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Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Business Consultant -JaWar says be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy when you THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!

JaWar is the Author of the Twitter Resource Book, How to Self-Publish for Profit and the Music Industry Connection Book Series. The attached one-sheet gives specific details on how to book JaWar as a speaker or business consultant for your next event or organization.


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JAWAR SPEAKS -Motivational Speaker

  1. 1. “THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!” JaWar www.jawarspeaks.com JaWar, Motivational Speaker, Author and Busi- JaWar Speaking Points: ness Consultant has given informative seminars in Atlanta, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New Orleans, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, • Personal Branding and Alabama, Texas and many others. He created Achievement the presentation to identify and share vital in- formation in a step-by-step process necessary • Business Branding for success and ultimate longevity in business • Business Continuity with aspiring entrepreneurs and those willing • Change to demand more out of life. JaWar shows the attendee how to be a successful entrepreneur • eCommerce and arms them with the tools necessary to pros- • Community per in an extremely competitive business envi- Empowerment ronment. • Entrepreneurial Business JaWar has assembled a workshop that merges • Future extremely valuable information with his own • Image/Self Esteempersonal style to deliver easily understood and empowering information. He challenges • Marketingconventional views of how to succeed life and business by seriously exploring and pro-moting independence using his three step success system -THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE. • Motivation • Strategic Planning • Making Money OnlineHe inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to aim high, create windows of opportunity and per-severe through challenging stages of a budding career. In addition, he encourages net- • Self-Publishingworking so that those who attend the presentation may build alliances to work together • Music Businesstoward a more prosperous future. JaWar’s presentations are wrapped within his 3-Step Success System of THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE! Programs may be created to fit your specific goals and objec- tives. “JaWar Thanks for the motivational talk, it really helped a lot” -Gregory W. “JaWar is very inspiring! And, I have had the great privilege of attending his seminars face to face in Atlanta!” -Victor Brown “[JaWar] was moving and inspirational! He was excellent, ...a different type of panelist!” -Keon Foley “JaWar I can always count on you to be the practical voice of reason and logical” -Tuesday Knight Schedule JaWar to Speak: 678-887-4656 Speaking Venues: www.gojawar.com University of Georgia in Athens Morehouse College www.jawarspeaks.com jawarspeaks@yahoo.com University of Alabama North Carolina Central University P.O. Box 52682 Clark Atlanta University Art Institute of Atlanta Atlanta, GA 30355 Oglethorpe University Atlantis Music Conference Spelman College YMCA