you send thank you letters and gifts after they havepurchased something from you?Do you appreciate them?One way of incorporating many of the above is through a DRIP Marketing system like“Customers for life Time services” offered by MICRO-BPO.
  5. 5. Page 5 of 7Here are some very useful observations about human beings that are powerfulfacts for any business owner: 1. Human beings love to get things for free. 2. Human beings are connected to other human beings. We all have networks of friends, family and business contacts. 3. Human beings love to feel important and significant. 4. Human beings Love to give. These four facts, exploited with integrity, are a potent mix for massive business growth. By implementing an effective "Client Referral Program", “People Don’t Care About You, Until They Know How Much You Care About Them.”And that’s the secret of Lifelong profits for your Business. Just Imagine If… Automated Marketing Happens for your Business Totally Hands-Free for you. 1. If all your customers are segregated in PRESENT, PAST CUSTOMERS and Potential customers and then specific to that category, a special Marketing sequence of messages are sent. i.e. every week a different message to Past Customers and a Different message to Potential customer can be sent. and You can pre-design the messages in advance for 1 whole year. Using EMAIL, SMS, Real Person Calling, printed Letter or newsletter or all of them. Do you think it will make a Difference in Marketing and sales effort, absolutely. 2. If you were in Constant Contact with your Client every week through beautiful Branded Email or Newsletter. 3. If the Newsletter contains Articles and Solid Useful Information which is appreciated by the Customer, as it helps the customer. 4. If every Occasion or event, you are able to send a SMS, Email, Newsletter or All of these, Nicely Personalized with the customer’s Name etc.
  6. 6. Page 6 of 7 5. Imagine if You could send a valuable “Ebook” as gift which is relevant to your product and Service! what’s more, you can send as many as 12 to 52 eBooks every year to each of Your Contacts. 6. If your personalized “BIRTHDAY” wishes, New year wishes, are sent on time, will the customer appreciate it? Absolutely. You would have created a WOW experience for your customers. They will know that you care for them. You remember them on their important days of life. And... You will be different from other, who could not do any of this. As it’s difficult to actually do this 24x7 and 365 days non-stop. We will do that for you. at Micro-BPO.Print and Email Newsletters and SMSAs Unique As You Areyou’ve always wanted to have your own newsletter and – if you had the time – you’d sitdown and write one yourself.But, you know how it is…you’ve got much more important things to do. You want anewsletter that’s as unique as you are.How These Newsletters Will Work For YouThe idea behind a customer newsletter is to build a business for the long term. To dothat, you need to build a list of prospects and clients who know you and respect whatyou do. Grow your business and achieve long-term success Your newsletters will help you build long-term, profitable relationships with your clients.This isn’t about some quick-hit magic bullet. Instead, you will build yourself a businesswith a solid foundation of clients and prospects that know you, like you and trustyou.Be the professional, go-to person in your areaThese newsletters are as professional as you are, because they’re written by journalists.They’re newspaper quality. That makes you the trusted, admired and respectedprofessional in your area.Be known, recognized and rememberedA newsletter will help you present your personal (or business) brand, making you arecognized figure.Project your own personal brand. You can customize these newsletters 100% you canbuild genuine, long-term relationships. After all, people do business with other people –use the newsletter to let your personality shine through.You can choose newsletters to print and mail, or newsletters to send by email. Or both!And you end up with your own, unique newsletter…as if you wrote it yourself.
  7. 7. Page 7 of 7 But Do You Have The Time To Do All This?You are a busy person, even though you know whatever said above is valid and willwork for you; you don’t know how to do this and How to implement this.You may not have the Manpower to actually execute all this. Then what do we do?We have a solution for all this. “Customers for life time Services” provided by Micro-BPO.To know how we can do this for you - your specific Business, and as per yourrequirements - Call us today.Do this before your competitor implements this and takes away your clients. You wouldnot even know why all your clients are disappearing.Let’s see what we have to offer you... Micro-BPO ServicesFollowing are the Services which we will offer to Small Business Owners:1. Automatic Marketing Service. (Hands Free Marketing)2. Customers for Life time Service. (Customers will not leave you …ever!)3. Automatic Customer Multiplication System (Lead generation Included)4. People Magnet services (for Individuals/ Celebrities and Political people)Depending on your Business Type we will suggest you how to go about it.Basically, we will put your marketing activity in AUTO Mode for you. Almost 80 to 90%activities HANDS-FREE. In the background. We will do it for you. Then you are free todo things which require your expertise. You don’t have to depend on your MarketingPeople to do this Repetitive work. Let your Marketing and sales people spend Qualitytime with Clients.All these services are all CUSTOMIZED as per your requirements.We will set your marketing activities as per your Business. We know that every Businessis Different and you want to be Different and better than anybody else.Call us today on +91-22-39101122, before your competitor calls by Jayant Hudar