CBNA Alumni Association Newsletter Winter 2014


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Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Alumni Association is going GREEN! Please take a moment to share our newsletter with other alumni & friends of the Academy to help us grow our electronic database and limit our environmental footprint!
Keep a watch out for the spring newsletter which will include the Annual Meeting and Alumni Banquet invitation for June 2014!

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CBNA Alumni Association Newsletter Winter 2014

  1. 1. Coe-­‐Brown   Northwood  Academy   Alumni  Associa7on   We  are  pleased  to  announce  the  recipients  of  the   2013-­‐2014  Alumni  Associa7on  Scholarship   Three  gradua*ng  seniors  and  three  current  CBNA  Alumni  were   awarded  a  total  of  $4000  in  scholarships  for  the  current   2013-­‐2014  school  year.     Seniors:   •  Alicia  Giannelli  ($1000)  Southern  NH  University   •  Ryan  Cunningham  ($500)  Southern  Maine  Community   •  Kayla  Roberts  ($500)  Boston  College   Alumni:   •  Katherine  Decker  ‘11  ($1000)  University  of  New  Hampshire   •  Thomas  Masison  ‘12  ($500)  University  of  New  Hampshire   •  Joseph  Gibson  ‘10  ($500)  Connec*cut  College   Congratula*ons  to  all  the  winners!  The  CBNA  Alumni   Associa*on  strives  to  support  as  many  Alumni  as  possible   through  the  scholarship  program  and  any  CBNA  graduate   a=ending  college  or  university  is  eligible  to  apply.  Dona*ons   to  the  scholarship  fund  help  this  endeavor.  Your  support  is   greatly  appreciated!       Check  out  our  Facebook  page  to  download  the  2014-­‐2015  Alumni   Scholarship  Applica*on    Deadline  for  submission  is  April  1   Fall-­‐Winter   2013-­‐2014   Newsle4er   Introducing  the  CBNA  Alumni  Associa7on’s   2014  Fundraiser!   CBNA  Stadium  Seat  Cushions   (  14x14x2)  for  $10.00  each.   Order  yours  today  just  as  basketball   season  gets  underway!  Proceeds  to   benefit  the  Alumni  Associa*on’s   Opera*ng  Fund.  We  appreciate  your   support!  Dona*ons  to  the  opera*ng   fund  and  support  of  our  fundraisers   allow  us  to  con*nue  holding  our  annual   alumni  banquet  and  support  various   ac*vi*es  at  CBNA.   Congratula7ons  to  the   CBNA  Athle7cs  Hall  of  Fame  Inductees   Shown  here:  Athle*c  Director  Maa   Skidds  and  2013  inductees:  Coach   Peter  A.  Riel,  Stephen  Johnston  ‘75   2012  Inductees:  Wade  R.D.  Sauls  ’84,   Headmaster  David  Smith,  Ginger  Snow   ‘89,  CBNA  Trustee  Robert  Bailey  ‘45  
  2. 2.  Some*mes  the  journey  is  more  about  the  roads   you   take   instead   of   the   challenges   you   face.     For   Sean   VanGerena   ‘89   his   journey   began   in   November   2008   following   a   serious   car   accident.     Sean   suffered   a   trauma*c   brain   injury(TBI),   a   broken   neck,   mul*ple   strokes,   and   several   other   injuries.     Ader   months   of   therapy   this   alumnus   went   from   walker   to   marathon   and   hasn’t   looked   back.     Instead   he   has   eyes   on   Rio   2016   where   Paratriathlon   will   make   its   debut   in   the   Paralympics  Games  in  Brazil.    Inspired  by  his  family,  friends,  and  peers  Sean,  a   T3   Ambulatory   Parapalegic,   has   persevered   to   finish   race   ader   race   since   2009   including   the   Boston   Marathon   in   2011   and   most   recently   represen*ng   the   USA   at   the   2013   ITU   Sprint   World   Championship   triathlon  in  London.                  Sean’s  will  to  outrun  adversity  is  a  testament  to   how   mind   over   body   can   not   only   lead   him   down   the   road  to  health,  but  to  inspire  others  through  community   outreach   and   advocacy.     He   is   ac*ve   with   Challenged   Athletes   Founda*on,   Achilles   Interna*onal   and   the   Wounded  Warrior  Project  ,  all  of  which  led  him  to  found   the   non-­‐profit   organiza*on   Lie   Down   or   Stand   Up!   