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Michael jackson

  1. 1. Javier Carrión González 2º Bachillerato
  2. 2.  Biography- First years: “The Jackson Five”- Solo carrer- Albums- XXI Century- Death Resume Questions
  3. 3. First years He was born 29th august 1958 7º child of Joseph and Katherine He was called Michael Musical proyect of the family His father made a band with 4 of their childs: Tito, Jackie, Jermanie and Marlon Katherine discovered his talent
  4. 4.  Michael 5 years old vocalist Names of the group:- “Ripples & Waves”- “Ripples & Waves Plus Michael”- “The Jackson Five” in 1966
  5. 5.  Record Company: Motown 1972
  6. 6.  Albums- Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 (1969)- ABC (1970)- Christmas Album (1970)- Greatest Hits (1970)- Third Album (1970)- Goin´Back to Indiana (1971)- Maybe Tomorrow (1971)- Lookin´Through The Windows (1972)
  7. 7. Solo carrer 1972 Begining of his solo carrer Album “Got to be There” He still was in “The Jackson Five” Ballad “Ben” Main theme music of the film “Ben” 20 years old Funk-Disc “Off the Wall” Quincy Jones (1979)
  8. 8.  Got to be there (1972)- “Rockin´Robin”- “I wanna Be Where You Are”- “You´ve Got a Friend” Ben (1972)- “Ben”- “Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Da Day”- “My Girl”
  9. 9.  Music and Me (1973)- “Music and Me”- “All the things You Are”- “Happy” Forever, Michael (1975)- “Dear Michael”- “One day in Your Life”- “We´re Almost There”
  10. 10.  “Off the wall” 1979 Solo carrer “Thriller” 1982
  11. 11.  Millionaire sales 1º Grammy Award “Triumph” 1981 Album of “The Jackson Five”
  12. 12.  1983 “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever” Moonwalk Surprise
  13. 13.  Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie “We are the world” Quincy Jones Recorded Famous song-writers “Usa for Africa”
  14. 14.  “Bad” 1987 Records
  15. 15.  “Off the wall”- “Rock with you”- “Don´t stop´til you get enough “Thriller”- “Wanna be statin´something”- “Human Nature”- “The girl is mine” “Bad”- “The way you make me feel”- “Smooth Criminal”
  16. 16.  Changes in his body Make-up Met his second wife: Debbie Rowe He broke off the relationship with Quincy Jones Less creativity “Black or white”: 1º single the album “Dangerous” October 1991 Famous rock in 90´s Mix of rock, dance & rap similar to “Beat it”
  17. 17.  “Dangerous”: 8º album november 1991 1º album after Quincy Jones Powerful sounds Varied tracklist and a sleeve Controversy Number ones: “Black or white”, ”Jam”, “Remember the time”, “Will you be there”, “Who is it”
  18. 18.  “Dangerous World Tour” Record of Audience in the entire world Started 27th june 1992 Munich Finished 11th november 1993 Ciudad de Mexico 69 concerts 3.5 million of spectators Money raised to “Heal The World Fundation” Cancelled the “World Tour”
  19. 19.  Accusation of child abuse by Jordan Chandler was taken in Neverland Oral sex Michael missed his childhood (“The Jackson Five”); he tried to make it realas an adult After his death, Jordan said that it was a set-up by his father
  20. 20.  HIStory 16th june 1996 Soldest doble album in History 2 cd´s He criticized the social problems and some ideas Statues
  21. 21.  “Blood on the dance floor” 1997 New songs 7 million of copies Short film “Ghost” 45 minutes Directed by Jackson and Stephen King
  22. 22. XXI Century “Invicible” last album in 2001 One of the best 7.5 millions of units “Whatever Happens” Carlos SAntana
  23. 23.  Accusations of child abuse: 14 Bahréin Invited by Abdul Aha- Jamed helped him “Neverland” closed Economic trouble Less fame in United States Many fans in Oceania, Asia and Europe
  24. 24.  Michael Jackson 2006 100 million sold in United States MTV Japan Group of his 20 best singles
  25. 25.  Diamond Award: “World Music Awards” “We are the World” “Thriller”: 25th Anniversary 11th february 2008 special Edition
  26. 26.  50 birhday “King of Pop” Austri, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungry, Japan, Filipinas and United Kingdom Chosen by his fans by vote
  27. 27.  5th march 2009 London: 20000 fans Another “World Tour”: “This is it” 13th july O2 Arena in London Last presentation
  28. 28. DeathLos Angeles, California25th june 2009DemetolConrad MurrayPain in the entire world
  29. 29.  Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana He started early being the vocalist of “The Jackson Five” He has had a succesful path In his solo carrer, had very famous albums, as “Thriller” or “Bad” Lots of concerts around the world He has been considered “King of Pop”
  30. 30. 1. Which is the name of Michael Jackson´s father?- Michael- Joseph- Stanley2. When “The Jackson Five” appeared?- In 1967- In 1965- In 1966
  31. 31. 3. Which of them is a famous album?- “Don´t stop´til you get enough”- “Rock with you”- “Thriller”4. What was the last “World Tour”?- “Dangerous World Tour”- “HIStory World Tour”- “This is it”