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Here you get full and step by step knowledge to set jsp file or project into MyEclipse

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Jsp myeclipse

  1. 1. 1. Open MyEclipse.2. Set your workspace path as shown in red box.3. Click OK.
  2. 2. Now You can see This kind ofWindow
  3. 3. Close all other sub window except you show above
  4. 4. 1. Click File than New than web project
  5. 5. 1. Set your project name as shown in red box2. Click on Finish.
  6. 6. Now you can see this kind of message.Click Yes on this message as shown in red box
  7. 7. Now you can see this kind of window and package sub window is displaying yourproject.
  8. 8. 1. Explore your project by clicking on plus(+) sign.2. Now explore webRoot so you can see these much files in package sub window.
  9. 9. 1. Now right click on WebRoot as shown in red box.2. Now Click on New than Folder and give Folder name as shown in red box.NOTE: Always try to give Folder name as per the files.
  10. 10. 1. Now right click on the folder recently created by you.2. Click on new than JSP (Advanced Templates).
  11. 11. 1.Set File Name: as shown in red box.2.Click on Finish.NOTE: Always try to give Filename as per the Logic of the files.
  12. 12. Now 1 jsp file will be created As per the file name we givenAnd that file you can see in window.
  13. 13. Now its time to deploy the project. So as shown in red box click that symbol.
  14. 14. 1. Select the project from drop down list as shown in red box.2. Click add botton.
  15. 15. 1. Now select server(Myeclipse Tomcat) from the drop down list as shown in red box.2. Click Finish.
  16. 16. After finishing you can see the message successfully deployed in the deploymentstatus window as shown in red box. Now click OK
  17. 17. Now after deployment of project Run the server by clicking onthe down arrow sign of the symbol as shown in red box.
  18. 18. As shown in window click on start after selecting MyEclipse Tomcat server.
  19. 19. If the server start successfully than you can see the message like…INFO : Server startup in few msAnd 1 red color server symbol as shown in blue box.
  20. 20. 1. Now you can either select web browser sub window as shown in fig. or you canopen any web browser from your system.2. Write the appropriate URL path in location bar.Ex. http://localhost:8080/JSP_PROJECT/JSPFILE/MyFirstWebPage.jspHere JSP_PROJECT is the name of our project. JSPFILE is the folder we created inWebRoot in the project. MyfirstWebPage.jsp is the file we created in JSPFILE folder.
  21. 21. As per the content we set in <body> tag you can see the output in web browseras shown in red box.