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Yearbook 3°C Yearbook 3°C Presentation Transcript

  • Yearbook
    3° C
  • Pily
    Name: Pilar Arminda Calzada Campos
    Birthday: 12 de October
    Will study: Nutrition
    at : Queretaro o USA
    Goals: be a nutiologist-have a family
    Sports: Volleyball-water sports and extreme sports.
    Passion love: Taylor Lautner
    Favorite book::Pocahontas
    Favorite color: Blue and Green
    Favorite assignment: Anatomy
    Favorite Movie: Love story-Avatar
    Favorite artist: Johnny Deep
    Best Quote: “live your days like your final day”
    Things that don't like: be sick
    Best Friends: Sebastian, Marysol, Kaory , Mitzi
    Where we can find you: At Travis's house
    Cell phone: 7441242727
  • Name: Laura Gpe. Fernández Lobato
    Birthday: april 14
    Age: 18
    career: Veterinary
    Where are you gonna study?: In La Salle Bajío
    Where you meet in 10 years: finishing my career and working
    Goals: finish my career and make specialty
    Sports: soccer
    Crush: Gerard Piqué
    Favorite book : Leslat
    Favorite subject : Sports
    Color: turquoise
    Favorite movie: Taken
    Favorite artist: Camila
    Favorite quote: Is not that people change, its just that you never stop knowing
    What you do not like is: everything related to math
    My best friends: Pamela, Ruben, Pili, Faby, Cesar, Balerio
    Where we can find you: facebook
    phone: 72*680605*1
  • Manolo
    Name: José Manuel Muñoz
    Birthday: July 18
    Will study: Medicine
    at : Anahuac University
    Goals: be an excellent doctor and have the best family.
    Sports: Soccer and Gym
    Passion love: Megan Fox or “telesa”
    Favorite book:: Harry Potter
    Favorite color: Blue
    Favorite assignment: Anatomy and biology
    Favorite Movie: Remember the titans
    Favorite artist: The rock-Will Smith-Denzel W.
    Best Quote: “Single if you are hot”
    Things that don't like: the hypocrisy
    Best Friends: A lot
    Where we can find you: Where ever you want
    Cell phone: 72*691907*1
  • Name: Javier González Balerio
    Birthday: February 20
    Will study: I don't know (chemical engineering maybe)
    at : UNAM
    Goals: Become a successful man in every aspect of my life
    Sports: Surf
    Crush: Scarlett Johansson
    Favorite book:
    Favorite color: Green
    Favorite assignment: I don't like the school
    Favorite Movie: A Clockwork Orange, Trainspotting, Vanilla Sky, Fast Five, Scarface.
    Favorite artist: Slash, Megan Fox, Vin Diesel.
    Best Quote: “Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around. "
    Things that don't like: drink and smoke
    Best Friends: A lot
    Where we can find you: In your heart
    Cell phone: 7442236293
  • Jocelyn Prudente
    B-day: January 25th
    Will study: Medicine
    In: Don’t know
    10 years from now: I see my self as a professional
    Goals: Have a career and family
    Sports: Salsa dancing
    Crush: None
    Favorite Book: None
    Favorite Subject: Biology
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Movie: What happens in Vegas
    Favorite Artist: Lady Gaga
    Favorite Quote: None
    Don’t like: lies
    Best friends: Johana, Samantha, Alexa, Toriz, Orbe, Guevara & Chilango
    You can find me: At home
    PN: 461 25-03
  • Alexandra Romain
    B-day: July 25th
    Will study: Industrial Design
    In: UNAM
    10 years from now: I see my self in DF
    Goals: Do professional Theatre
    Sports: Salsa dancing & Theatre
    Crush: Di Caprio
    Favorite Book: Guia de estudios de la unam
    Favorite Subject: Calculus
    Favorite Color: Red
    Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge
    Favorite Artist: Nicole Kidman
    Favorite Quote: "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.“ –Albert Einstein
    Don’t like: lies
    Best friends: Jo, Joce, Patty, Balerio & Orbe
    You can find me: DF
    PN: 216 20 32
  • Anita
    Name: Ana Inés Juárez Medel (Anita)
    Birthday: 11 de January
    You´ll study: Medicine in: I got many options but, I´m not sure yet.
    Where you imagine in 10 years: Continuing with my studies, with a doctorate.
    Goals: To be a successful doctor and with a great family.
    Sports that you practice: Soccer
    Crush: Ryan Reynolds.
    Favorite book: Dracula and Likundú.
