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Aspm Final Ppt

Aspm Final Ppt



new trends in advertising like animation in advertising,mobile advertising,navras in advertising,rural advertising,below the line advertising

new trends in advertising like animation in advertising,mobile advertising,navras in advertising,rural advertising,below the line advertising



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    Aspm Final Ppt Aspm Final Ppt Presentation Transcript

    • Prepared By: Ishita Barai Jatin Shah Priyam Mehta Pratik Shah Pratik Jariwala
      • Animations are graphical representations of movements of non-realistic characters in the form of drawings and paintings in sequential manner
      • Traditional
      • Celluloid
      • Computerised
      • UTV Toonz
      • Pentamedia Graphics
      • Maya entertainment
      • Padmalaya Telefilms
      • Crest telecommunication
      • Strong IT background
      • Strong mythological & cultural background
      • Story telling culture in Indian house holds
      • Fluent English speaking man power
      • High-tech animations studios with necessary hardware and software and communication infrastructure
      • High competitive pricing edge compare to other countries
      • More attraction by an animation pitching sales rather than a model.
      • Animated character is eternal.
      • Animated character remains same throughout its life.
      • Act a source to create brand equity
      • One time expenditure to the company.
      • Most ideal tool for packing lengthy messages
      • Consumes lesser TV air time
      • Viewer get easily attracted to animations.
      • Can position a company as technologically sophisticated
      • Can show complex internal designs of automobile
      • Less seriousness towards massage appeal.
      • Sometimes animation doesn’t relate the main product.
      • Competitors like China & South Korea
      • Image of low cost animation industry
      • Latest buzz in the field of advertising
      • Cost effective way to promote and inform the target customers
      • Integral part of the marketing mix
      • India ranked 3 rd in terms of mobile users.
      • Mobile advertising market reach $4 billion in 2008, with 25% growth rate
      • DEFINITION: “The business of encouraging people to buy products and services using the mobile channel as the medium to deliver the advertisement message.”
      • It is an innovative and customer centric approach to reach promising customers.
      • It includes advertising in the form of:
              • Short Message Service (SMS).
              • Multimedia Message (MMS).
              • Mobile Alerts.
              • Mobile Games and Videos.
          • Solicited ad: prior concern taken from customers.
          • e.g. news alerts, job alerts, cricket scores.
          • Unsolicited ad: no prior concern taken from customers,
          • e.g. promotional messages through SMS, mobile calling .
          • Advertising when users request the service the services to themselves from the service provider.
          • E.g. daily horoscope, content of response/reply.
      • Mobile subscribers is growing almost 100% every year.
      • Includes urban, semi urban and rural subscribers which share large chunk in its growth.
      • Mobile phone companies tapping the low income group people
          • Most attractive segments
          • Large no. of the total population of India.
      • Total no. of mobile users touching 40.6 million in 2007.
      • The no. of GSM users touches to 32.02 million.
      • Source: Telecom Regulatory & Authority Of India
      • HUL “Fair and Lovely scholarship for women”, ad campaign using short code – 51234
      • Special Fair and Lovely Scholarship Zone on “R-World” to promote campaign. and generated around 50,000 in which 60% come from tier II and tire III cities and 40% from urban cities .
      • Best mobile ad campaign award at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) annual global awards in Los Angeles, US.
      • Ex-PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee used mobile ad campaign in 2004.
      • It had set up call centers and also collected details of 72 million phone connections in the country.
      • Reliance and BPL (Now Idea) subscriber base to play a vote-seeking message from the PM.
      • Allowed mobile phone subscribers to download Photographs of Vajpayee and BJP’s anthem as ring tone.
      • The mobile marketing association (MMA) has published guidelines for mobile advertising.
      • Advertisement can be in the form of text link and graphic banners.
      • Advertisement should be made as per predefined dimensions based on the mobile phone type and best fit picture.
      • All mobile advertising artwork should be in GIF or JPEG formats.
      • Banner ad side bar allowed should be given according to the screen width area. For screen’s width from 128-176, 3-8 pixels allowance should be for the vertical scroll bar and for screen’s width of 240, 6-16 pixels allowance should be provided.
      • Cost effective
      • Flexibility to inform target group as and when required.
      • Messages can be personalized with respect to Target Audience profile.
      • Feed back is immediate.
      • Target group demographic profile is known.
      • Faster reach.
      • Eco-Friendly (paper-free)
      • Ads can be placed anytime and anywhere.
      • Intrusion of Target Audience's privacy.
      • Reach is not compared to other conventional tools of advertising.
      • Message content is limited.
      • Visual display is not impactful as TV advertising.
      • Language barriers, SMS can not be read by illiterates.
      • Difficulty to measure the impact or results of mobile advertising.
      • Target audience can take mobile ads casually.
    • Powered by: Mobile Sponsoring Content Ad Qbowl für Schnell-Surfer Mobile Content Ad Mobile Promotion Link Für Schnell-Surfer In DSL-Geschwindigkeit mobil ins echte Internet Mobile Text link Vodafone Qbowl
