Recommendation from deidra colvin


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Recommendation from deidra colvin

  1. 1. RecommendationAttention Hiring Manager,I am writing on behalf of Mr. Jason Wiese as a general recommendation for employment in theadvertising, branding and promotions industry. I have known Jason for three years – the majority of histenure as a marketing communications student at Anderson University. I have served both as hismarketing professor as well as a personal mentor/advisor and I believe I know Jason’s personality andabilities well.Jason has impressed me a great deal in and out of the classroom. His attendance is good and he is ontime, but what is most valuable is that he makes consistent contributions to the class. Jason is articulatein making a strong case for his own ideas yet willing to listen to the ideas of others with an objectiveviewpoint. He is also capable of asking tough questions and is not afraid to challenge traditional thought.This, I believe, makes him uniquely suited to the advertising industry. I spent over a decade working inthe agency business and I have a good understanding of what it takes to be successful. I believe Jasonhas what it takes and would be a valuable addition to any agency.Jason is a natural leader to whom other students look for guidance on group projects. An example of thisis in my advanced marketing communications course, which is a senior-level course that requiresstudents to form groups of five, develop and brand their own ad agency, and then work on a semester-long marketing communications plan and pitch for a real-world client. Jason’s agency role has beencreative director and he has risen to the occasion in every aspect. In fact, he has also very naturallyassumed much of the role of account executive as well and he has exceeded the clients’ expectations inevery way (from developing and delivering a SWOT analysis and creative brief to writing a series of statusreports which are then rolled up into a formal written plan and a client pitch/presentation).I have watched Jason grow over the past few years into a confident, professional young man who thinksthings through very carefully, makes calculated decisions, and works well in a team environment. Jasonis smart, driven, and works well under pressure and tight deadlines. He is a good multi-tasker and astrong communicator. I have no doubt that Jason will add to the success of any company fortunateenough to hire him. You are welcome to contact me at any time at or by cell at317.625.0539. Best of luck in your search for great talent!Sincerely,Deidra A. Colvin, Assistant Professor of MarketingAnderson University/Falls School of Business