Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Beauty born or manufactured


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This is a presentation on the world of beauty the business as well as how it impacts especially women and what they can do fight back.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Beauty born or manufactured

  1. 1. Mirror, Mirror on the wall. “The business of beauty and what you can do about it” A K2 Vista Film Production
  2. 2. What is beauty? “ A quality attributed to whatever pleases orwhatever pleases or satisfies the senses or mind” Definition of beauty
  3. 3. Only 2% of women feel comfortablecomfortable describing themselves as beautiful Source: Campaign for Real Beauty
  4. 4. Why is that?
  5. 5. 19th century industrialization facilitated afacilitated a worldwide homogenization of beauty ideals
  6. 6. Beauty became associated with Western countries, white people, and with women
  7. 7. Weapons of Mass Deception
  8. 8. • Mass Media + TV + Cosmetics industry = a commodity for the everyday woman.
  9. 9. Materialistic society “if you have it you shouldshould flaunt it”
  10. 10. To present
  11. 11. Beauty Industry is a $330 BillionBillion global industry
  12. 12. Media saturation ofsaturation of beautiful people
  13. 13. Hollywood and Beauty pageants reinforce globalreinforce global homogenization
  14. 14. Beauty mania continues in 21st century Beauty mania continues in 21st century Mass media Body sculpting Objectification AnorexiaBulimia
  15. 15. Only see one dimension, their physical 15 physical appearance
  16. 16. Beauty Myth is ideal and unrealistic 16
  17. 17. "Even I don't wake up : wake up looking like Cindy Crawford." Cindy Crawford
  18. 18. Objectification
  19. 19. What is Objectification? Being represented and perceived as anperceived as an object (your body) rather than as a person.
  20. 20. Why object to it? It dehumanizes and strips away identity of aidentity of a person by reducing them to body, or just parts of her body.
  21. 21. Cultural Ethnocentrism We tend to regard our own culture’s customs as highlyculture’s customs as highly “civilized” and others’ as “savage”.
  22. 22. Women want whiter skin
  23. 23. Beauty Is Born ... and Made
  24. 24. Many winning Pageants contestants secret formula is body sculpting and plastic surgery
  25. 25. Plastic Surgery Includes • Breast augmentation, • Liposuction • Nasal surgery • Eyelid surgery• Eyelid surgery • Abdominoplasty
  26. 26. Going under the knife • In US Over 12.5 Million people underwent plastic surgery American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  27. 27. And it can go wrong
  28. 28. Or badly wrong
  29. 29. The Brazilian Model --Ana Crolina When she was healthy…
  30. 30. After she was sick… Reston died of Anorexia
  31. 31. So what are the answers? • Here’s a start
  32. 32. Back to basics • See, appreciate, natural beauty
  33. 33. Back to basics • More to beauty than cosmetics, clothes, perfumes,….
  34. 34. You are unique, you don’t need to abuse your body
  35. 35. Understand modern beauty is manufactured not real • The “Evolution” video uses time-lapse photography to illustrate how much a model’s natural appearance has likely been modified in an advertisement Images taken from “Evolution,” available at http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com/dsef07/t5.aspx?id=7373&filmno=1
  36. 36. Beauty is the whole you Inner and Outer
  37. 37. Inner Beauty Psychological qualities like: • Kindness • Sensitivity • Compassion• Compassion • Creativity • Intelligence.
  38. 38. Outer Beauty Includes physical factors, such as: • Health • Youthfulness• Youthfulness • Sexiness • Symmetry • Complexion
  39. 39. So Beauty is about the whole self. • "O God, as You have made my appearance beautiful,beautiful, likewise make my character beautiful.“ Muhammad, Prophet of Islam
  40. 40. Understand standards of beauty change over time
  41. 41. "I wanted to go through to the Miss England finals to break the stereotype Go against the flow break the stereotype that you have to be tall and skinny to be considered beautiful.“ Chloe Marshall, Runner Up Miss UK
  42. 42. Be Accepting Of who we are, not making any alterations to it.
  43. 43. Be Accepting
  44. 44. Dress Modestly
  45. 45. We must believe • That all of God’s creation is beautiful, because He does not create anything except with beauty and perfection.
  46. 46. Thank you for viewing this. If you enjoyed it share it! A K2 Vista Film Production Email: k2film@live.com www.k2vista.com All images are from public domain and copyright of respective owners