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  1. 1. 1. The red bird flew_______ than the other birds.fasterfastestfastterfasttest In the following sentence, which word is the adjective? 2. Where is the small frying pan?Whereisfryingpan Choose the correct adjective to fill in the blank. 3. Albert is the_____ person I know.funnymore funnyfunnierfunniestChoose the correct adjective to fill in the blank. 4. The crickets are the______ animals in our backyard.noisynoisiernoisestnoisiestChoose the correct adjective to fill in the blank. 5. The eagle was______ than the bluebird.bigerbiggerbigestbiggestChoose the correct adjective to fill in the blank. 6. I think my new dog is the_______ birthday present Ive ever had.most wonderfulwonderfullestmore wonderfulwonderfulChoose the correct adjective to fill in the blank. 7. I would like the________ of the two pieces of cake.smallestsmallsmallermore smallWhich adjective BEST completes the sentence? 8. Molly has a _______ , blue blanket.fuzzywhitefunnymetal 9. What kind of adjective describes more than three things?SuperlativeComparative 10. What kind of adjective compares two things?SuperlativeComparative 11. The hummingbird was the _________.busiestbusyestbusyerbusier
  2. 2. Circle the adjective in each sentence. Then, tell what noun theadjective is describing.Example: The green alien walked out of the spaceship.The adjective green describes the alien. 1. The shiny spaceship landed in my yard.The adjective ____________ describes _________________. 2. An alien with big eyes walked out of the ship.The adjective ____________ describes _________________. 3. It waved its tiny hand in the air.The adjective ____________ describes _________________. 4. The alien said, “Earth is such a beautiful planet.”The adjective ____________ describes _________________. 5. A brown rabbit hopped into the yard and scared the alien.The adjective ____________ describes _________________. 6. The frightened alien ran back into its spaceship and blasted off.The adjective ____________ describes _________________.Changing the AdjectivesTo complete each sentence, add -er, -est, more or most to the adjective inparenthesis.Examples: Henry was taller than Francis. (tall)Today was more pleasant than yesterday. (pleasant) 1. A steak knife is ______________________ than a butter knife. (sharp) 2. David is the _______________________ player on the team. (fast) 3. My drawing is _______________________ than yours. (colorful) 4. I think the book we read today is _____________________ than theone we read yesterday. (interesting) 5. Katies _____________________ brother colored on the walls.(young) 6. This weeks temperatures are _____________________ than lastweeks. (warm) 7. That was the ______________________ test Ive ever taken. (difficult) 8. Isnt he the _____________________ little boy youve ever met? (nice) 9. That was a much _________________________ homework assignment.(challenging) 10. Do you think a snake is _____________________ than an owl? (slow) 11. Roberts arms are _____________________ than Johns. (long) 12. Joe has the _____________________ feet of anyone in his family. (big)An adjective describes a noun. Directions: Write the word that best completes the sentence.angry shy brave jolly worriedFuzzy Bunny saw a bee and was very_____ he’d get stung.Mommy said my little sister Suzy is very________.My Great Uncle Clyde is a _______person.My dad got a bit _______while he built the swingset.Barney was_______ when he rode the park ride.
  3. 3. Directions: Read the paragraph. Write the adjectives below. It was a sunny day and my little puppy jumped onto our red couch andplayed with hisnew toy. Iliked to watch him play and it made me feel happy. Soon, my playful puppy yawned. He was a tiredpuppy. I picked him up and laid him on his soft, round bed. Soon, my sleepy puppy was snoring away. Read the paragraph. Write the adjectives below.My family likes to go camping every summer. We like to sit under the bright stars shining through thedark sky. We like to listen to the chirping crickets and crackling fire. Sticky marshmallows on meltingchocolate fill our hungry tummies. At night, we snuggle in our warm, cozy sleeping bags and tellscarystores until we fall asleep. Read the paragraph. Write the adjectives below.Sally’s surprise birthday party was Saturday. Many children were there playing and eating sweet cake.Sally was happy as she opened her gifts from her good friends.We all played fun games and sang silly songs. At the end of the day, we hit a colorful piñata and scoopedup yummy candy. It was an exciting day.
  4. 4. Adjectives that are used to compare two people or two things have special forms. * If the regular adjective has one syllable, add –er to the end to make the comparative form. (Make the second consonant double if you have a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern word.)* If the regular adjective ends in y, change the y to i before adding –er.* For many regular adjective with two or more syllables, use the word more before theadjective, and do not add –er.* Note these irregular forms: good becomes better, bad becomes worse, and far becomes farther.Write the comparative form of each adjective.1. ugly 2. happy3. smart 4. friendly5. beautiful 6. peaceful7. strange 8. silly9. dirty 10. wet11. funny 12. clean13. filthy 14. crazy15. intelligent 16. brave17. courageous 18. pretty19. sad 20. colorful21. tasty 22. sloppy23. cold 24. careful25. close 26. thin27. bright 28. young29. fast 30. stiff31. furry 32. noisy33. little 34. small35. quiet 36. fierce37. angry 38. sunny39. tenacious 40. fresh41. strong 42. delightful43. wet 44. hot45. terrible 46. loud47. hard 48. great49. enjoyable 50. good51. bad 52. weak53. lovely 54. cheerful55. far 56. long57. excited 58. slow
  5. 5. Rewrite each sentence, adding the appropriate ending to the adjective to make iteither comparative (comparing two or more things with –er ending) or superlative(ranking as the highest or lowest of three or more items with –est ending).1. He was (tall) than his brother.2. Our car is the (fast) of all.3. Her lunch is (good) than mine.4. Jennifer is (sleepy) than Mike.5. Our dog is the (fierce) on our street.6. The sun is (bright) than the moon.7. Bob has the (big) feet in the classroom.8. Elizabeth is (silly) than Elona.9. The kitchen is (dirty) than the bathroom.10. The science book is the (heavy) of the texts.11. The kitten is (cute) than the puppy.12. Old teachers are (crabby) than new teachers.13. Oranges are (sweet) than grapefruits.14. Jill is the (quiet) student in the room.15. Using a printer is (fast) than writing by hand.16. Black is the (dark) of all the colors.17. Heidi’s hair is (soft) than Malcolm’s hair.18. Chili peppers are (spicy) than bell peppers.19. Metals are (shiny) than non-metals.20. My glass is (full) than my brother’s glass.21. The tuba is the (low) brass instrument.22. Ballet is (difficult) than tap dancing.23. The trumpet is the (loud) brass instrument.24. Veronica is the (thin) dancer in the show.25. Tiffany is (cheerful) than Jessica.26. Gwen’s handwriting is the (small) of all.27. Terrell’s hair is (curly) than Camille’s hair.28. This movie is the (long) one I have ever seen!29. This painting is (colorful) than that one.30. Sharks have (sharp) teeth than rabbits.31. Glasses are (fragile) than cups.32. The first comedian was the (funny) of all.