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Coca Cola Swot

  1. 1. coca cola SWOT <br />Swot Analysis of the Coca Cola Company<br />Strengths<br />The Coca Cola Company was found in 1886 in USA. It has been developed for over a hundred years. Its long history can really benefit its business since its brand name has been widely spread to the world. People over 200 countries can enjoy its products nowadays and more than 70% of income comes from outside the USA. <br />The promotion strategy of the Coca Cola Company is excellent. Usually it employs the pop singers and movie stars to be its promoters. Thus wide ranges of people in different countries are being influenced to consume its products. Also, the Coco Cola Company creates lots of souvenirs for its customers. People who buy the drinks of the Company can also have the chances to obtain the souvenirs. Most of the souvenirs of Coca Cola are worth to be collected since the value of some of them may appreciate in the future. Moreover, the advertisements of Coca Cola are also appealing. The white bear of Coca Cola gives the customers a great impression of its Coke and innovative slogans are usually introduced. In 2000, the slogan is ¡§Coca Cola Enjoy¡¨. <br />The taste of Coca Cola is unique and widely accepted by the customers. The company has a secret production formula of its Coke. Though many other competitors try to create a coke similar to that of the Coca Cola Company, all of them fail to provide the same taste of Coca Cola. So most of the consumers have a concept that only Coca Cola is the real coke in the market and Coca Cola still has the best sales among other cokes.<br />The Coca Cola Company usually has contracts with the big restaurants such as McDonald so that the soft drinks of the company can be linked with the food of the restaurant. Hence, more people can consume the drinks and the profit of the company can be maintained.<br />Moreover, the Coca Cola Company has board coverage. Today, it produces more than 230 brands in nearly 200 countries. Also, it keeps on developing new brands and globalize. In the future, larger amount of people may enjoy a greater variety of drinks of the company. <br />Apart from the above strengths, the Coca Cola Company has diversified production lines. Famous carbonated drinks include Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite, etc. and famous non-carbonated drinks involve Hi-C, Bonaqua and Fruitopia, etc. There are over 230 brands of drinks produced by the company that give better and more choices for the customers.<br />The market share (44%) of Coca Cola is higher than that of Pepsi-Cola. This implies that the customers still think that Coco Cola is the best coke in the market. Many customers prefer buying the products of the Coca Cola Company rather than that of the Pepsi Company. <br />Sometimes, the Coca Cola Company will form partnership with some meaningful organizations. For example, recently the company signed a three-year partnership with UNAIDS, the United Nations agency coordinating the battle against HIV and AIDS. ThisThis action of the Coca Cola Company will impress the pubic so much. And many consumers will appreciate it and purchase more its products.<br />Additionally, the prices of the products of the Coca Cola Company are reasonable. They are widely accepted by the lower and middle class people. Also, the products are easily to be purchased in many places such as the supermarkets and schools. <br />Weaknesses<br />Most of the drinks of the Coca Cola Company are not good to health. Especially the soft drinks may increase the calories of the people seriously. Many parents may think that drinking soft drinks may cause obesity of their children, so they may not allow their boys and girls to consume the drinks of the Coca Cola Company frequently. As a result, it will affect sales.<br />Also, the target groups of the Coca Cola Company are mainly the younger people. It usually overlooks the market of the elderly. Indeed, there are potential consumers in the market actually and more profit can be made.<br />Opportunities <br />The Coca Cola Company can try to create and provide more healthy drinks in the market since people in the world are paying more attention to their health at present. Most of the people may choose their food and drinks cautiously. Healthy drink markets will have great potential in the coming seasons.<br />In addition, since the Coca Cola Company only provides drinks nowadays, it can attempt to provide food in the future. The food provided must be paid more attention to health. And these kinds of food can be linked to more big restaurants. Also, the company can try to provide ice-cream products.<br />Threats<br />Today, there is a trend of consuming healthy drink and many existing drink companies have tried to invent a great variety of innovative drinks. If the Coca Cola Company only insists on providing tasty soft drinks and little healthy drinks, its sales must be affected. <br />Also, many new drink competitors have appeared gradually. Since the market size is saturated already, with more competitors, the Coca Cola Company should have innovative ideas in order to make its past customers to stay and grab more future customers<br />Eventually, the economy nowadays is depressing actually. And the poor economy may affect the consumers to purchase goods. Consumers may use the money efficiently to buy daily necessities rather than soft drinks. Therefore economic downturn will influence the sales of the Coca Cola Company to a certain extent. <br />