    Favorite matter: Anatomy.
    Favorite color: Blue.
    Favorite Movie: I don´t have favorite
    Favorite artist: Avril Lavigne and Glee.
    Best phrase: The major declaration of love is the one that is not done; the man who feels very much, speaks little.
    What you don´t like is: Injustices, evilness and lies.
    Best Friends: Alexis.
    Where we can find you?: Facebook
    Telephone: 01 800 I´m the best
    E- mail:
  • Diana
    Name: Diana Carolina Vázquez Aparicio
    Birthday: 21 de April
    You´ll study: Medicine in: UAG
    Where you imagine in 10 years: Finishing my career
    Goals: To work and to form a family
    Sports that you practice: None
    Crush: None
    Favorite book: Una esquina del corazón
    Favorite matter: Anatomy
    Favorite color: Blue and pink
    Favorite Movie: White Chicks, Clash of the
    Titans and A walk to remember
    Favorite artist: None
    Best phrase: Never forget to smile, is the best that you can do with your lips
    What you don´t like is: Lie, dislike, disappointment and hypocrisy
    Best Friends: Michelle, Kimberly.
    Where we can find you?: calling my phone number.
    Telephone: 4820027
    E- mail:
  • *Name: Julio Eric Barrios Plata
    *Birthday: April 19, 1993
    * Gonna study in : Puebla
    * How do you see yourself in 10 years? : finishing my career and working.
    *Goals: finish my career, exercise and have a family.
    *Sports: Gym, taekwondo and little of kick boxing with jiujitsu
    *Crush: Megan Fox
    *Favorite book: I do not have
    *Favorite subject: chemistry
    *Favorite color: green
    *Favorite movie: Fast and furious 1,2,3,4 and 5
    *Favorite artist: I do not have
    *Best phrase: "Live your life and let live. "
    *I don’t like: that people do not pay me attention
    *Best Friends: Tony, Orbe, Pilar, Franciso Almanza, Laura, Guevara y Toriz
    * Where can i find me : at the beach, my house, dining at Tarascos or driving around the costera.
    *Phone: 486 99 77 or 744 449 4518
  • Olivia
    *Name: Olivia Urbina Noriega
    *Birthday: August 16, 1993.
    * Gonna study : Medicine in: D.F
    * How do you see yourself in 10 years? : finishing my career with great satisfaction.
    *Goals: finish my career, travel around the world and be happy.
    *Sports: swimming
    *Crush: a fiery brown with green eyes
    *Favorite book: i don’t read
    *Favorite subject: Chemistry
    *Favorite color: Green
    *Favorite food: Mole
    *Favorite animal: elephant
    *Favorite movie: Titanic
    *Favorite artist: Akon
    *Best phrase: ”Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect , it means you’ve decided to see beyond the imperfections”
    *I don’t like: lies and cries
    *Best Friends: GICOC & 7
    * Where can i find me : my home
    *Phone: 485 14 59 or 744 585 4946
  • Name Lucero Carolina Guzmán Hernández
    Birthday: November 8
    Gonna study: Veterinary
    In: BUAP, Puebla
    How do you see yourself in 10 years Finishing my career and exercising my profession in Africa.
    Goals: To fulfill everything what God has prepared for me.
    Sports: Football and Volleyball
    Crush: No one
    Favorite book: A horse called Liberty
    Favorite subject: Zoology
    Favorite color Black or Coffee honey
    Favorite food: Spaguetti
    Favorite animal: Dog
    Favorite movie Amarte duele
    Favorite artist: Gwen Stefani
    Best phrase: “In our mad attempts, we resign what we are for what we wait being."
    I don’t like That interrupt me when I speak
    Best Friends: Anahi, Regina, Linda, Samara, Daniela, Sampi, Cony y Mafer.
    Where can I find me: In the street walking my dog
    Phone: 744-144-8121
    Lucero carolina
  • Name Martha Elena Sampedro Castro
    Birthday: August 18
    Gonna study: Medicine
    In: UDLAP, Puebla
    How do you see yourself in 10 years: In my doctor's office with my patients and in the evenings in company of my family.
    Goals To finish my career
    Sports: No one in special
    Crush: Taylor Lautner
    Favorite Book No one in special
    Favorite Subject Calculator
    Favorite Color: Pink
    Favorite Food: Enchiladas
    Favorite animal: Crocodile
    Favorite movie: The Notebook
    Favorite Artist: Black Eyed Peas
    Best phrase “Live. Love. &.Laugh”
    I don’t like: The Lie’s
    Best Friends: Mafer, Caro, Edlin, Lucero, Cony.
