Case Study: Fast Food Establishment
Case Study: Fast Food Establishment
A national pizza delivery chain with an international presence doubled online sales
Target Market and Poll Results:
EPush’s intelligent data collected though the campaign identified our client’s primary
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E Push! Case Study Fast Food


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How the fast food industry is generating substantial conversion and ROI with the eShare platform

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E Push! Case Study Fast Food

  1. 1. Case Study: Fast Food Establishment
  2. 2. Case Study: Fast Food Establishment A national pizza delivery chain with an international presence doubled online sales during the life of their campaign with the integration of EPush’s technology into an email campaign. The Campaign Objectives: With the need for an email campaign to increase sales and generate leads for their online ordering, a national pizza delivery chain equipped an email campaign with the EPush technology to boost their online sales and grow their customer database in their international market. The Campaign Strategy: Focusing on their Canadian market, 119,772 emails were sent to a current customer database list offering a variety of specials and deals for the new promotion. These offers were exclusively available to their Canadian customers. By clicking on to their Purl, personalized url, in the email users were taken to a custom microsite where EPush’s technology extracted valuable data as users walked through the activation process, and were given the opportunity to extend the same offers to their friends on over 265 online social networks, email, and SMS messaging. Users were then able to print their offers for redemption at a later date or could visit the restaturant’s website to redeem their offer with the provided coupon codes im- mediately. Looking Back: Campaign Summary: Traditional email campaigns can expect a response from 2-4%, due to the integration of Viral Peer Sharing, EPush leveraged the influence of the current customer data- base to gather increased response and redemptions. The campaign was so success- ful that during the life of the campaign online sales doubled, with over $130,000 in sales. Increasing online ordering by over 100% At the close of the campaign, expectations were exceeded with a 17.25% response. From the 119,772 emails sent a total of 10,134 consumers responded, an 8.5% response from the initial email. As those responders shared the offer through social media, 10,528 additional consumers chose to take advantage of the deal! Those ad- ditional consumers account for almost 8.75% of the overall response! This brought the total response number to 20,662 consumers. | 727.410.9970 | 13785 Walsingham Road | Largo, FL 33772
  3. 3. Target Market and Poll Results: EPush’s intelligent data collected though the campaign identified our client’s primary demographic as men and woman between the ages of 21 and 30. Men surpassed the woman in this age range 5,833 to 4,933. EPush also identified a close second to their top demographic, men and woman between 31 and 40. Users were asked a few simple questions during the activation process for our cli- ent’s future marketing strategies. Users were asked if they would make online orders through a mobile website. With an impressive response of 61% of users opting for a mobile website, the client was able to move forward with development projects based on their customers interest. EPush’s technology identified the Brand Evangelizers in this campaign and provided reporting data to track the impact of their influencers on their campaign. These influ- encers are valuable for future marketing strategies to ensure the right users get the offer in their hands to extend reach the farthest. Social Networks Users and the Most Responsive: Customers’ primary sharing outlet was Facebook with 54% of the total social shares. Facebook also accounted for the most incoming consumers from a social site, with 68% of the sharing response. Customers also shared on Twitter, through email and through SMS. An additional 1,399 users came into the site through 204 posts on Twitter, a 1 to 6 ratio. In total, there were 2,787 consumers who shared the offer amongst social networking sites. From those 2,787 shares, an additional 5,990 consumers opted to take part in the offer. When They Shared: The analytics identified the primary time users shared the offer was during the early morning hours, providing our clients with strategic insight on when to send future emails for optimum results. Overall: Equipped now with valuable customer data and demographics, as well as behav- ioral patterns, social habits, and insight from customers, our client exceeded their expectations, doubled their sales, and were equipped with the tools to improve their future marketing campaigns. | 727.410.9970 | 13785 Walsingham Road | Largo, FL 33772