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Stress religion and rationality dr. shriniwas kashalikar

Stress religion and rationality dr. shriniwas kashalikar






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    Stress religion and rationality dr. shriniwas kashalikar Stress religion and rationality dr. shriniwas kashalikar Document Transcript

    • In one of the interviews; a rationalist said that the discoveries of science should be used for “good” purpose! The obvious question; “How to define what is good?” was however not asked! The science and technology reduce the discomfort in every walk of life (excepting in case of frauds and crimes) and thus add to our comfort and pleasure (though temporarily). So, the meaning of “good” for science is; anything that can increase “comforts and pleasures”; “resulting from and dependent” on material surroundings. However, is this “truly good”? Is this good enough? Can such a “good” purpose in itself; be really good for the whole mankind and the other inhabitants of the world? Is the depth of satisfaction of an individual only this much and the extent of human aspirations thus far? Is not there any place for values such as freedom, unity, harmony, love, tolerance, mutual respect, justice, openness, fearlessness and so on? To this question; the science and technology DO NOT address, though the “rationalists” do try to voice their
    • (ad hoc and subjective) views; about what is “good” and what is “bad”! This is because; the science and technology were not adequately applied to address the human values and the value crises that produce universal STRESS! They were largely restricted to either solving the physical problems and/or applying the same physical/ chemical methods and logic to solving the instinctual, emotional, intellectual and behavioral problems! The religions (and ethics, ideologies, philosophies and other creative literature) have addressed this question and tried to answer it; with some degree of accuracy and some degree of acceptability, even though NO written text as such; can guide; the whole mankind and completely (i.e. in every issue and at every moment); with hundred per cent accuracy. The answers provided have been largely egalitarian and driven emotionally and with the use of right brain; without going analytically to the root of the problems! The solutions to human problems were largely in the form of commandments for organized, disciplined and orderly behavior and charity. The problem of rationalists (driven predominantly by left cerebral cortex) and religious (driven predominantly by right cerebral cortex); is that they do not have the
    • anatomical and physiological foundation to understand, grasp and appreciate the point of the other. This has given birth to a situation; where rationalists and religious (spiritual) individuals do not match or complement and unite (even as they have extremely honest intentions); on the concepts, methods and priorities of individual and global blossoming i.e. Total Stress Management. Most of us have either predominance of one side of the brain or the other. Thus we are either predominantly right sided and tend to get involved in philanthropy; or religious movements and even violence; or we are left sided and tend to get involved in rationalist arguments and struggles. Many a time we understand, most of the solutions to the isolated physical problems of the mankind; but due to feeble right cerebral cortex; we are interested in petty pursuits and there is NO motivation and holistic direction to provide solutions! In contrast; many of us are religious people; who are emotionally charged and motivated for service (thus
    • engaged in philanthropic activities), but do not have correct/holistic perspective for solutions; because of the high activity of right brain; with left brain being relatively redundant. Hence from time immemorial there have been efforts to evolve and unite these two sides of mankind, through simultaneous; scientific (rational) and religious (conscientious); thinking, using both sides of brain! This is holistic approach to get the answer to the question; “What is the definition of good?” Thus “good” is that; which rejuvenates, revitalizes, inspires, empowers, unites, harmonizes, fulfills; and enables us in blossoming at individual and universal levels, in every possible way. One of the ways to usher in and realize this “good” of every one; is NAMASMARAN (besides other adjuvant techniques and methods)! Thus; rationality (science and technology) and religions (spiritualism and art); are related roughly to the left and right brain; and are inevitable and complementary. Dissociation between right and left brain has been the major cause of STRESS in individual and global life; and can be conquered through Total Stress Management
    • (holistic perspective, thinking, feelings and actions; and individual and global blossoming); the core of which is NAMASMARAN! NAMASMARAN is like oxygen. Just as unless we breathe; the oxygen does not reach our lungs and our cells and hence does not enliven us; exactly in the same way; unless we practice NAMASMARAN; it won’t rejuvenate and revitalize us. The pivotal role of NAMASMARAN; in individual and global blossoming i.e. total universal renaissance; is not accessible to mere discussions, analysis and conjectures. It has to be practiced to experience its benevolence at individual and global levels.