    Where can I find me: In my house
    Phone: 2169067
  • Name: José Luis Basilio BritoBirthday: December 31thWill study in: UAMWhere you see yourself in 10 years: working or studying a specialty, with my familyGoals: finish my studies and have a beautiful familySports: footballCrush: Megan FoxFavorite book: The AlchemistFavorite subject: BiologyFavorite color: BlueFavorite movie: Grown ups, Fast and furious out of controlFavorite Artist: Adam SandlerBest phrase: just be yourselfWhat you do not like it: liar peopleBest friends: Kimberly Catalan, Gaby Lataban, Adrian Hluz, Cristian Lataban…where can we find you?: I don´t know where i will be just call meCell phone: 7442228086E-mail:
  • Name: Brenda Marlenne Portillo RuizBirthday: September 20thWill study in: UAGWhere you see yourself in 10 years: working or studying a specialtyGoals: finish my studies and have a beautiful familySports: volleyballCrush: Enrique IglesiasFavorite book: The AlchemistFavorite subject: EnglishFavorite color: turquoiseFavorite movie: The notebook, A walk to rememberFavorite Artist: Adam SandlerBest phrase: where there's a will, there's a wayWhat you do not like it: bad peopleBest friends: Naty, Natalia, Cristina, Anita, Diana…where can we find you?: In my houseCell phone: 7441861005E-mail:
  • Name : Jennifer Buenfil
    Birthday: November 11
    You will study in: I don't know
    What are you going to do in 10 years: working in labs
    Goals: Be a great professionist
    Sports: Dancing
    Crush: Johnny Deep
    Favorite Book: Aura de Carlos Fuentes
    Favorite subject : Chemistry
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Movie: El club de la Pelea
    Favorite Artist: Radiohead
    Best phrase: choose the most beautiful illusions
    What do you don't like: the people that think there are the best
    Best friends: Zavala, Yasil, Michelle, Lucero, Ublester, Cynthia, Monse, Castrejon, Ilse, Balerio, Fabiola, Basilio
    Where we can find you: Playa
    Phone: 7445019152 o 4823847
  • Name: Carlos Ublester Cadena Corona
    Birthday: 7 de June
    You will study: Medicine
    in: en la UPAEP o en la BUAP
    Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Working in a Hospital
    Goals: Finish a PhD and having my own hospital
    Sports: Football Soccer
    Crush: Megan Fox
    Favorite Book: Siddhartha
    Favorite Subject: Chemistry
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    Favorite Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Best Phrase: The things happen for one reason don't try to understand it
    What do you don't like: Hypocrisy and lies
    Best Friends: Cesar, Balerio, Jenny, Chilango, Tony, Torres, Laura, Faby, Michelle Mario, Toriz , Guevara, Karen
    Where we can find you: playa
    Phones: 7441452702 o 4431540
    Carlos U.
  • Ilse
    Name: Ilse
    Birthday: January 18
    I will study: UAEM (Cuernavaca) o  BUAP (Puebla)
    Where I will be in 10 years: Finishing my career and starting my specialty
    Goals: Be a very successful doctor.
    Sports: Swimming
    Crush: Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
    Favorite Book: The Lonely Hearts Club
    Favorite Subject: Biology
    Favorite Color: Mexican Pink
    Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice
    Favorite Artist: Akon, Dulce Maria, Pitbull, W&Y, Enrique Iglesias, Miley Cyrus, J-Lo, Ov7
    Favorite Quote: Even when everything falls apart always keep a smile
    What You Don’t Like It: The hypocrites, the lies, the psycho people
    Best Friends: Pau, Oli, Edlin, Caro, Sampi, Feri, Chayo, Pao, Balery, Chili, etc…
    Where We Can Find You: Laughing with my friends
    Phone: 7444391054
  • Name: Paloma Pintos Castro
    Birthday: September 26
    Studied in: UAM Unidad Xochimilco.
    Wherever you look in 10 years: I am finishing a degree and possibly starting a master’s degree.
    Goal: Be happy :)
    Sports: I play many sports but that I like and master are: volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming, badminton and archery.
    Crush: Zach Braff (Scrubs).
    Favorite Book: Where the wild things are.
    Favorite Subject: Biology and Literature.
    Favorite Color: White.
    Favorite Movie: Toy Story and many more.
    Favorite Artist: Dream Theater, The Beatles, Yann Tiersen, etc.