His   organiza*on   is   dedicated   to   rehabilita*on   and   training   with   a   mission   to   provide   health   and   wellness   programs   for  people  with  disabili*es.  Follow  Sean’s  journey  at   hMp://       If   the   road   ader   gradua*on   has   taken   you   to   a   college  or  university  campus,  life  can  be  full  of  exci*ng   opportuni*es   and   new   challenges.         Support   from   home   comes   in   many   different   forms:   a   phone   call   from   dad,   an   email   from   a   high   school   friend,   or   home-­‐baked  cookies  from  mom.    Nothing  warms  the   heart   and   soul   of   a   college   student   far   from   home   beaer  than  a  care  package.        The  founders  of  Regaalo  have  taken  the  no*on   of  the  tradi*onal  care  package  for  college  students  to   a   new   level.   This   NH   based   start-­‐up   company   co-­‐ founded   by   CBNA   graduate   Ma=hew   Robinson   ’05   hosts   an   online   marketplace   that   provides   local   merchant  gids,  college  supplies  and  care  packages  for   students.     What   began   with   local   reach   surrounding   the   UNH   campus   in   2011,   now   has   an   expanded   merchant   base   to   include   na*onal   partnerships   for   3,000   colleges   and   11   million   students   across   the   country.     Families   and   friends   of   college   students   can   order   care   packages   filled   with   local   products   and   college   supplies   or   gid   cer*ficates   from   campus   area   merchants.     How   about   a   gid   card   to   the   campus   coffee   house   or   a   month   of   unlimited   tanning   at   the   local  salon?  Beaer  yet  send  an  e-­‐gid  voucher  directly   to   your   student’s   cell   phone;   an   idea   pioneered   by   Regaalo.    Students  receive  no*fica*on  and  a  code  to   redeem  their  gid  via  text.         This   group   of   young   entrepreneurs   recently   expanded   their   services   online   to   include   a   college   resource   center,   which   provides   valuable   informa*on,   e-­‐books   and   *ps   for   students   and   parents   on   financial   aid  and  other  college  resources.   For  more  informa*on  visit    Regaalo  at:   hMps://   Coe-­‐Brown  Connec7on:  Your  link  to  CBNA  news!   2013  Fall  sports  season  was  full  of  excitement  this  year  with  two  teams  ending  the  season  bringing  home   first-­‐*me  *tles!   Congratula*ons  to  the  CBNA  Girls  Cross-­‐Country  Team,  winners  of  a  fourth-­‐straight  Division  II  *tle,  third   consecu*ve  Meet  of  Champions  Crown  and  a  first  New  England  Championship!    The  girls  went  on  to   place  third  at  the  Nike  Cross  Northeast  Regional  and  landed  a  spot  as  an  at-­‐large  team(1  of  20  teams   na*onwide)  to  compete  in  the  Nike  Cross  Na*onals  in  Portland,  Oregon.     Take  two  please!  The  CBNA  Girls  Volleyball  team  brought  home  a  first-­‐ever  Division  II  Title  this  year  ader   a  thrilling  season  ending  in  a  3-­‐1  win  over  Windham  to  clinch  the  *tle.  Congratula*ons  Lady  Bears!   Alumni  can  follow  the  ac*on  of  CBNA  athle*c  teams  on  Twiaer  @CBNAAthle*cs     Please  Con?nue  to  Help  Us  Go  Green!   Scan  this  QR  code  with  your  smartphone  to  join  our  Email  database.    The  Alumni  Associa*on  is  sending  newsleaers  electronically  to  reduce  costs  and  our  impact  on  the   environment.  Please  update  your  email  address  to  ensure  you  con*nue  to  receive  Alumni  news!   Don’t  have  a  smartphone?  You  can  also  send  your  email  address  by  tex7ng   CBNAAlumni  to    22828   Save  the  date!   The  2014  Annual   Mee*ng  and  Alumni   Banquet  is  scheduled  for   June  14  at  CBNA   Look  for  your  Spring   newsleaer  via  email  to   RSVP  
