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Clil presentation

Clil presentation



Content and Language Integrated Learning

Content and Language Integrated Learning



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Clil presentation Clil presentation Presentation Transcript

  • C.L.I.L
  • ContentLanguageIntegratedLearning
  • One constantIn second language teaching:
  • However, the question is,
  • ‘Traditional’ methods are strangely content neutral.A quick look at an EFL textbook will reveal that it’sno actually about anything.What content there is contrived to deliver Englishlinguistics.
  • The standard attempt to solve theproblem is to get down with the kids.
  • On average, a child will spend 1400hours in EFL class by the time she’s 16We have a choice We can teach her the theory Or the practice
  • Theoretical knowledge is indispensableIn order to correctly answer questions about theory
  • However, in order to ride a bike, which type of knowledge is better?
  • The lartey frimps krolacked blinfly in the detchy shilbor.
  • The lartey frimps krolacked blinfly in the detchy shilbor.• What kind of frimps were they?• What did the frimps do?• How?• In what kind of Shilbor did they krolack?• Which word is the subject of this sentence?• Which is the verb?
  • A CLIL curriculum would be asking a different set of questions.• Why were the frimps krolacking? Justify your answer.• Imagine you had to krolack in the shilbor. What one item would you choose to take with you and why?
  • CLIL attempts to balance content and language. Content Language
  • Where language is L2And content is drawn from outside the typicalEFL curriculum
  • CLIL also attempts to introduce‘culture’ and promote cognition
  • However, there is a
  • Needs dictate the type of CLIL• Soft CLILWe introduce content into EFL classes p4c In order to make the EFL curriculum more engaging for learners
  • Needs dictate the type of CLIL• Mid CLILA module is taught in L2 and the rest in L1 Science – Geografía – Historia This would be appropriate for a pilot scheme
  • Needs dictate the type of CLIL• Hard CLILOne entire subject or more is taught in L2 Science - Physical Education - Art and Craft - History Bilingual schools
  • CLIL is not newThe field of EFL is in love with jargon CLIL used to be known as ‘immersion’
  • EFL also mind maps
  • Benefits• More exposure to L2• Valuable content• Natural language use Greater and faster L2 acquisition
  • Problems• Age appropriacy disjunction• Teachers give up• Hard work• Poor training Poor acquisition of contents
  • CLILIs not for everyone Done badly it is worse than not doing anything Done well it is beneficial in terms of L2 acquisition and cognitive development