    Best quote: “Ad astra per aspera” (To the stars through adversity)
    What you do not like: The hypocrisy , war and religion.
    Best Friends: Xochitl Montero, Margarita Vazquez, Cinthya Nayeli, Alan Japhet, Alex Castrejon, Fernanda Carranza, Edwin Velasco, Fernanda Cadena.
    Where can you find: Facebook.
    Phone Number: 7441039011
    Paloma Pintos
  • Name: Alan Japhet Salmerón Baños
    Birthday: September 13
    Studied in: UAG.
    Wherever you look in 10 years: Maybe married.
    Goal: Have gone on track.
    Sports: Basketball, Athletics and Football.
    Crush: Alexis Atala.
    Favorite Book: Le Petit Prince.
    Favorite Subject: History.
    Favorite Color: Blue.
    Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump and La vita es bella.
    Favorite Artist: Alejandro Sanz.
    Best quote: I slept and dreamed that life was joy. I woke up and saw that life was service. I served and understood that service is joy.
    What you do not like: The indifference.
    Best Friends: Armando Virto (L), Edgar Iván, Paloma Pintos, Lizbeth Lanche, Melchor Ocampo, Alex Castrejón, Chucho, etc.
    Where can you find: Facebook.
    Phone Number: 7441941499
  • Caro
    Name: Carolina Gómez Acosta
    Birthday: June 8th
    Will Study: Medicine
    In: BUAP Puebla
    Where you see yourself in ten years?: Finishing my career that i love and bringing that
    Goals: Finish my career and have a family
    Sports: Nothing Special
    Crush: Ashton Kutcher
    Favorite Book: La Bruja de Portosello
    Favorite Subject: Biology
    Favorite Color: Blue and Green
    Favorite Food: Italian
    Favorite Animal: Dog and Dolphin
    Favorite Movie: Taken
    Favorite Singer: Enrique Iglesias
    Best Quote: “If I were not this, I would be otherwise”
    Dislikes: To be compared to someone else
    Best Friends: GICOC – FESPICO
    Where we can find you?: on facebook, in my house or in BBmsn
    Telephone Number:
  • Edlin
    Name: Edlin Amairani Castro Valdez
    Birthday: August 25th
    Will Study: Medicine
    In: UANL Monterrey or UPAEP Puebla
    Where you see yourself in ten years?: Studying my specialty residency
    Goals: Finish my career and bring that
    Sports: Nothing Special
    Crush: Ashton Kutcher
    Favorite Book: Los ojos de mi princesa
    Favorite Subject: Anatomy
    Favorite Color: Red
    Favorite Food: Lasagna
    Favorite Animal: Dog and Tiger
    Favorite movie: The notebook
    Favorite Singer: Leon Larregui
    Best Quote: “The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth”
    Dislikes: Hypocrisy
    Best Friends: Las 7, Allan, Javier and Paola
    Where we can find you?: on facebook or with my friends
    Telephone Number: 4835214
  • Yair Orbe
    Name: Yair Roberto Orbe Salmeron
    Birthday: 06/06/1993
    Study: Medicine in ULSA México
    In 10 years: Playing Soccer or practicing as a physician surgeon.
    Goal: Soccer Player
    Sports: Soccer
    Crush: Alexia, Daniela pedroza, pili, carla jimenez, karla plata, valeria y megan fox
    Book: Calculo 10000
    Favorite Subject: Calculo (I was in the dream team 3.c)
    Color: Blue
    Movie: Rapidos y Furiosos 5
    Artist: Megan Fox
    Sportsman: Leo Messi
    Best Sentence: The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory
    Don’t Like: the monopoly of TV Azteca and Televisa in soccer
    Best Friends: Toriz, Guevara, Julio, Torres, Javi, Johan, Karen, Laura, Sampi, Edlin, Caro,Olivia. Balerio. Ayla ,Chilango , Pily y Ayax.
    Where you can find me: In soccer
    Tel. 4-84-43-25; 74 41 61 10 74; 2162551 o 92*15*1190
  • Jesús Toriz
    Name: Jesus Andres Toriz Vargas
    Birthday: 07/11/93
    Study: UPAEP
    In 10 years: Playing tennis or studying my PhD in my field of medicine.
    Goal: Soccer player, tennis player or good doctor.
    Sports: Soccer, Tennis, Jiu –Jitsu
    Crush: Caroline Wozniacky & Arianny Celeste.
    Best Book: The Alchemist
    Signature: Sports
    Favorite Color: Blue & Orange.
