Acronis Back Up Solution from Business Softwares & Solutions


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Acronis Back Up Solution from Business Softwares & Solutions

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Acronis Back Up Solution from Business Softwares & Solutions

  1. 1. px2-300d Network Storage Lenovo EMC px4-300d • PC Backup & Restore with True Image Lite 2013 by Acronis • Powerful backup software from Acronis protects content and recovers data in case of any disasters. 3 licenses included • Backup your files continuously • Can be upgraded Higher version to have better options in True Image Premium (if neeeded) • We can add upto 50 Licenses in PX2 and 75 License for PX4
  2. 2. LENOVO STORAGE IN LAN BACKUP FOR WORKSTATION TWO PRODUCTS Acronis Backup & Recovery® 11.5 Workstation Acronis Backup & Recovery® 11.5 Advanced Workstation Fast and easy backup and recovery Recover to any hardware Acronis Secure Zone® with F11 boot Backup to Acronis Cloud Storage(OPTIONAL) Advance Workstation comes with Central Management Bare-metal restore Restore Windows or Linux to dissimilar hardware Image Backup Network bandwidth and disk write speed throttling
  3. 3. LENVO BACK UP OPTION FOR SERVER Acronis Server & Advanced Server there are two option Server Back Up for Single Server Back Up & Advanced Server for Server BackUp with Centralised Management Fast and easy image backup Full or fast incremental or differential backups Compression and encryption Unified management for physical and virtual machines Reporting and Monitoring Dashboard with Email notifications Bare-metal restore Restore Windows or Linux to dissimilar hardware with Universal Restore Acronis Active RestoreUse the system while data is being recovered in the background.
  4. 4. LENOVO STORAGE IN NAS TO NAS BACKUP FOR REDUNDANCY Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are getting more and more popular because they provide easy configuration and access to shared network-based disk space storage. With a configured NAS device, multiple users on a network can access shared files and folders. However, just like any other type of computer storage, important files on a NAS device should be backed up to another location. With a backup in place, no important data is lost if the NAS device fails. The same can be performed in Wan as well
  5. 5. Acronis Universal Restore Acronis Universal Restore is a fully integrated module that restores servers or workstations to different hardware or to a virtual machine. Acronis Universal Restore then initiates the restore process, detects the hardware and installs the appropriate drivers for Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). Recover a failed system to different hardware or to virtual machines in minutes. Migrate physical-virtual, virtual-physical, physical-physical, or virtual-virtual for system recovery, testing, and other purposes. Clone and deploy operating systems with complete hardware independence
  6. 6. Deduplication The Acronis Backup & Recovery® 11.5 Deduplication Recover Quickly Through Acronis’ patented disk-imaging technology, you can recover an entire Windows or Linux system within minutes The Acronis Backup & Recovery® 11.5 Deduplication option offers you affordable block-level software deduplication capability for your workstations and servers, helping you maximize the use of your storage infrastructure while saving costs and increasing capacity With Acronis deduplication, cut datastorage requirements up to 90% full recovery in minutes rather than hours or days. Multi-type backups – Deduplication can be applied to both disk and file backups, including full, incremental or differential.
  7. 7. LENOVO WITH ACRONIS Virtualization & backup of VM’s using RHEV & advanced licenses with offsite DR Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Virtual Edition for Multi-Hypervisor provides IT administrators with outstanding Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization certified migration, disaster recovery, and data protection tools. Acronis has already helped businesses move nearly one million servers between physical, virtual and cloud environments
  8. 8. Lenovo with Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Virtual Edition for VMware vSphere Backup of VMware VM’s to RHEL using advanced licenses Best Backup for VMware vSphere Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Advanced Platform gives you unprecedented flexibility when it comes to the protection of VMware vSphere virtual machines.
  9. 9. Acronis License Options: How many machines do you want to protect? Single physical machine . Single virtualization host . Multiple machines/hosts or mixed environment
  10. 10. Acronis License Options: