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Synergy Merchandising provides multi-channel merchandising services acorss New Zealand.

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  1. 1. Leading the field
  2. 2. Why is Merchandising Important? In an increasingly intensifying marketplace, you have to differentiate yourselves from your competitors. Here at Synergy, we understand a company’s most valuable asset is their brand. The bigger a company grows, the harder it becomes to ensure consistency at every point of the consumer journey. Effective merchandising will enhance a brand’s exposure and increase sales. It is also extremely important for protecting and growing market share. Recent research shows that 20% of the decision to purchase is logical and based on facts and 80% is emotional. This illustrates the importance of an attractive and well executed merchandising programme. Click NZ A successful advertising campaign can prompt consumers to actively visit retailers, but once there, if they can’t find the product they are looking for, or a competitor has a display with more impact, the time and money spent on advertising and developing the brand is wasted. Retailers are also feeling the pressure. Many require merchandising support plans as part of their review process and to support ranging. Showing you have a strong merchandising team produces gains in sales, but also in space, position and displays offered by the Trade.
  3. 3. Up to 70% of buying decisions are made at point of purchase Mintel The retail world is a fast paced and ever-changing environment. When a product hits the retail stage, this is the time when it can become difficult to control consistency through all the various points of presence. This can be due to a number of reasons • the sheer number of retailers, • product slow to shelf • franchisees with their own ideas • the POS and product being poorly displayed . Something as simple as cleanliness can have a huge bearing on a shopper’s experience with your brand and thereby effect sales. Without a team of dedicated specialists, merchandising compliance can be as low as 52%. This means that 48% of retailers may not be reaching their sales potential. Content Field Marketing Outsourcing a team of merchandisers means you can avoid situations such as this, and your sales and marketing teams can focus 100% on driving sales.
  4. 4. First impressions are formed in the first 10 seconds First Impressions 83% Sight 11% Hearing 3.5% Smell 1.5% Touch 1% Taste Debra Templar
  5. 5. Our Services •Shelf merchandising •POS Creation •Account Management •Training for retail staff •One off surge/relay •Planogram execution •Detailed reporting •Distribution teams •Compliance checks •Tailored programs •Ongoing •Audits •Chains and Franchises merchandising •Mystery shop programmes •Late notice removal
  6. 6. Operating Channels Our services stretch across the following industries • Electrical • Grocery • Fashion • Hardware • Home stores • Department stores • Petrol stations • Health and beauty • Pharmacies • Vet Clinics • Liquor Stores
  7. 7. Visual Merchandising Our commitment to offering flexible support in a demanding environment enables us to tailor a programme to suit your specific merchandising needs. Whether it be an unplanned urgent POS removal, a product launch where you need to guarantee speed to market, or an ongoing merchandising schedule, our proven track record in coordinating efficient cost effective programmes will allow you to maximise on sales and revenue. We can provide assistance with relays to ensure you get the space agreed in stores by mobilising our nationwide field force to complete plannograms to the letter! Our team of merchandisers around the country have a wealth of knowledge within the FMCG, electronic, pharmaceutical and communication industries. Some have been merchandising as for 10 years!
  8. 8. Impact within Gondolas/Shelves/Aisle 8.2% The best level on a gondola, aisle or shelves for driving sales is slightly below eye or shoulder height. This is where the eyes are naturally drawn to. Remember the average women’s 26% height is 153cm, less than men. The top shelf is the worst position. This is well above eye level and is followed closely by the bottom shelf as the second least favourable. 41.3% Creating a vertical block is the most effective way to merchandise within gondolas. This gives you the opportunity to maximise the use of colour and create real impact for the shopper. Colour is the first thing the customer sees and is often what makes them stop and take a closer 29.3% look. To ensure you get the best space for your brand, make sure you have the complete merchandising package. Debra Templar
  9. 9. POS Management POS placement is an extremely important part of the merchandising mix. It has been proven to increase sales when used effectively. Once again it is the implementation stage which can be hard to manage and if it is done poorly can cost your business dearly. Synergy can manage your POS requirements from concept right through to implementation. We have in house resources which enable us to design, produce, distribute and implement POS. Detailed step by step planograms can also be produced by Synergy. Our clients are able to utilise our reporting systems and see photographs of the product on display in store, within 48 hours of display. Another important process around POS is ensuring it is taken down promptly once a promotion/campaign is over. Out of date posters and brochures can be legally implicating if left up, as well as detrimental to a brand. Problems like this can be very costly.
  10. 10. Audits Audits are vital to ensure consistency of merchandising. Often display components can vary greatly between retailers, and conducting an audit is a great way to get a snap shot of what you are currently achieving in the channels you are working with. Accurate audits are invaluable when it comes to printing and distribution costs. Without details on what each channel can display, you run the risk of printing too much or not enough POS, or distributing the wrong size POS to the store. An audit will soon uncover mis-sized POS and discrepancies that have often gone undetected for years!
  11. 11. Mystery Shopping Mystery shopping is valuable in getting an overall understanding of what a shopper is experiencing when at point of purchase with your brand. Do the retail staff know your product? Are they approaching customers? Are they asking the right questions? Is POS merchandised as expected? A Mystery shopping programme can Provide insight into store morale and staff strengths across the chain, through the provision of audits and analysis which can be used to improve staff training and franchisee standards Focus sales staff during key campaign and selling periods Differentiate your store staff from the competition by rewarding good product knowledge and sales techniques Statistics have shown that as many as 90% of customers who are unhappy will not say anything directly to the service but default immediately to competitors.