    Best Movie: Rapidos & Furiosos 5.
    Artist: Megan Fox.
    Sportsmen: Leo Messi & Roger Federer.
    Best Phrase: “Teach me to forget” Aventura Song
    Don't like: lose in any sport
    Best Friends: Orbe, Guevara, Balerio, Chilango, Torres, Fer, Karen, Ingrid,Pau, Sampi,Rabadan.
    Where you can find me: In my house.
    Tel. 4883938, 2188791, 92*932015*1
  • Faby
    Itzel fabiola benitez
    August 29 of 1993
    i will study odontology in UNAM
    I look at me working on my own consultory in 10 years .
    My goals: finish my speciallity
    My sports:basquetball
    Crush:enrique inglesias
    Favorite book:”al terminar el arcoiris”
    Favorite Subject: anatomy and physiology
    favorite color :blue
    favorite movie: vaselina
    favorite actor:brad pitt
    Better phase: “the greatest thing that you’ll ever learned is just to love & be loved in retven”
    Friends: karen bautista, adrian rabadan. Milton pere, steff burgos.
    E mail:
  • Carmona
    Luis Enrique Carmona Mendez
    December 15 of 1992
    i will study medicine in IPN
    I look at me studding hardly or whit my family two beauty twins blondes with blue eyes my daughters
    My goals: be a famous and a good doctor
    My sports: soccer
    Crush: megan fox
    Favorite book:”el alquimista”
    Favorite schedule: biology
    favorite color :purple
    favorite movie: pd. I love you
    favorite actor:ashton kutcher
    Better phase: “the greatest thing that you’ll ever learned is just to love & be loved in retven”
    Friends: manolo muñoz, carlos heredia. Juan peña, toño priego, rene morales, roberto medina, abraham maldonado, amayry garcia.
    E mail:
  • Name: Samantha Delgado Flores.
    Birthday: November 1st, 1992
    University: Psicologia clinica on IPN
    How do you see on 10 years: With my own
    family and a perfect job be happy.
    Goal: Be a top model.
    Sports: Cheerleading.
    Crush: Ryan Reynolds.
    Favorite book: Palabra de Nadie.
    Favorite color: Phosphorescent green.
    Favorite movie: No strings attached.
    Favorite actor: Ryan Reynolds, Natalie Portman,
    Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp.
    Phrase: OMG! NOO
    Don’t like: Spiders, dark, bad people, liers.
    Best Friends: Yara Moraes, Marian Rios,Dulce Gpe.
    Find me: Mexico City, MxNTM house.
    Phone: 744 143 29 32
  • Mon
    Name: Yazmin Monserrat Hernández Dotor
    Birthday: May 18th 1993
    Career: criminalistic.
    City: puebla
    How do you see yourself in 10 years: working in a crime department.
    Goals: to finish my career and make a family.
    Sports: no one.
    Crush: Nick Jonas
    Favorite book: New Moon
    Favorite signature: Biology.
    Favorite color: Pink
    Favorite movie: The little mermaid.
    Favorite actor: Johnny Depp
    Best phrase: as it hasn’t existed.
    What you don’t like is: the lies.
    Best friends: Daniel Guevara and Grecia Cortes
    Where we can find you: in my phone number.
    Pone number: 7441657034
  • Guevara
    Name: Daniel Eduardo Guevara Bibiano
    Birthday: January 16th 1993
    Career: medicine
    City: puebla
    How do you see yourself in 10 years: finishing my career and working.
    Goals: to finish my career and make a family.
    Sports: soccer, muay –thai, and jiu-jitsu.
    Crush: Megan Fox
    Favorite book: Twilight
    Favorite signature: Anatomy
    Favorite color: Green
    Favorite movie: The Expendables, Iron Man (both), Sherlock Holmes, The Hangover.
    Favorite actor: Robert Downey Jr.
    Best phrase: “anything you do, will be insignificant, but it’s important that you do it, because no one else will.” What you don’t like is: the rain.
    Best friends: Monse Dotor, Yair Orbe, Jesus Toriz, Julio Barrios, Alberto Torres, Adrian Rabadan, and Milton Perez.
    Where we can find you: in my house.
    Phone number: 7441920581
  • Name: Joshua Melchor beautiful Brito
    Date of birth: 26/12/1992
    It would study in: tec Of Monterrey, Monterrey campus
    Where you see yourself in 10 years: In Monterrey or Guadalajara
    It puts: to finish my race and to exert my profession Sports: muay thai, basquetbol, soccer, jiujitsu. Crush: Megan Fox.
