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Richard branson


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this book is inspire...

this book is inspire...

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  • 1. Sir. Richard Branson Sir. Richard Branson Created by:- Mr Jitin kumar,Ms Aditi Jaiswal ,Mr.Rohit
  • 2. Sir. Richard Branson  Richard Branson  Born in July 18, 1950, England.  Founder & CEO of Virgin Group 25 Billions / 55,000 Employees.  An English Industrialist.  The succussful entrepreneur .
  • 3.  Richard Branson “ Have faith in yourself ” “The beginning is the most important part of any work”
  • 4. 1.JUST DO IT! Believe It Can Be Done Have Goals live life to the full Never give up Prepare well Have faith in yourself Help each other
  • 5. 2.HAVE FUN! Have fun,work hard and money will come Don’t waste time-Grab your chances Have a positive outlook on life When it’s not fun ,move on
  • 6. 3.BE BOLD Calculate the risks and take them Believe in yourself Chase your dreams and goals Have no regrets Be bold Keep your world
  • 7. 4.CHALLENGE YOUSELF Aim high Try new things Always try Challenge youself
  • 8. 5.STAND ON YOUR OWN FEET Rely on Yourself chase your dreams but live in the Real World work Together
  • 9. 6.LIVE THE MOMENTS Love life and live it to the full Enjoy the moment Reflect on your life Make every second count Don’t have regerts
  • 10. 7.VALUE FAMILY AND FRIENDS Put family and the team first Be loyal Face problems head on Money is for making things happen Pick the right people and reward talent
  • 11. 8.HAVE RESPECT Be polite and respectful Do the right thing Keep your good name Be fair in all your dealings.
  • 12. 9.DO SOME GOOD Change the world, Even if in a small way Make a difference and help others Do no harm Always think what you can do to help
  • 13. Sir. Richard Branson  Non business life  Branson is also known for his personal adventures  In 1986, smashed the world record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by using Virgin Atlantic Challenger  In 1987/1991, crossed the Atlantic ocean in the Virgin Atlantic Flyer, which was the first and largest hot air balloon  In 2004, set a record by crossing the English channel between Britain and France.
  • 14. SUMMARY In this book we learn the key points to be an successful person and these points are:-  Just Do it.  Have Fun.  Be Bold . Challenge Yourself. Stand On Your Own Feet. Value Family and Friends. Have Respect. D0 Some Good.
  • 15. Sir. Richard Branson The End & Thanks