Human trafficking in the muslim world

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A presentation about human trafficking in the muslim word facts, fiction and what can be done about it. With a special message from Imam Zaid Shakir for victims, parent

A presentation about human trafficking in the muslim word facts, fiction and what can be done about it. With a special message from Imam Zaid Shakir for victims, parent

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  • a LOT of the money they get from niagara falls and canadian cities easily thru selling humans and parts of humans is used to cover the high costs of doing so in other nations without the ease of infrastructure like roads and telecommunications that is where they get stuff to gain easier access there, by using the easily obtained monies in north american human selling with ease, so this money is tainted by this innocent blood and flows destruction as It Is Written, but these posers of muslim reap their whirlwind as the heathens that they are
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  • thank you so much for this, unfortunately some persons posing as muslims are carrying on these activities with muslim affiliates in niagara falls ontario canada using the international guise of the tourists to cloak their lucrative north american activities, thank you for your vigilance and from The Lord God Almighty's Beautiful Way of Life meant for Every One To Be, In Peace in an Abundantly Producing World able to sustain all in Abundance by His Grace Freely giving, thank you for you.
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  • 1. Human Trafficking in the Muslim world A Presentation by Muslims against Human Trafficking email: 1
  • 2. Of 17 Tier-3 worst Offending countries, 9 are Muslim Mauritania Chad Kuwait Niger Sudan Syria Saudi Iran Arabia 2
  • 3. VictimsAs in most parts of the world the victims of humantrafficking are80% women50% childrenAlthough no reliable stats, similar in Muslim countriesExcept in Afghanistan and NW Pakistan there is BachaBazi,Bazi, where young boys are forced to wear womensclothes, dance, and traded for sex. east boys sold for being camel-jockeysIn- camel-
  • 4. Why should I care?
  • 5. Reminder for Muslims“Verily, prayerprevents fromimmorality andwrongdoing, andthe remembering ofAllah is greaterindeed. And Allahknows what you do(Quran 29:45)”
  • 6. Sex TraffickingWhat if you knew one of these women?
  • 7. It could be your daughter
  • 8. Sex Traffickingor wife?
  • 9. Sex TraffickingOr mother?
  • 10. Sex TraffickingOr sister
  • 11. Sex TraffickingOr Neighbor
  • 12. Human Trafficking = Slavery
  • 13. Defined by force, fraud or coercion
  • 14. “And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of a whole people” (Holy Quran)
  • 15. One World, One People
  • 16. injustice
  • 17. illegal
  • 18. immoral
  • 19. How does trafficking happen?
  • 20. Recruiter gains victim’s trust
  • 21. Traffickers coerce youngwomen and their families
  • 22. Broker poses as boyfriend
  • 23. Or tricks into false marriage
  • 24. Or Tricks into visiting a friend in Middle East or the city
  • 25. Some abducted
  • 26. Others sold by family members
  • 27. The victim could be anyone.
  • 28. Sold to a Sex-Broker once they Sex- cross the border
  • 29. Generations of debt
  • 30. Poverty and lack of job opportunities
  • 31. Lured with promises of a "good" job 31
  • 32. “Break in period”Gang rapes/sexual violence
  • 33. Trafficker gains power over his victim
  • 34. We can put an end to this
  • 35. Misconceptions: Sex with slavesMa malakat aymanukumis the term for slaves,which may be captives ofwar. In todays world bothlegally and morallyPrisoners of war, are onlycombatants, there is noconcept of slaves. Sex isonly permitted withsomeone a man takes asa spouse. Source Wiki
  • 36. Misconceptions: Obedience to husband and in-laws in-There is noobedience to anyhuman if the resultis disobedience toAllah. Pimping andforcing women orchildren intoprostitution is agrave sin.
  • 37. Misconceptions: Mutaa temporary MarriageIn mainstreamSunni Islam there isno concept oftemporarymarriage. In Shiabranch it ispermitted but not alicense for rape,and sexual slavery
  • 38. Misconceptions: Islam condones child marriagesMarriage in Islam isbetween 2 adults,and can only beconsummatedwhen they are post- post-puberty. Withoutconsent there is nomarriage, period.
  • 39. A message: To Victims,Families, and those who profit in human trafficking Based on Interview with Imam Zaid Shakir, Shakir, a leading Islamic scholar in North America lims-human-trafficking-and-what-we-can-do-about-it- lims-human-trafficking-and-what-we-can-do-about-it- an-interview-with-imam-zaid-shakir/ an-interview-with-imam-zaid-
  • 40. If you are a victim caught in this web of debt bondage, coercion “There is no obligation to the oppressor. No debt for something that’s immoral and unlawful.” Imam Zaid Shakir, Scholar North America Shakir,
  • 41. There is no sense of shame and loss of honor,“It is not your fault”Imam Zaid Shakir, Scholar North America Shakir,
  • 42. If you are a victim?“Know that youhave with Allah agreat position. Allahwouldn’t allow youto suffer withoutcompensation.”Imam Zaid Shakir, Scholar North America Shakir,
  • 43. If you have been raped or become pregnant, May Allah give you the strength and patience to get through this trauma.“The Scholars said asin Bosnia when womenwere sent to rapecamps and not able tohave abortions you canraise your babies asMuslims.” Imam Zaid Shakir, Scholar North America Shakir,
  • 44. The community has to be supportive
  • 45. If you have sold your child due to poverty.“Know that it is amajor sin. You areputting your salvationin jeopardy. Thechildren or women areabsolved from anyblame for theiractions.”Imam Zaid Shakir, Scholar North America Shakir,
  • 46. If you are committing these crimes“Your are violatingevery moralstandard andhuman rightsconvention. AsMuslims, you arejeopardizing yoursoul.”Imam Zaid Shakir, Scholar North America Shakir,
  • 47. RememberWe are allAmbassadors ofIslam, if we say“There is no Godbut Allah,…” Weneed to reflect onour actions.Imam Zaid Shakir, Scholar North America
  • 48. SupportMuslims Combating Trafficking
  • 49. Today, do just one thing to help end human trafficking
  • 50. Spread the word
  • 51. Share this presentation with others
  • 52. A K2Vista Film Production Copyright 2011 All images from public domain and copyright of respective owners