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Influencing new

  1. 1. Put your heart into every action in your life.Passion should be the energizer.Strive to attain mastery. – Jayanth Jayaprakash JJINFLUENCING TO EXCEL
  2. 2. My Purpose:Equip individuals, teams & organizations to attainExcellence.Empower people to imbibe a positive attitude and gainhappiness , love and success.
  3. 3. •Striving to focus , excel and gain mastery for over three decades,right from my Loyola College days.•Over the last decade worked intensely withCorporate, Universities & Educational Institutions by “Influencing to Excel”•Mentoring individuals &teams for the past two decades•Believes that the future of this world wrests in the hands of individualswho pursue excellence in their trade .•Passionately guiding individuals and teams to realizethe immense unexplored potential they have andcan develop.My Pursuit
  4. 4. Influencing to Excelis not a onetime instruction, but a continuous mentoring process.Influencing to Excel is the outcome of decades of personal quest to understandthe secret of life and the magic formula called success.From being a recluse, marginalised to think like a loser and my personality trampled upon,to transform to a very bold, successful empowerment architect and entrepreneurhas been the outcome of the intense journey of the last 37 years of my life.Once the realization dawned on me that excellence is the result of our owninternal thought process I have embarked on a mission to reach out professionallyand work with individuals, teams and organizations to foster Excellence.
  5. 5. Influencing to Excel•conveys that if life is a game there are rules to play it.•promotes the value of performing all duties to its potential.•advocates the value of having laser like sharp focus•motivates and clarifies that ‘everything is possible’.
  6. 6. •Intervention into current thought process and clarification•Transformation Meditation• Re-scripting the current thought process towards Excellencein each and every aspect of life• Personal Leadership• Action plan - steps for attaining excellence.Methodology
  7. 7. “IFLUENCING TO EXCEL “• Engaging 9hr module that transforms individuals to strive to deliver their bestand expand their horizons.•The results are high as each and every individual is touched and empowered on thedisciplined practical approaches of achieving Excellence.Influencing to Excel triggers individual performance by reinforcing certain basic lifeprinciples which leads to achievement in the present highly competitive market scenarioCombined with severe fiscal pressure in the market.• Being a transformation session the number of participantsideally will be 20 per 9hr session.•The venue for the program should be a good air-conconference room with good acoustics. The capacity of the room should be 50+.
  8. 8. Monthly reviews would be just spendingtwo hours with the respective teams in the respective work floorsand doing follow-ups and boosting them.Quarterly reviews would be for 3hr(1 batch of 12)+3hr( 1 batch of 12)where fresh impetus will be given thus boosting their performance.Follow up
  9. 9. “Jayanth has in depth knowledge about the sales process in AutomobileIndustryHe is a good facilitator, trainer and a motivator.I recommend him and wish him all the best.....”Kingsly Jose,Manager - Sales & Marketing at Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (Kerala)ENDORSEMENTS
  10. 10. “Jayanth is a real good trainer and motivator . He connects with each of the traineesquickly and gets deeply involvedat each and every stage in the transformation process.Jayanth is always very positive, a good communicator and has great values.”Sam KrishnanHead , Cochin Business UnitTATA ConcordeENDORSEMENTS
  11. 11. “I have closely interacted with Jayanth in the educational scenarioof both college and school and in other areas of human resource development.He is dedicated, focused and clear in his thinking.He is truly inspirational and can enlighten your mind with innovative thinking .He is a motivator, mentor and a true guide.He has the uncanny ability to make you look inwards towardsa self realization and lift you to heights you have never known you could reach.He can empower people to be and do their best.”C.A.Sabina,Associate Professor, BCM College , KottayamENDORSEMENTS