    Favorite book: the art of war.
    Favorite matter: Biology.
    Favorite color: blue.
    Favorite film: network of lies.
    Favorite artist: Enrique churches.
    Better phrase: if you do not want to see it lion, mátalo puppy.
    What I do not like is: that they contradict to me. Better friendly: Jesus Antonio, Aldo, Andres, Omar, basi.
    Where I can find you: in my phase, or my house.
    Tel: 7421020976
  • Javier Felipe
    Name: Javier Felipe Hernandez Villegas.
    Date of birth: 4/sep/1992
    It would study in: ITAM
    Where you see yourself in 10 years: In Acapulco or Rio de Janeiro
    Goal: to finish my race, to exert my profession, to put a factory of automobiles and my own dojo.
    Sports: muay thai, tennis, body board, jiujitsu.
    Crush: Amairany Astudillo
    Favorite book: the prince.
    Favorite matter: physical education.
    Favorite color: black.
    Favorite film: fast five.
    Favorite artist: Eminem.
    Better phrase: NEVER BACK DOWN.
    What I do not like is: not to have the control of the situation.
    Better friendly: a lot.
    Where I can find you: training in dojo or my house or if not then in phase.
    Tel: 7442002384
  • Flor
    Name: Flor Belem Garcia Rubio
    Birthday: 7 May 1993
    You will study in: UPAEP or BUAP
    Were do you watch you over 10 years: On a good job, with family, happy and making everything I want to
    Goals: have a god job and make something with my life but first finish my degree course
    Sport: Badminton
    Crush: Lee Donghae
    Favorite book: The 6 most important decisions of your life
    Favorite subject: Anatomy, Chemistry and English
    Favorite color: Yellow and white
    Favorite movie: Fast and furious 5
    Favorite artist/group: Super Junior, Big Bang, Last alliance
    Best phrase:” You told me that I have to live like if I were going to die tomorrow, feel like if I were going to live this moment, breathe like if I were going to live for ever, I have nothing to lose, nothing to lose” “Because everyone came’s back to the sky someday, you would never need to say goodbye”
    What you don´t like is: lies and discrimination
    Best friends: Fany, Brenda, Paloma, Fernanda, Ixchell, Zam, Cynthia, Margarita
    Where can we find you? : Puebla or Acapulco
    Phone: 4 68 40 16
  • Karen
    Name: Karen Gabriela Bautista Orduño
    Birthday: 25-March-1993
    You will study in: Monterey, medicine
    Were do you watch you over 10 years: Ending my degree course
    Goals: be in my profession with values and working, and have a pretty family
    Sport: soccer and swim
    Crush: Jesse Metcalf
    Favorite book: My princess eyes, eleven minutes
    Favorite subject: Chemistry
    Favorite color: Pink
    Favorite movie: A passion´s diary, license to wed
    Favorite artist/group: Ashton Kutcher
    Best phrase: “Live your present like if it was the last day”
    What you don´t like is: hypocrisy and discrimination
    Best friends: Faby, Deloya, Mafer, Venegas
    Where can we find you? : Monterrey or Acapulco
    Phone: 4 87 02 73
  • Cristina
    Name: Cristina Jocelyn Moreno Villanueva
    Birthday: 29-September-1993
    You will study in: Mexican medicine faculty La Salle
    Were do you watch you over 10 years: Working on a specialties hospital
    Goals: be a good doctor, with lots of recognitions
    Sport: Basquet ball
    Crush: Taylor Launther
    Favorite book: In a Hearts´ corner
    Favorite subject: Biology
    Favorite color: purple
    Favorite movie: The king´s lion
    Favorite artist/group: Avril Lavigne
    Best phrase: If life give´s you back, make it tickle’s!