  12. 12. Infrastructure Synergy has 13 regional coordinators throughout New Zealand who are given ongoing training. These coordinators are a vital part of our team and do checks across their region to ensure we maintain a consistently high standard. Our team of field merchandisers are based remotely around the country and are equipped with all the tools of the trade. They are fully contactable by mobile phone during their programmes and have broadband access for reporting. Synergy employees are individually trained in product knowledge. They are all accredited with Site Safe passes and occupational health and safety training. Most importantly our team of merchandisers have a thorough understanding of brand integrity. When they are in stores they are a representative of your brand. They have the skills to truly engage with retail staff, and are capable of communicating key information which results in greater sales and profitability. Last year our nationwide network visited over 12,000 retailers throughout New Zealand
  13. 13. Reporting Reporting For each programme Synergy can tailor a reporting system designed specifically to capture key information you need as well as general operational statistics. On the night of store visits our field team log onto our extranet site and upload information and photos from each location. Each store has its own page and history with links to a master report. The following day our team of regional coordinators do a series of checks across each region to ensure all merchandisers have implemented correctly in store, as well as uploaded data accurately into our online system. If required we can complete a mystery shopping exercise to gain additional information. This helps ensure a high level of consistency and allows us to identify feedback on individuals and specific service routes. Synergy Head Office put together operational performance reports on a monthly basis or at the end of short campaigns. The report is in a user-friendly PowerPoint format and wherever necessary we can drill down into specific areas for more clarity or depth of information. We recognise that our clients demand a high standard of reporting to be able to gauge how effective a programme has performed.
  14. 14. Case Study Vodafone Success Story For the past 2 years Synergy has been implementing a merchandising programme for one of New Zealand’s largest telecommunications companies. This equates to 500+ points of presence throughout the country, which we cover within 4 days every 2 weeks. Our merchandisers refer to 5 different planograms during their visits, and while in stores they update all POS, replenish display phones and communicate key selling points to the retail staff. Through this programme of ongoing visits our merchandisers are able to create valuable, lasting relationships with store managers and retail staff. During Christmas of 2009 these relationships enabled us to secure additional space within multi-retail stores for our client’s POS. We exceeded all client expectations, gaining a huge amount of extra POS display in most stores. After every store visit, our merchandisers upload a contact/status report into the online system. This is checked again by another one of our team to ensure consistent standards. Synergy also organises its own mystery shops to a sample of stores each week, so we can measure consistency levels across the entire team. Every single store gets checked by our client every month and to date we have averaged an amazing 95% satisfaction over approximately 24,000 store visits. HOW DO WE DO IT? Because we take pride in doing the job right, and we ensure checks and balances are in place to provide consistency.
  15. 15. Case Study Samsung Success Story Radiola approached us mid 2009 to implement a last minute merchandising campaign for the new Samsung ST50 camera. To stimulate interest in the new camera, Radiola was running a GWP promotion. The client needed all POS for this promotion to be displayed in 189 sites nationwide within only 2 weeks. Normally they used Samsung reps for this work, but the reps had a clash of activity and were unable to complete the job. Despite the short notice, Synergy was able to pull together a schedule that saw all 189 nationwide sites visited and merchandised in only 3 days. Radiola was extremely happy with the standard of work and the speed it was completed in. Synergy was able to complete the job in 70% less time than it would have taken Radiola internally.
  16. 16. Why Outsource your Merchandising? Ultimately outsourcing means you will get the best possible job done, at less cost, using specialists in this field. Outsourcing enables you to • Enhance your brand presence • Increase sales • Grow market share • Ensure consistency • Be presented with clear factual reports Outsourcing your merchandising needs will enable reps to do what they know best, SELL! The savings in outsourcing merchandising can far exceed the cost of having your own in house team do this. It eliminates costs in staff recruitment, training, supervision and coordination, travel, administration, payroll, the list goes on. Costs for merchandising can be shared across a number of brands which can be a huge saving.
  17. 17. What do our Clients say about us? “It’s a pleasure when our merchandiser comes to visit. She ensures we are up to date with the latest promotions.” “The campaign developed & executed by Store Manager Synergy is one of the key reasons for the “Of all the merchandisers who come fantastic results we have achieved in the into our stores, yours are the best. first 5 months. We always know when to expect Fruit juice Marketing Director them and they keep us up to date with all the new promotions.” Store Manager “We love our merchandiser, she comes in with all her tools and can fix all the things that we can’t.” Store Manager “Please pass on my thanks to your team for all “Our merchandiser is awesome to their efforts in going above and beyond the deal with, very competent in her job call of duty in such short notice.” and goes about her duties with the Telecommunications client least amount of distraction to my staff and customers. Always welcome in store.” Store Manager
  18. 18. Contact the team at Synergy today to discuss how we can assist you with you merchandising needs. Email: Phone: +64 9 377 8918 Address: Synergy Brand Experience Limited 165 The Strand Parnell Auckland Postal: PO BOX 37 937 Parnell Auckland New Zealand Synergy Merchandising Locations