SEO Overview for Berkshire Grains
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SEO Overview for Berkshire Grains






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SEO Overview for Berkshire Grains SEO Overview for Berkshire Grains Presentation Transcript

  • Search Engine Optimization& Online Marketing
    Recommendations for Berkshire Grain
    Joe Wallace
  • Agenda
    • Overview
    • Organic Search Engine Optimization
    • Code Optimization
    • Content Optimization
    • Link Optimization
    • Search Engine Advertising Optimization
    • Campaign Optimization
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • Summary
    • Recommendations
    • Next Steps
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Advertising
  • Overview
    • Organic Search Engine Optimization
    Improving search engine rankings for targeted keywords (key phrases) on organic (unpaid) listings
    • Search Engine Advertising Optimization
    Improving leads, reducing costs-per-click, and improving conversion rates for paid keyword advertisements on search engine advertising platforms (Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter, etc.)
  • Overview
    Search Engine Marketing is…
    • Targeted exclusively to desired audience
    • Measurable and verifiable
    • Relatively low-cost compared to other campaigns
    • The best for branding (Largest reach for cost)
    • Able to be improved at any time
    • Proven to be both effective and cost-effective
    For these reasons, SEM is the best form of marketing.
  • Organic SEO
    Code Optimization
    • Keywords
    (organic vs. advertised)
    • Meta Tags & Header Tags
    • Architecture
    • Page Layout
    • Linking Strategies
    • Competitive Analysis
    Organic SEO is a Holistic Process Involving Every Aspect of Your Site
    Website redesigns greatly improve search engine rankings. Content updates and new sections help too.
  • Organic SEO
    Content Optimization
    • Keyword Focus: Page-based, Site-based
    • Keyword Density
    • Architecture
    • Linking Strategies: Internal & External
    • Competitive Analysis
    Key Point: It is important to allow somebody trained in SEO to optimize your content to ensure the entire site is as effective as it can be.
    “Content is King”
  • Organic SEO
    Link Optimization
    • Internal Linking Strategy
    • Incorporates architecture and content
    • Use of anchor text and headers help
    • Best practices provide best results
    • External Linking Strategy
    • Online public relations
    • Viral campaigns
    • Social media
    External linking strategies take time and effort. They can be looked at like online public relations.
  • Search Engine Advertising
    • Pay for traffic based on search query
    • Search Engine / Search Network / Content Network
    • Broad, phrase, or exact keyword searches
    • Campaign organization and keyword focus
    • Geographic targeting
    • A/B testing
    • Landing page optimization
    • Analysis & Optimization($)
    Advertising Platforms Include
    • Google AdWords
    • Yahoo Search Marketing
    • Microsoft AdCenter
    Banner Ads Worth Considering
  • Search Engine Advertising
    Landing Page Optimization
    • Landing page purpose: Quick, fast, exact info based on search / keyword
    • Call to action
    • Up-sell, promo codes
    • A/B testing
    • Click pattern analysis
    • Analysis & Optimization($)
  • Summary
    Organic Search Engine Optimization
    • Code, Content, Linking Strategies
    • Ongoing Content Updates & Linking Strategies
    Search Engine Advertising
    • Campaign Setup, Geographic Targeting, Budgeting
    • Landing Page Optimization
    Organic & Advertising Analysis & Optimization
    Ongoing Content, Links, & Advertising Optimization
    Reports & Recommendations
  • Next Steps
    Keyword Selection Process
    • Choose one keyword to describe your company
    • Choose two more for the core of your business
    • Any other keywords should be descriptive of your most important (profitable) products or services
    • Prioritize based on profit (and results, once data is obtained for analysis)
    • Important not to choose too many keywords
    • Organic vs. advertised keywords
  • Next Steps
    Advertising Selection Process
    • Google AdWords: Best overall solution.
    • Most traffic, best targeting, best reporting platform.
    • Best results but it costs more per click.
    • Yahoo Search Marketing: Quickly becoming 3rd
    place by platform capabilities as well as traffic.
    • Microsoft AdCenter: 2nd best platform, but poor
    historical performance; traffic increasing.
  • Next Steps
    Site Development & Google Sites Limitations
    • Google Sites limits SEO capabilities because of its Content Management System (CMS). Meta tags cannot be added (only basic meta tags available). Site architecture, layout, and linking structure suffer and cannot be optimized.
    • Most SEO techniques – particularly the most effective ones – cannot be used with Google Sites.
    • If Google Sites must be used, the most beneficial work would be content optimization, linking strategies, and advertising.
  • Next Steps
    One-Time SEO Services
    One-time analysis, optimization, and recommendations for future self-optimization
    Ongoing SEO Services
    More complete services – plus link building campaigns and ongoing analysis, reports, and optimization based on results data
    + Cost of Advertising
    Ongoing SEO & Advertising Services
    More complete services – plus link building campaigns, advertising optimization, and ongoing analysis, reports, and optimization based on results data
    Ongoing SEO, Advertising, & Website
    Comprehensive SEM services including analysis, organic and ad optimization, website redesign, ongoing analysis, and reporting
  • Organic
    • Keyword research
    • Competitive analysis
    • Baseline reporting
    • Metatag development
    • Content optimization
    • On-site link optimization
    • Search engine and directory submittal
    • Online publication research
    • Link strategy development
    • Org: Online publication outreach
    • Org: Link strategy content development and publication
    • Org: Reporting, analysis, and optimization
    • Ads: Click path analysis and optimization
    • Ads: A/B testing for ads and landing pages
    • Ads: Budget optimization
    • Current campaign analysis
    • Keyword cost research and selection
    • Campaign development
    • Advertisement development and A/B testing setup
    • Budget optimization
    • Landing page development and A/B testing setup
    • Website redesign
    • Recipe page development
    • Architecture and webpage layout optimization
    • HTML email template design
    • And many of the missing items from the Organic section that cannot be done via Google Sites