    What you don´t like is:
    Best friends: Víctor Cabrera, Emmanuelle Escamilla, Karen Sandoval, Xoch Montero, Edgar Pérez, Alejandro Arias, Brenda Portillo, Johan Villanueva, Kevin Shai, Montse Ríos, José Luis Basilio
    Where can we find you? : Mexico DF
    Phone: 4 87 75 95
  • Xoch Montero
    Name: Xochitl Itzel Montero Hernández
    Birthday: 25 - August - 1993
    You will study in: UNAM Medicine Veterinarian
    Where do you watch you over 10 years: in my consultory practicing my career
    Goal: finish my career, contribute to animal campaigns
    Sports: Dance
    Crush: James Marsden
    Favorite book: the art of love
    Favorite subject: Literature
    Favorite color: black
    Favorite movie: 27 dresses
    Favorite artist: Faber Drive y Simple Plan
    Best phrase : “And it was enough one look for you to capture my heart”
    What you don't like is: math's
    Best friends: Cristian, Cristina, Karen, Alicia, Lizbeth, Eduardo, Xavier, Melchor, Alan, Paloma, Cinthya, Margarita , Priscila
    Where can we find you?: in my home
    Phone: 4-87-19-05
  • Paulina
    Name: Paulina Martínez Juárez
    Birthday: September 6
    I will study in: UPAEP, Puebla
    Where you see yourself in 10 years? In my own office
    My goals: To finish the college
    Sports: None
    Crush: William Levy
    Favorite book: El Diario de Ana Frank
    Favorite subject: Biology
    Favorite color: Pink
    Favorite movie: My friend is a mermaid
    Favorite artist: Wisin & Yandel
    Favorite phrase: Enjoy your life because you don’t know when it will finish
    I don’t like: the lies
    Best friends: Tere, Ilse, Edlin, Xcaret, Michelle, Carolina, Olivia, Mónica, Nicole, etc.
    Where can we find you? In a mall, Alebrije or my house
  • Paloma Nando
    Name: Paloma Nando
    Birthday: May 29
    I will study in: BUAP, Puebla
    Where you see yourself in 10 years? Performing my job
    My goals: To become a professional and to have a family
    Sports: Running
    Crush: Iván Sanchez
    Favorite book: Memorias de una geisha
    Favorite subject: Anatomy
    Favorite color: Blue
    Favorite movie: The notebook
    Favorite artist: Gerard Butler
    Favorite phrase: Don’t give a book to someone who can not read, don´t give your heart to someone who can not love.
    I don’t like: that someone yells at me
    Best friends: Mariel, Pamela, Adrian.
    Where can we find you? My house or Palladium
    Phone: 218-20-83/4-88-34-53
  • Lanche
    Name: Lizbeth Carolina Lanche Olguín
    Birthday: June 7th 1993
    Career: communication sciences
    City: puebla
    How do you see yourself in 10 years: somewhere in the world working on what I want
    Goals: travel the world
    Sports: no one.
    Crush: Taylor Lautner
    Favorite book: Halo de Alexandra Adornetto
    Favorite signature: literature
    Favorite color: blue
    Favorite movie: Rio
    Favorite actor: Taylor Swift
    Best phrase: raises your flight, stay on top and do not let you cut the wings
    for the fall hurts and disappoints
    What you don’t like is: be in an uncomfortable situation
    Best friends: Priscila Mireyle, Xochitl, Alan Jafet, Montse, Karen Sandoval, Melchor, Edgar
    Where we can find you: facebook
    Phone number: 4 850170
  • Rosalío
    Name: andres rosalio navarrete romero
    Birthday: july5th 1993
    Career: odontology
    City: puebla
    How do you see yourself in 10 years: with a family and a good work
    Goals: finish my career
    Sports: kickboxing and soccer
    Crush: scarlet Johansson
    Favorite book: atrapado en la obscuridad
    Favorite signature: Anatomy
    Favorite color: white
    Favorite movie: Tarzan
    Favorite actor: Adam Sandler
    Best phrase: “never back down, never give up”
    What you don’t like is: the tomatoes
    Best friends: amaury garcia, Javier sotelo ,alfredo mendoza, etc.
    Where we can find you: in palomares
    Phone number: i don’t have phone
  • Grecia
    Name: Grecia Cortes Molina
    Birthday: September 9
    Age: 17
    career: Medicine
    Where are you going to study?: i don't know
    Where you meet in 10 years: being employed at a doctor's office
    Goals: to finish my career and to form a family.
    Sports: None
    Crush: Taylor lautner
    Favorite book :
    Favorite Subject: anatomy.
    Color: Blue
    Favorite movie: my sassy girl
    Favorite artist: Ne-you
    Favorite quote: When something is for you, even that you remove yourself, and when not even on that you put.
    What you do not like is: the lies.
    My best friend: Monse Dotor and Sam Romero
    Where we can find: facebook
    phone: 7441035787
  • Birthday: May 21
    Study: Yes What: Medicine  Where: Politecnico
    Where is seen in 10 years working in the best hospital
    Goals: To be the best doctor, be the best boyfriend, money and a nice family.
    Sports: Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Ping-Pong, Golf, Squash, Football and Gym.