  3. 3. Thank  you  for  sharing  your  reunion  memories  with  the  Alumni  Associa*on!   Members  of  the  class  of  1963  celebrated  their  50th  class  reunion  at  this  year’s  annual   alumni  banquet!  (led  to  right)  Maynard  Farr,  Zolin  Moses,  Bruce  Rollins,  John   Newman,  (spouse  Fran  Newman),  Charles  Carpenter,  (spouse  Nancy  Carpenter),  Kip   (Clidon)  Wall,  Joyce  (Hoadley)  Munroe,  Nancy  (Linscoa)  Edmunds,  (spouse  Dean   Edmunds),Diane  (Dermeria)  Robinson,  Virginia  (Norberg)  Welch   Coming  up  for  2014  Reunion  years:   1944,  1954,  1964,  1974,  1984,  1989,   1994,  1999,  2004   If  you  have  a  class  reunion  planned  or   would  like  to  coordinate  your  reunion   with  the  Annual  Alumni  Banquet  in   June,  please  contact  us  at   We  will  help  spread  the  word!   Alumni  and  friends  met  on  June  8,  2013  for  the  Annual   Mee*ng  and  Alumni  Banquet.  Headmaster  Smith  hosted   tours  of  the  expanding  CBNA  campus  and  spoke  of  the  future   growth  taking  place  with  the  addi*on  of  classrooms  in  Smith   Hall.    Congratula*ons  to  our  door  prize  winners:  Helen   Marison  ‘36,  Maahew  Peterson  ‘07,  Charles  Carpenter  ‘63.   Paul  Gup*ll  ’52  was  the  lucky  winner  of  the  handcraded     blanket  chest  donated  by  the  woodworking  department.  The   50/50  raffle  was  a  huge  success  collec*ng  $372,  which  was   shared  between  the  Ralph  Blackey  and  the  Associa*on’s   Opera*ng  Fund!  Thank  you  for  your  support!   The  class  of  1983  had  a  small  reunion  this  past   summer  to  celebrate  30  years!  (led  to  right)  Mike   Hearn,  Sarah  Mooers  Ward,  Donald  Stevens,   Debbie  Ege,  Darren  Howcrod   The  class  of  1993  got  together  for  their  20th  reunion  this  summer  at  the  Bow  Lake   Grange  in  Strafford  hosted  by  Tammy  Lebel  Smith.  Classmates  had  a  fun-­‐filled   evening  socializing  and  dancing  to  the  live  band.         Join  the  Board!   2013-­‐2014  Officers:  (led  to  right)  Amy  Stanley  Paine  ‘78,   Rebecca  Paine  ‘09,  Julie  Smith  Clarke  ‘89,  Nancy  Linscoa   Edmunds  ‘63,  Coral  Magoon  Nieder  ‘62,  Jay  McCar*n  ‘71,   Heidi  Reinhold  ‘74,  John  Dodge  ‘71,  Debbie  Burklund   Marden  ‘75,  Suzi  Cummings  Falcone  ‘74,  Nancy  Wilson   Tasker  ’78,  (not  shown:  Jessica  Marden  Weeks  ‘00)   The  class  of  1978  held  their   35th  class  reunion  on  June  29.   Ader  a  tour  of  CBNA,   members  pose  for  a   commemora*ve  photo  on   the  steps  of  Pinkham  Hall.   The  fes*vi*es  con*nued   through  the  adernoon  and   evening  at  the  Circle  9  Ranch   in  Epsom,  NH.  Classmates   spent  the  day  gepng   reacquainted  with  each   other,  enjoying  a  barbecue   and  bonfire.  The  class  of  ’78   will  remain  in  touch  and  looks   forward  to  plans  for  another   get  together  in  5  years!       Keep  in  touch  with  the  class   of  1978  on  facebook!   The  CBNA  Alumni  Associa*on   Nomina*ng  Commiaee  is   accep*ng  nomina*ons  for  officers   for  the  2014-­‐2015  year.   If  you  are  interested  in  a  posi*on   on  execu*ve  board  please   contact  us!  
  4. 4. Coe-­‐Brown  Northwood  Academy  Alumni   Associa*on   907  First  NH  Turnpike   Northwood,  New  Hampshire   03261   Fall/Winter  2013-­‐2014  Newsleaer   Coe-­‐Brown  Northwood  Academy  Alumni  Associa*on   Inside This Issue: •  •  •  •  2013  Annual  Mee*ng  and  Alumni  Banquet  Recap   CBNA  Alumni  Associa*on  Scholarships   CBNA  Athle*c  Hall  of  Fame   2014  Reunion  Alerts!    Have  ideas  for  future  newsleaers?    Need  help  planning  a  class  reunion?   Interested  in  joining  the  Execu*ve  Board?   We  want  to  hear  from  you!  Contact  us  today  and  share  your  ideas!   The  CBNA  Alumni  Associa7on  is  now  on   Facebook!   Join  us  and  reconnect  with  classmates,  share  memories   and  make  reunion  plans!   Take  *me  to  update  your  email  address  and  we’ll  keep   you  informed  of  future  alumni  events  electronically!