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A major project on Spam filter using java done by Anand Shekhar and his teams

A major project on Spam filter using java done by Anand Shekhar and his teams



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  • can you give me any code to filter spam i java.
    because i can access gmail but i want to filter spam messages..
    i need code..
    if u have that code so plz mail me on
    Are you sure you want to
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Spam Filter Spam Filter Presentation Transcript

  • Spam Filter
    • Guided by
    • Laya Simpson
    • Submitted by
    • Anand Shekhar
    • Ashish Ranjan
    • Bhuneshwar Prasad
    • Md Nasim Alam
  • Content
    • Introduction
    • Protocols
    • Software Requirement
    • General Block Diagram
    • Context Diagram
    • Screenshot
    • Work Done
    • Work Remaining
  • Introduction
    • Spam is an unsolicited (or junk) email. Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it
    • In this project the spam messages are identified and move to a specified location
    • If a sender sends same messages on same day it will be considered as spam. If a message exceeds a certain size, it will also be considered as a spam
    • Some pre-specified keywords are checked. If these words are present in the mail the mail is considered as spam
    • In this project we are using JavaMail and SMTP, POP, IMAP protocols for mail forwarding
  • Protocol
    • SMTP
    • The S imple M ail T ransfer P rotocol (SMTP) is the mechanism for delivery of email. In the context of the JavaMail API, the JavaMail-based program will communicate with the company or Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) SMTP server. That SMTP server will relay the message on to the SMTP server of the recipient(s) to eventually be acquired by the user(s) through POP or IMAP. This does not require the SMTP server to be an open relay, as authentication is supported, but it should be ensured that the SMTP server is configured properly.
    • POP
    • POP stands for P ost O ffice P rotocol. POP is the mechanism most people on the Internet use to get their mail. It defines support for a single mailbox for each user The Post Office Protocol defines how the email client should talk to the POP server.
    • POP can perform the following functions:
      • Retrieve mail from an ISP and delete it on the server.
      • Retrieve mail from an ISP but not delete it on the server.
      • Ask whether new mail has arrived but not retrieve it.
      • Peek at a few lines of a message to see whether it is worth retrieving .
    • IMAP
    • IMAP is a more advanced protocol for receiving messages. IMAP stands for I nternet M essage A ccess P rotocol. It permits a "client" email program to access remote message stores as if they were local.
    • Key features of IMAP include:
      • It is fully compatible with Internet messaging standards, e.g. MIME.
      • It allows message access and management from more than one computer.
      • It allows access without reliance on less efficient file access protocols.
      • It provides support for "online", "offline", and "disconnected" access modes.
      • It supports concurrent access to shared mailboxes
      • Client software needs no knowledge about the server's file store format .
  • Software requirements Platform : Linux Language Used : J2EE Back End : MySql Technologies Used : JSP, JavaMailDesigner Tool : HTML Server : J2EE Application Server, SMTP
  • Email Client such as Mozilla Firefox simplified SMTP How an Email message is Transmitted Sender SMTP Mailserver or Mail Transfer Agent Sender’s ISP Recipient’s ISP Recipient IMAP Mailserver or Mail Transfer Agent Email Client such as Mozilla Firefox
  • Screenshots
  • Login Page
  • Compose Mail
  • Inbox
  • Completed work
    • Design of static pages is almost completed. We have designed :
    • Login page
    • Inbox page
    • Compose page
    • Spam page
    • Allmail page
    • Contact page
    • Validation of username and password
  • Remaining work
    • We have to provide feature to add a new contact in the contact list
    • Connection of Apache JavaMail server
    • Coding for
    • Send mail
    • Spam checking
    • Mail Delete
    • Read mail
    • Compose mail with attachment of files
    • Contact Address
  • Thank You