iQ Technologies: Social Media Platform Overview


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iQ Technologies: Smart Social Media. Business Social Media Platform Services.

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  • Most business social media tools address the following solutions/services:Customer Service & SupportProduct Innovation & Ideation Branding, Marketing & CommerceCustomer Analysis, Profiling & SegmentationThe market need for social media can be as broad as: Tighter relationships with partners, suppliers, employees, prospects & customersOwn and maintain user data for analysis, profiling, and segmentation Produce relevant & timely messaging to communicate more effectively Scalable & secure social media solution for internal and external purposes Enhance marketing outreach via integration with popular social media services Promote dialog to engage target audience increasing customer satisfaction Extend brand turning customers into advocates for products & servicesGenerate customer retention, product ideation, sales leads, and customer insightThe business goals of a social media initiative might include:Increase brand awarenessCapture e-mails and site registrations for sales leadsGenerate sales Support multi-channel marketing/PR campaign Increase customer loyalty and referrals Reduce the cost of handling large volumes of customer callsGenerate product ideas and service suggestions from customers Help customers and prospects get information more quickly Help customer get support more quickly Gather data on customer and prospect behavior for analysis of buying patterns, product preferences, and attitudes
  • commenting engines, widgets, polls, editorial controls, sharing, communities, groups, analytics, reporting, heatmaps
  • iQ Technologies: Social Media Platform Overview

    1. 1. Smart Social Media
    2. 2. Why engage with iQ?• Own and maintain user data for analysis, profiling, and segmentation• Marketing outreach via integration with popular social media services• Relevant & timely messaging for effective communication• Engage target audience with dialog increasing customer satisfaction• Customers as advocates for brand products, programs & services• Establish relationships with users and visitors Smart Social Media
    3. 3. iQ Merges the Social and Interest Graph Social Network | Graph My Interests| Graph“Who people care about” “What people care about” Smart Social Media
    4. 4. iQ Creates RelevanceUnderstanding the User’s Interests• Who and where do they connect and follow | social graph• Who and where are their relationships | social activity• What are their reactions to content and conversations | like activity• What and when are they sharing, reading, watching, etc. | frictionless• What have they told you via their user profile | general informationEnables Relevance, Recommendations & Targeted Messaging• Targeted content, messaging and stories• Targeted advertisements for increased click-through rates• Targeted connections that have relevance Smart Social Media
    5. 5. Relevant Recommendations Activity on other social networks Connected network actions Community Feedback “likes” Relevant Recommendations Site Engagement in Social Context “content” Interests | Expertise  Advertisements  ContentUser Characteristics  Connections  Purchases Smart Social Media
    6. 6. iQ Enables the Social ExperienceScalable and customizable social media platform and components providing areliable means for collaboration, communication, and analysis. Leverage targetmessaging and user recommendations. Smart Social Media
    7. 7. The iQ Social ToolboxSocial Plugins Rich Profiles Full Social Platform Smart Social Media
    8. 8. Relevant Content User that has an interest in sports and the Seahawks Relevant articles recommended that friends have read via iQ plugin Targeted relevant ads Smart Social Media
    9. 9. Social Plugins• Social Sign On | FB, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc.• Social Integration | Google+, FB, Twitter, etc.• Comment Plugin | External comment component for any webpage• Your Friends’ Activities | Stories Read, Liked, Commented, etc.• Connection Recommendations | Facebook, Twitter, Interests, etc.• Most Commented Stories | What’s popular• Trending Stories | What’s popular• Stories Matching Interest | Based on profiles, connections and likes• Branded Share Button | Personalized share anywhere site buttons• Polls | Reader opinions Smart Social Media
    10. 10. Social Profiles • Rich user data for analysis and target messaging • Supports a REST API • Integration with other social sites Smart Social Media
    11. 11. Social Platform• Privacy management• Notifications• Recommendation Engine• Administration tools• Configurable user profiles• Events• Manage networks into categories• Tag information and track post history• Fully branded site• Integration of comments and posts with popular media sites• Support both connect and follow• Reporting capabilities Smart Social Media
    12. 12. iQ SolutionsiQ Platform iQ Analytics• Scalability • Registration Audits• Open & Extensible • User Activity• Reliable & Trusted • Content Monitoring• Core Services • Site Analysis• Social Integration • Data Mining• Legacy Systems • Custom Reports• Fast & ResponsiveSolutions iQ Marketing• Internal • Display Ads• External • Recommendations • Notifications • Surveys • Events • Connections • Status Updates Smart Social Media
    13. 13. Technical Integration• Any aspect of the iQ social platform can be produced as an embedded component within a third party site or application• Activity stream follows the JSON / XML social stream standards 1.0• Rest API for URL data post and retrieval• JavaScript API for social components and plugins• Support OAuth 2.0 for social sign-in• Support for the Open Graph | Open Social Protocols Smart Social Media
    14. 14. DEMO Smart Social Media
    15. 15. New UpdatesMulti-link Rich MediaComments Frictionless Sharing Multi-link Rich Media Posts Smart Social Media
    16. 16. Conclusion1. Large Business Need2. iQ Provides Solid Social Technology • Personalization • Targeting • Community • Analytics Smart Social Media