    • MOBILE ADVERTISING IS ALREADY REALITY More and more advertisers and media agencies start mobile advertising
      • -----------------------------------------------------------
      • Below The Line Advertising
      • Reaching target customer base at various touch points with high visibility and low cost
      • Efficient and cost effective way which gives more ROI on every rupee spent in recession time
      • Direct mail Letters
      • Exhibitions
      • Demonstrations
      • Competitions
      • Sports promotion
      • Air banner
      • Hot air balloons
      • To build product awareness
      • To create interest
      • To provide information
      • To stimulate demands
      • UTI Mutual fund has taken help of DABBAWALAs of Mumbai
      • Career Launcher, PT Education and TIME takes free competitive tests and workshops for students
      • Hindustan Times hold events on weekly bases for giving oppurtunity to companies for promoting their brands
      • Pepsi and other brands sponsored IPL matches
      • N A V R A S
      • Comic – Hasyam
      • Love – Vatsalyam
      • Heroic – Viram
      • Surprise – adbhutam
      • Tranquillity – shantam
      • Pathetic – karunam
      • Furious – raudram
      • Terrible – bhayanakam
      • Odious - vibhatsyam
      • To win the brand perception battle in the mind of viewers at the time of buying
      • The viewers/listeners can remember only those ads which he can connect himself
      • 1. Urban markets are becoming increasingly complex, competitive and saturated.
      • 2. Large size of rural markets –
      • 742 million people (73 % of the population)
      • 200 million households (70% of total households)
      • PRODUCT
      YEAR 2008 22.3 3.17 3.53 4.77 24.91 O.35
    • Distribution of Monthly Per Capita expenditure Source: Household Consumer Expenditure Survey, January–June 2009
    • Source: Household Consumer Expenditure Survey, January–June 2009 CATEGORY Category Penetration Brand with highest penetration Toilet Soap Washing cakes/Bars Tea Washing powder / liquid Salt Biscuits 91% 88% 77% 70% 64% 61% Lifebuoy Wheel Lipton Taaza Nirma Tata Salt Parle G
      • High distribution costs
      • Low per capita disposable income that is half the urban disposable income.
      • Large no. of daily wage earners
      • Acute dependence on the vagaries of the monsoons
      • Seasonal consumption linked to harvest and festivals
      • First and the foremost challenge
      • India's 6,38,365 villages are spread over 3.2 mn.sq.kms.
      • 720 mn people-reaching them is not easy
      • Given the poor state of roads ,it is an even greater
      • challenge.
    • Companies like H.L.L has made strong distribution Networks. To service remote villages stockiest use Rickshaws, carts and even boats in the back waters of Kerala.
      • With low disposable incomes, products need to be affordable to rural consumers ,most of them are on daily wages.
      • Some companies have addressed the affordability problem by introducing small unit packs :
      • GODREJ Introduced Cinthol and Fairglow in 50 gram packs priced at rs.4
      • coca-cola introduced Sunfill ( a powdered soft drink concentrate ) 25 gram pack priced at rs.2
      • N ext challenge is to gain acceptability for the
      • product or service.
      • Therefore there is a need to offer products that suit the rural markets and conditions.
      • coca-cola is providing low cost ice-boxes
      • because of the lack of electricity and refrigerators
      • in the rural areas.
      • With large parts of rural India inaccessible to conventional advertising media, building awareness is another challenge.
      Companies like H.L.L uses posters, banners and Wall paintings to create awareness.
      • Being first on the shelf
      • It is very important because the brands rarely fight with each other as the retailers generally stock a single brand in a product category.
      • Different means of advertising
      • A. H aats and melas
      • A survey by MART (marketing and research
      • team revealed that 47000 haats and 25000
      • melas take place every year in India.
      • B. Performance arts including theatres,songs,dance puppetry, magic shows etc.
      • Advantages
      • Large visitor turnaround.
      • These melas are held during post harvest season,
      • when the purchasing power of the people is more.
      The companies provide touch and feel demonstrations and distributed free samples.
      • NIRMA
      • This company introduced the innovative technique of using video vans for marketing Nirma products .
      • Advantages
      • Reach to interior parts
      • Offer opportunity for personal interaction .
      • Similar strategies helped Ghadi to become the 3 rd largest selling detergent.
      • COCA-COLA
      • 1. Increase in number of outlets from 80,000 in 2001 to 190,000 in 2009 resulting in increased market penetration from 13 % to 28 %.
      • 2. It also tapped the local form of entertainment like annual haats and fairs and made huge investment in infrastructure for distribution and marketing.
      • 3. It brought down the average price of its products from rs.10 to rs.5,therby bridging the gap between soft drinks and other local options like tea, buttermilk or lemon water.
      4. It doubled the spend on doordarshan
      • 5 . It concentrated its entire advertising towards the rural customer.
      • As a result the rural market accounts for 80 % of the new coke drinkers and 30% of its total volumes.
      • I.T.C e-CHAUPAL
      • The company’s e-chaupal initiative is a novel idea which bypasses the brokers between the Company and the farmers.
      • It is helping Indian agriculture to enhance its competitiveness by empowering Indian farmers through the power of internet .
      • This unique transformational strategy has become the subject matter of a case study at Harvard b school ,has created for I.T.C a huge rural distribution infrastructure ,significantly enhancing the company’s marketing reach.