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So you've heard about agile, read a few blogs, attended Scrum Master training, maybe tried some agile what? …

So you've heard about agile, read a few blogs, attended Scrum Master training, maybe tried some agile what?
Agile is intriguing and you want to start exploring the practices , but where do you start? What things do you need to have in place to get some early wins, and where do you need support?
Join us as we discuss ideas on how to get started on your agile adventure (First nugget: it is a journey, not a destination!). We will explore the things to consider when embarking on your agile journey, and why these items are so important. This session will provide you with some foundational considerations to enable you to set your team up for success, and help you gain the momentum you need to become more agile.

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  • AssumptionsThis is not for top-down enterprise initiative where you are burning the boats
  • Why do I want to improve my agility?What benefit will this bring for my organization?Why is this important?
  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast - Peter Drucker
  • Are you supported?Leadership and management?Black Ops?
  • Black Ops?
  • Are you ready to do this?Do you have the things in place to begin?Assess your readiness in four key areas:StrategyPeople ProcessTechnology
  • StrategyPeople ProcessTechnology
  • StrategyWhy change?Communicate and validate the reasons
  • Find and recruit your Agile Champion
  • Plan and execute your agile adoption like an agile project
  • Plan and execute your agile adoption like an agile project
  • Have courageBe bigBe visibleBe disruptive
  • PeopleThe most important part of this endeavorFind your supportersRecruit those who can help and are passionate
  • Find an agile coach
  • Train the team, managers, and stakeholdersNo one will understand your new language and philosophyTry to look at training not as an event, but an ongoing endeavor
  • People are not resourcesOur work is not to build widgets – it’s knowledge work.
  • Celebrate your wins and sell it
  • ProcessChoose your framework and follow it rigorouslyAll the practices within the frameworks exist for a reason – know the “why”
  • Be visibleReport and communicate oftenStand ups, demos, burn-up charts, sponsor updates
  • Keep your cadence and timeboxes
  • Employ the W. Edwards Deming CyclePlan – Do – Check - Act
  • How can your technology support this effort?
  • Do our environments support rapid development?Automated regression / user testing?Automated code builds and migrations?Regular, frequent production deployments?
  • Deliver something of value at the end of every sprint/iteration, no matter how smallShow the world through demos
  • HighlightsConstantly emphasize why changeFind and engage your supportersPlan and strategize your adoptionGet a coachSet the team up for successFollow the frameworkHave courage – be big and visibleCelebrate and communicate your successes
  • Agile is not something you do…it’s something you become


  • 1. Getting Started How to Begin Your Agile AdventureBusiness
  • 2. Business
  • 3. Business
  • 4. How do I start?Business
  • 5. Why agile? What are your goals?Business
  • 6. Culture eats strategy for breakfast - Peter DruckerBusiness
  • 7. What support do you have? Leaders and Managers?Business
  • 8. Black Ops?Business
  • 9. Assess your readinessBusiness
  • 10. Begin your agile adventure Strategy People Process TechnologyBusiness
  • 11. Create a shared vision StrategyBusiness
  • 12. Find your Agile ChampionStrategyBusiness
  • 13. Execute like an agile project StrategyBusiness
  • 14. Start small StrategyBusiness
  • 15. Have courage Be big Be bold Be disruptiveStrategyBusiness
  • 16. Recruit support PeopleBusiness
  • 17. Hire an agile coach!PeopleBusiness
  • 18. Train everyone PeopleBusiness
  • 19. Embrace knowledge work PeopleBusiness
  • 20. Celebrate your wins! PeopleBusiness
  • 21. Choose your framework ProcessBusiness
  • 22. Be visible Stand-ups Reports Demos ProcessBusiness
  • 23. Text Keep your cadence Process Business
  • 24. Inspect and adapt ProcessBusiness
  • 25. Assess technology capabilities TechnologyBusiness
  • 26.  Rapid development  Frequent deployments  Automated testingTechnologyBusiness
  • 27. Deliver!Business
  • 28. Text Share vision Find support Hire a coach Start small Have courage Follow the framework Inspect and adapt Deliver Business
  • 29. Agile is not something you do, it’s something you become.Business
  • 30. Joe Astolfi Enterprise Agile Coach LinkedIn: In/joeastolfi Twitter: @joeastolfi www.cohaa.orgBusiness