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Developing of a social e-book sharing website for book reader’s society as an electronic library over web is our project. We named the web portal as www.e-bookbox.com .

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  1. 1. IntroductionDeveloping of a social e-book sharing website for book reader’s society as an electroniclibrary over web is our project. We named the web portal as www.e-bookbox.com .
  2. 2. PurposeThe main purpose of the project is making suchan environment for people (who are interested in books and reading) to read books online in, to ask for their needed books in, to make uploading of books to, and downloading of books from the website.
  3. 3. Benefits and advantages:1. Asking of your needs to more readers for free.2. To help people and share books with people.3. Useful and wide source of downloading books.
  4. 4. Actuality:Similar web portals:
  5. 5. Work Plan:1. As it is known we used the main principles of SDLC (planning, analyzing, designing, testing, implementation)2. Firstly we created clear and obvious view of the website (www.e- bookbox.com)3. We defined the needed technologies and applications.4. We divided project into several parts and will make work schedule for steps of working on these parts.5. After completing each part of the project we made testing for each part.6. The parts which passed the testing are combined as a part of the project.7. Competition of all parts as tested project is ready to implement and operate.
  6. 6. Main contents of the e-bookbox.com: User Side: 1. Home page and menu bar. 2. Registration System. 3. Login system. 4. File download page. 5. File upload system. 6. Book order page.
  7. 7. Main contents of the e-bookbox.com: Admin Side: 1. Main Admin page. 2. News editing system. 3. File control system. 4. Password control system.
  8. 8. Conclusion:As a result the project of e-bookbox.com is one of thehelpful sources of e-books for readers for readingbooks online, asking for their needed books,uploading of books, and downloading of books fromthe website. It offers free and easy access to almostevery book of any author at any time of the day fromall over the world.
  9. 9. Copyright © 2012.AzcaIT ( www.azcait.com ) is an Azerbaijani outsourcingcompany that specializes majorly in web design (both serverside and client side scripting languages), networking,software development and also provides technical support.We also organize IT lessons and seminars for people who areinterested in learning the IT fields.
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