  12. 12. I have attended a training session by Jayanth Sir.It was very interactive with full of positive energy,enthusiasm and his words spreading deep into theroots on each subject. It was wonderful to have participated in it.He instilled in us, the students,the importance of being true you‘with the skill to adapt to the job environment to make it best.Sir could also make us think instantlywith logic and presence of mind,on varied subjects in a single session.It was a great experience and I could personally pointout my weaknesses and strengths as a student and an aspiring manager with the session.I hope sir will come up with more enlightening programs for students like us .-- Aan Ebby,School of Management Studies, CUSAT,Cochin, October 2012ENDORSEMENTS
  13. 13. Malayala Manorama I Can Win Padipura Edu CampMTR Foods Pvt. Ltd Individual and Team Empowerment Sales team of Tamilnadu & Team Empowerment& Performance intervention Executives & ManagersKalyan Silks, Palakkad Retail competency Empowerment & Intervention Showroom personnelMIR Group, Cochin Empowerment & Intervention Sales team ofRealtors,Tours &Hospitality ManagersKalyan Silks, Kochi Retail competency Empowerment & Intervention Showroom personnelCeaars SpecialityFoods Pvt.Ltd.,Bangalore Team Motivation & Insights into effectiveDealer networking and Product Promotion Entire South Sales teamPORTFOLIO
  14. 14. Kalyan Silks Trichur Retail competency Empowerment Entire Sales TeamBharath Niketan EngineeringCollege, Andipatti TN Teacher Empowerment TeachersSouth Indian Bank Sales Excellence Sr. Managers,OfficersClerical gradeAVG Motors (Maruti Dealers) Empowerment & Sales Excellence Sales Team andService Teamincl. ManagersGeeyam Motors (Chevrolet Dealers) Sales Excellence Sales Managers,ExecutivesHAR Cars (Maruti Dealers) Sales Excellence Sales Managers,ExecutivesRadio Mango Team Building & Cohesion Production TeamMalayalam Manorama Personal Excellence Management TraineesPORTFOLIO
  15. 15. Ultratech Cements Stress management - Stretch & Unwind Managers and DealersGlobal Public School Mentoring TeachersPavithram Gingili Oil Personal Excellence Sales ExecutivesNettikadan Books Sales Empowerment & Intervention Sales executives &managerMar Athenesious Collegeof Engineering Stress management - Stretch & Unwind FacultyPORTFOLIO
  16. 16. CMS College Mentoring TeachersCMS College Achieving Career Excellence Students GroupKerala Beauty Pageant Dance Meditation Participants of Beauty PageantRiverdale Public School Pedagogy Approaches TeachersBCM College, Kottayam Dream Building and Career Planning StudentsSt. Stephen’s College, Uzhavoor Dream Building and Career Planning StudentsMathurbhoomi Career Magazine Power of Positive Attitude& career perspective Students & ParentsMacMillan Pubilcations(Malabar Police School) Effective Pedagogy TeachersRathinam College,TN Road Ahead StudentsNational Engineering College, TN Dream Building StudentsPORTFOLIO
  17. 17. AVG Motors,major Maruti dealership,Kerala Influencing to Excel(3 years) Service team(200nos)Geeyem Motors,Chevorlet Dealership,Kerala Mentor for Retail ExcellenceProgram Select Team LeadersSchool of Management,CUSAT,Cochin Group Discussion Final semester studentsSBI Life Insurance Steps to Excellence towards MDRT Insurance AdvisersDhanalakshmi Bank Customer Service Excellence Customer Service ManagersSBI Life Insurance Influencing to Excel Unit ManagersPORTFOLIO
  18. 18. INFLUENCING TO EXCELInfluencing Individuals, Teams and Organizations to Transform & Excel- SALES EXCELLENCE- RETAIL EXCELLENCE- CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE- PERSONAL EXCELLENCE- TEAM EXCELLENCE & PERFORMANCE INTERVENTION- TEAM MOTIVATION- FACILITATION EXCELLENCE FOR TEACHERS- FUTURE EXCELLENCE FOR STUDENTSSpecialties: Transformation Meditation; Highly Interactive ; Thought Provoking & Engaging ;Experiential Empowerment ; Hand Holding & Follow up post the session ; Aligned toAchievement and Realization of Goals.Fluent in English, Hindi , Tamil and Malayalam.
  19. 19. Focus on playing the winninggame rather than merely lookingat the awards and rewards.- Jayanth Jayaprakash JJ** Please link up with me over Facebook and LinkedIn for my daily post. My id is JayanthJayaprakash JJ
  20. 20. THANK YOU!Looking forward to and committed to build your team from great to greater.www.jayanthj.me