    Crush: Adriana Lima
    Favorite book: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
    Favorite subjects: Biology and anatomy
    Color: Blue
    Favorite Movie: Saving Private Perez and the book of secrets
    Favorite artist: Vin Diesel, Sylvester Stallone and Jessica Alba.
    Quote: "If the road you can not run, jog. If you can not jog, walk. If you can not walk, use a cane, but never stop just do it. “
    What you do not like is: The lies and tell secrets with me.
    Best Friends: Yasil, Renteria, Manolo, Julio, Maria, Regina and Leslie.
    Where you can find: In my house, school and facebook.
    Phone: 2029289
    Noel Alejandro
  • Yasil
    Birthday: July 27
    Study:  Yes What?: Medicine  Where?: Mexico ULSA
    Where is seen in 10 years: Ending my career and with a good job
    Goals: To have a family, finish my career and be the best
    Sports: Soccer, Volleyball and Tennis
    Crush: Enrique Iglesias
    Favorite book: Twilight
    Favorite subjects: Calculus and anatomy
    Color: Pink and purple
    Favorite Movie: Hercules and Listen to your destination
    Favorite artist: Vin Diesel, Jessica Alba and Sandra Bullock.
    Phrase: "Better cry with truths, to laugh with lies. “
    What you do not like is: the hypocrisy and people who thinks is superior to others.
    Best Friends: Mariana, Jenny, Alexander, Alexander, Lucero, Marc, Andy, Regina, Alma,  Jeanfredy,  Ricardo,  Zavala,  Renteria, and Leslie
    Where you can find: In facebook.
    Phone: 4-61-20-26 and 744-18-30-199
  • Name: Alejandro Castrejon Castro
    Birthday: July/30/1992
    Will study in: Queretaro
    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: Working at a big hospital and making a family
    Goals: Finishing my studies an became a surgeon
    Sports: Basketball
    Crush: …you ;)
    Favorite Book: Sherlock Holmes
    Favorite Subject: Chemistry
    Favorite color: Green
    Favorite movie: Men of honor
    Favorite Artist: Alejandro Sanz
    Best Quote: “Impossible is nothing”
    What you don’t like is: Injustice
    Best friends: They know who they are
    Where can we find you?: I'm everywhere and nowhere at the same time in the same moment juajua
    Tel: 044 744 103 1888
    Alex Castejón
  • Johanna
    Dulce Johanna Santos Alcaraz
    June 6th-1993
    Study : university Loyola
    10 years later: work on my own company.
    Goal: Finish my studies and work for help my family.
    Sport: Nothing
    Favorite book: carta mi padre
    Favorite class: physic
    Favorite color: blue turquoise
    Favorite movie: son como niños
    Favorite singer: Enrique Iglesias
    phrase: life isn’t just dreams, just with hope too.
    Don’t like: lier persons
    Best friends: Jocelyn, Daniela, orbe, toriz, Samantha, Guevara y Javier Felipe y Balerio, montse Rios
    Find me: Mexico and Acapulco
    Tel: 7441-76-01-99 y 446-05-38
  • Name: Kimberly Jaqueline Catalan Flores
    Birthday: March 28
    Will study in: Medicine at UAG
    Goals :Became a professional doctor and make a family and keep it join.
    Sports: Dance
    Crush: William Levy
    Favorite Book: Nothing special
    Favorite Subject: Anatomy
    Favorite color: Blue
    Favorite movie: White Chic's, what happens in Vegas, The notebook
    Favorite Artist: None
    Best Quote: “I'm not perfect but my flaws are charming”
    What you don’t like is: Lies
    Best friends: Victor Cabrera, Luis Basilio, Diana Vazquez y Lucero Barragan
    Phone: 7441942804
  • Name: Lucero Barragan Nava
    Birthday: March 24Study: MedicineGoals: To be a successful and very good doctor, a family and prepare my children to be good peopleSports: SalsaCrush: William LevyFavorite Book: Fly over the swamp for Personal Author: Carlos Cuauhtémoc SanchezFavorite Subject: Anatomy
    Favorite Color: PurpleFavorite movies: Transformers, Twilight, Fast and furious, Nemo and Monsters IncFavorite Artist: Enrique IglesiasBest Quote: Drop open the stone, not by force but by Stamina (Ovid)What you do not like is: hypocrisy and liesBest Friends: Jennifer Buenfil, Yasil Leuning, Cinthya Valdovinos, Kimberly Catalan y Gabriela Lataban
    Tel: 7441867566Email:
    Lucero Barragan